Spend trillions for nothing in the war on CO2

Trillions spent, emissions up, power prices up, unreliables struggle to increase market share. h/t Morgan Begg at the IPA. Dont miss their weekly report!

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15 Responses to Spend trillions for nothing in the war on CO2

  1. egg_

    CO2 is the new Phlogiston.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    Where did the money go ? Who profited from the scam ? Has anyone been even charged with fraud and false pretences? If no one has been charged why not? The evidence is there proving the co2 has not damaged the climate ,if you don’t believe that prove it has .
    The ill gotten gains should be confiscated under proceeds of crime laws ,the perpetrators of the fraud and their enablers choukd have all family assets confiscated and be sent to a work education facility for life . The confiscated money should be returned to the people in the form of tax cuts and laws passed preventing any repetition of such crimes under penalty of death .

  3. Gbees

    Love the usual #FakePollution picture of the kid with the mask. Who needs a mask for steam?

  4. egg_

    Where did the money go ? Who profited from the scam ?

    Didn’t Christiana Figueres* of the EU say that it’s not about climate, it’s about wealth redistribution?
    Didn’t the Russian Mafia pocket $1Bn of EU Carbon Credits?

    *Wymminses being experts on virtue signalling.

  5. OneWorldGovernment

    I disbelieve the interpretation of ice core data which supposedly shows a base of 200 parts per million (0.02%) for 3 million years!.

  6. Gerard

    With 1600 new coal fired power plants planned and under construction, CO2 isn’t going to come down any time soon. Additionally 96% of emissions are natural.

  7. OldOzzie

    Current AEMO Data DashBoard

    QLD $147.78
    Wind and Other

  8. 2dogs

    The graphs there seem inconsistent with other sources, can anyone explain?

  9. OneWorldGovernment

    Burn the NEG

    Burn the NEG

    When are people going to smack the so called liberals in the fucking mouth.

    poofters the lot of them

  10. manalive

    This is where we are including electricity, transport, agriculture, industrial processes, land use etc. and where with both major parties we are headed.
    The future may look pretty grim at the moment but don’t worry solar and wind are getting cheaper and battery development is on the way and there are new tide and wave energy sources being developed.

    You just have to look back at the terrific progress in renewables and batteries that has been achieved in the past twelve years.

  11. Andre Lewis

    So called renewable energy is not getting cheaper and if myriad subsidies were removed it would be completely uneconomic for any energy producer to build or use it. But that is irrelevant because the prime argument for renewable energy is to reduce CO2 emissions which it does not do when the manufacturing and installing process for wind and solar farms is calculated and human emissions of CO2 does not affect the earths climate. Why are governments doing this?

  12. TP

    Rage,if there is no wind & a wind farm produces nothing, is their income from nil output nil dollars ?. Are we subsidising these companies to produce nothing ?.

  13. Rafe

    TP we subsidise the construction and pay a bonus for allthe power they produce. The ‘nothing’ i referred to is benefits like cheaper power and the holy grail of the exercise which is saving the planet.
    2Dogs the big lift in renewables in the summary table is probably rated capacity which is about 3 times the actual delivery.

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