Living the bogan dream

A musical interlude from the Old Nick drama group at the University of Tasmania.

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15 Responses to Living the bogan dream

  1. billie says:

    classy stuff, still I’d rather watch that than the ABC, it’s more entertaining

  2. Ubique says:

    Tasmania has a Uni? Who knew?

  3. Rafe says:

    I was there.

  4. P says:

    Enjoyed! Thanks Rafe.

    It reminded me of those Phillip Street Theatre Reviews 1959/60 a few of which I attended. Great stuff those days. Much of this humour and many of the performers spilled over into the skits on The Mavis Bramston Show on TV 1964 and for a couple of years thereafter.

  5. Confused Old Misfit says:

    Not bad!

  6. Phillip Street Theatre Reviews … Mavis Bramston Show

    Thanks for the reminder. It was before this dumb era of having to add an explicit /sarc tag.

  7. P says:

    Watching the video from the Old Nick drama group, Tassie, I was also taken back to when my daughter in year 12 at school (1989) performed at the School’s talent quest “Tits and Arse” with her girlfriend. They came second and her brothers taped it on VHS and presented it to me, I think to shock me. It did. Twas both good humour though and well performed, but as a mother I had to show my distaste to such antics.

  8. Rafe says:

    Yes I saw it as a blast from the past when uni reviews sent up poiticians of all sides with good humour.

  9. mareeS says:

    Haha, they could be our daughter and her friends on a girls’ night out. The girls like to play up the bogan thing, secretly they love it, it takes their mind off being responsible and PC in their day work.

  10. a happy little debunker says:

    The more Tassie changes, the more Tassie stays the same.

  11. Norm der Ploom says:

    That’s the sort of comedy that those who watch the ABC enjoy. A group privileged in intelligence, wealth and opportunity having a laugh at the expense of those who aren’t.

  12. Tex Hill says:

    You can have Hobart. My daughter has a national business and they set up an office down there. Despite all the other offices she has set up in other major capital and provincial cities throughout Australia being major successes, she could gain no traction there. You see, she was an out of towner. She found they are interminably slow in business matters and she had difficulty recruiting top notch staff, because if they are good, they leave the bloody place. That was a sweet $75,000 down the drain. A pox on the place.

  13. Infidel Tiger 2.0 (Premium Content Subscribers Only) says:

    Not sure what that was about, but all those chicks are carrying far too much weight for their age.

  14. Forest Stylist says:

    Hobart female 18 – 28 demographics 101
    North Hobart, Newtown – SJWs
    Glenorchy, Claremont – Bogan to Aspirational
    Bridgewater, Gagebrook – Heifers in calf

  15. The Barking Toad says:

    Bridgewater, Gagebrook – Heifers in calf

    Harsh, but fair.

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