Catallaxy Exclusive – ABC and Sydney Uni to offer Emma-nomics Degree

In exclusive and breaking news, it can be reported that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) will establish a new foundation, the Ultimo Centre for Intellectual Vapidity (UCIV).  The ABC will seed the UCIV with an initial $20 million from savings from the axing of Peppa Pig programs.

UCIV’s first investment will be to establish the School of Emma-nomics within the University of Sydney (USyd).  The School of Emma-nomics will be housed within the USyd Department of Italian Studies with the object to teach students about contemporary leftist economics and mathematics.  Courses such as calculating company income tax on revenue from an indigenous perspective will be offered, as will courses on how to win a debate by calling your opponent dog f**cker, Nazi and terrorist.

UCIV will fund academics and scholarships for this program.  However, to avoid using the gender loaded title of Bachelor ascribed to most undergraduate academic degrees, the award for graduates of this program will be know as the Special Paper Epi Walkley (SPEW).

The inaugural head of the USyd School of Emma-nomics will be Professor Emma Alberici who has been seconded from the ABC.  Professor Alberici said:

In 2001 I was a @walkleys finalist for a story on tax minimisation #justsaying.  I am thus well qualified to teach and speak on Emma-nomics.

Professor Peter Van Onselen will also be delivering courses on journalism and politics.

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25 Responses to Catallaxy Exclusive – ABC and Sydney Uni to offer Emma-nomics Degree

  1. H B Bear

    Anyone waving a Walkley around as an indicator of quality j’ism isn’t someone whose opinions should be valued, or even listened too.

  2. stackja

    H B Bear
    #2742240, posted on June 20, 2018 at 10:06 am

    Awards were instituted in five categories in 1956 by businessman Sir William Walkley, founder of Ampol Petroleum Ltd. After his death, the awards were handled by the Australian Journalists’ Association which, in 1992 was merged into the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance. In 2000, the Alliance voted to establish a Walkley Foundation. In that same year, the Walkley Awards were merged with the Nikon Press Photographer of the Year Awards.

  3. Chris

    Isn’t this just every womens studies and journalism degree anyway?


    That’s not funny.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle


    ANU has Western civilisation more than covered, academics say (Oz, today)

    Senior academics from the Australian National University ­recently compiled a list of more than 150 humanities courses now offered by the university to add weight to a proposed expression of interest in the Ramsay Centre’s contentious Western civilisation course.

    College of arts and social sciences dean Rea Frances said she and her colleagues had made a long list of relevant courses, from classics through to contemporary politics.

    The university has since withdrawn from negotiations with the Ramsay Centre, citing difficulties with academic freedom, but some academics have questioned why ANU would even consider hosting the Ramsay Centre’s course, considering the depth and strength of the courses already on offer at the university.

    Translation from academic speak: “How dare you offer us money to teach something other than revisionist Marxism! Take your ebil capitalist money and go away.”

  5. .

    Only a Nazi dog fu**ing terrorist would oppose the teaching of Marxism in universities, you see…

  6. H B Bear

    Walkley = union merit awards

  7. Peter Campion

    Cats may be interested to know that universities tell their students that the ABC may be referenced as a valid source.

    Neat, circular lefty logic – the ABC quotes the uni who quotes the ABC, so it must be right.


    In happier news, my regional paper printed this letter from me today –

    The Editor

    Billions of years of evolution have honed life’s pattern: birth; growth; reproduction; aging; and death.

    These days we can artificially prolong lifespans, but it’s expensive and quality of life diminishes rapidly.

    This brings me to our ABC.

    Born in the steam era, our ABC grew to cover new platforms. It reproduced when commercial networks were started. It aged when it was over-run by one side of politics.

    Its advanced dementia is evident whenever its presenters spit the names “Trump” and “Abbott”, but we sentimentally keep it on life support costing $1.2 billion per year.

    At 89, our ABC has had a good innings. But the internet has shown us that it’s an obsolete coal-fired steam engine in an electronic age.

    It’s time we switched off our senile ABC’s life support and used the money to build two new hospitals per year instead.

    (142 words)
    Peter Campion

  8. Sad thing is – it could be true!

  9. The BigBlueCat

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #2742252, posted on June 20, 2018 at 10:24 am

    USYD applied the same argument on Monday night’s Q&A. And I have no doubt they do teach Western Civilisation units, but context is also important.

    I do wonder what the concerns are though … from the Ramsay Centre’s website:

    This endowment represents an unprecedented world-scale opportunity to re-invigorate the Humanities and Liberal Arts in Australia, at a time when funding in this sector is under pressure and it has been hard to sustain integrated degree structures. We believe generations of young Australians will eventually benefit from this unique opportunity, and learn to value their own civilisational heritage, at no cost to the taxpayer. We hope at the same time to promote a more general awareness of this heritage in the Australian community at large.

    Surely the ANU and USYD are just virtue signalling to avoid trouble with their already conflicted humanities academics. They aren’t belling the cat (accusing the Ramsay Centre of being racist conservative – or are they?) but avoiding their responsibilities to the Australian public.

    FGS, modern Australia is a clear beneficiary of Western Civilisation, as is all of the developed world – we should have relevant under-graduate courses (not just streams) that allow people to study it – they do for much less important streams ….

  10. .

    The ABC should be the first patient to receive a Federally legislated euthanasia treatment.

    We MUST support euthanasia in this case.

    Only a bald, fascist (wall-punching) gnome would say otherwise.

  11. struth

    Love your work, Peter Campion

  12. manalive

    The great Tim Blair has now got serious completion.

  13. manalive

    College of arts and social sciences dean Rea Frances said she and her colleagues had made a long list of relevant [Western civilisation] courses …
    That’s a relief.
    I must get a copy of Professor Frances’ seminal historical study Selling Sex: A Hidden History of Prostitution.

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    I must get a copy of Professor Frances’ seminal historical study Selling Sex: A Hidden History of Prostitution.


  15. Some History

    UCIV’s first investment will be to establish the School of Emma-nomics within the University of Sydney (USyd).

    The School of Emma-nomics will be partnering with the Jethro Bodine School of Eco’nomix (Hooterville campus).

  16. Only a bald, fascist (wall-punching) gnome would say otherwise.

    Welcome back dot. Where’s ya bin? Or is Spartacus mistaken?

  17. struth

    Emmanomics courses will of course be run in conjunction with ol’leatherolitics courses.

  18. H B Bear

    I hope this won’t have an adverse impact on the Van Wrongselen School of Wrongology.

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  20. areff

    Worth noting about the Walkleys: MEAA members enter for free, everyone else pays $200 per entry. To my knowledge no non-unionist has ever taken home such an award.

    For truth-in-reporting they should be re-titled: “Best Writing by a Union Member (weith the right opinions)”

  21. Shy Ted

    Emma-nomics 101 – companies are evil and should pay tax on both income and profit. 102 – if you employ any white men you will be shut down. 103 – there must be 45 minute yoga sessions every hour to increase productivity. 104 – you are not a good company until you lose $1.2billion a year.

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