Bring on global warming!

Not so hot up north!

Winter refuses to die as large parts of the northern hemisphere like Labrador and Eastern Europe get blanketed by unusual summer snow. Arctic ice volume reaches 13-year high, Greenland snow mass balance explodes, and tropical Atlantic is “coldest on record”.

Don’t expect to hear about this in the MSM or the ABC.

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14 Responses to Bring on global warming!

  1. egg_

    The Gore Effect strikes the Northern Hemisphere!

  2. Genghis

    Like Tim (It will never rain again) Flannery – in Australia

  3. Chris

    Fuck the Gerbil Worming.
    Bring on the Sweet Meteor Of Death.

    … Oh you say Hillary ISN’T President?

  4. Rafe Champion

    Related topic, check out the contribution of solar and other to our power needs right now!

  5. Faye

    Graham, the nightly ABC news weather man said tonight (as relayed to me by my husband) – “Global Warming has nothing to do with the cold temperatures. It just means hotter temperatures.”
    The weather is doing everything opposite to the shysters’ predictions. President Trump is chipping away at the CAGW agencies bit by bit. NOAA might lose its “climate” mission to be replaced with “to observe, understand and predict atmospheric and ocean conditions.”

  6. Zatara

    Related topic.

    U.S. court dismisses climate change lawsuits against top oil companies

    A California federal court dismissed climate change lawsuits against five oil companies by the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, saying the complaints required foreign and domestic policy decisions that were outside the purview of courts, Chevron Corp said on Monday.

    Scared to death of having to rule on the supposed “facts”, the Court pulls the plug and blames the Feds.

  7. min

    I noticed when in Germany in May that often in a row of wind turbines a number were not turning at all while others did. Die Welt printed that most turbines are reaching 20 years of age and because lack of maintenance are now not working any more ,breaking up and falling to pieces . I sent article to Craig Kellywho has put it on his Facebook page.

  8. woolfe

    Which is why they shifted to Climate Change. Is there anything the Evil Karbons are not capable of?

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Just ecause it’s cold now doesn’t men there is no climate change .,Tom Flaherty predicts we will feel global warming by December ,and it will last till March 2019 ,amazing how these gangreneist communists can predict things , innit?

  10. cuckoo

    BOM is predicting – surprise – a ‘warm, dry’ winter for Australia 2018. Expect to see that prediction disappeared when it fails to pan out. But surprisingly, this report of the BOM prediction from the ABC does not refer once to ‘climate change’. It discusses the coming winter solely interms of season and weather.

  11. Snoopy

    BOM is predicting – surprise – a ‘warm, dry’ winter for Australia 2018.

    It’ll happen as predicted. As you should expect when BOM makes the prediction, collects the data, homogenises the data and publishes the data.

  12. .

    Human mortality rates go up significantly in cold eras and decline significantly in warm eras.

    We have lived in a remarkably stable climate in the last 6000 years. That is completely natural, but however, pretty abnormal.

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