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Okay – that is well done.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    It’ll be interesting to see the response of Democrats in the weeks to come.

    Already they are the lawless party – on issues like illegal immigrants and the illegal FBI/DoJ “resistance”. With SCOTUS now hitting them with a big lawbat it seems likely they will double down on lawlessness.

    So we’re seeing more and more stories like this one today:

    US Lawmaker: “America Is Heading In The Direction Of Another Harper’s Ferry”

    [Steve] King, who is a Republican from Iowa warned in a tweet on Sunday that the United States is heading towards a civil war. “America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry,” the conservative lawmaker tweeted on Sunday. “After that comes Ft. Sumter.”

    Unfortunately for the Democrats they’ve been living the gun-free dream for the last fifty years, which rather handicaps them if they want to try an uprising.

  2. thefrolickingmole

    Im a little concerned that the constant refrain of “nazi,nazi,nazi” from the irresponsible left media is very much going to lead people to act like its 1939.

    Because everyone wants to shoot Hitler dont they?

    Every Republican president I can remember (starting with the Gipper) has been called a nazi.

  3. tgs

    Mid-terms just got interesting.

  4. Death Giraffe

    Okay – that is well done.

    Worst apology ever.

  5. Mark M

    If you can see twitter, this Clinton/Comey smash-up video is brilliant:

  6. Mark M

    FBI-Hillary Clinton Song-“At this point, what difference does it make”

    Fake News Remix – Donald Trump vs. The Mainstream Media

  7. The mid terms are going to be a bloodbath. None of the pollsters, none of the MSM are telling the truth about Trump’s popularity among the peeps.
    At the recent Duluth rally, attendees were surveyed and it turns out that 60% of them were democrats or indies and they’ve all turned MAGA.
    There is a #WalkAway movement that’s gathering steam and Trump’s popularity amongthe blacks is nearing 20%. BLOODBATH.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    Just had a great laugh reading decromats reaction to the Kennedy resignation, seems Trumps appointee replacement prospects causing left head explosions in the USA , our commos haven’t got around to it yet ,but they will ,turnbull might create legistlation to ban Trump ,or some such nonsense .
    It seems another extreme e right wing (normal person)judge will endanger the hard won “rights “of gays ,baby killers ,criminal illegal entrants, islamofascists and u.n. Globalist communist filth and their crony capitalist fascist buddies ,it couldn’t happen to a more deserving pack of bastards .
    Another opportunity for the brilliant Trump to flog the communist media ,he sure has their measure ,knows all the buttons to push to get them to actually prove they are lying duplicitous mongrels . Love the guy ,he is one out of the box ,if there is a God he saw the filth winning and sent Donald to be their destroyer .

  9. Faye

    Also more of President Trump’s WINNING…
    “In a decision that holds massive up-front ramifications for Democrats, the Supreme Court ruled today (full pdf below) that non-union members cannot be forced to pay for union representation. This is a devastating blow to the Big Club political caucus.” From
    This is huge. Read the rest to see the ramifications for the big end of town. A female teacher commented that she used to pay $108 fees per month! (it’s now $120 per month). The Big Club pyramid is about to topple. So many union resignations…

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    Nice one Faye, imagine if legistlation with a similar outcome was introduced here ? with an addendum that unions were not allowed to make donations to political parties ,on pain of jail for all officials , that would be devastating to the left , they would have to rely on the socialist crony millionaires and carpetbaggers and bribe moneyfor funds . Finally the law is being upheld after years of socialist misuse and criminality.

  11. Zatara

    Unfortunately Faye that case only applies to government employee unions… so far.

    But expect the rest of Americans forced to pay for unions they abhor to have their day in court soon as well, using that finding as precedent.

  12. J.H.

    Damnit!… Trump owes me a new keyboard…. I just guffawed coffee all over mine. 🙂

  13. Viva

    if there is a God he saw the filth winning and sent Donald to be their destroyer .

    Whom he wishes to destroy he first sends mad.

    Looks like his strategy is working.

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