The WalkAway movement in the US

Brandon Straker invites Democrats to walk away from the derangement syndrome.

A handy video. Facebook page.

Brandon with Tucker Carlson, h//t Cassie in the comments.

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17 Responses to The WalkAway movement in the US

  1. C.L

    Great initiative.
    I see Trump has reached across the aisle and encouraged the deserters.
    Impressive statesmanship.

  2. mh

    I was listening to The Savage Nation Podcast – July 2 last night, Savage was reviewing the Walk Away video.
    He said “He must have been reading my books”.

  3. That video is brilliant.

    Straker is like a modern day and very woke young Reagan.

  4. Rafe Champion

    Maybe he read Facebook where I wrote that the Trump Derangement Syndrome is preventing the Democrats from becoming a credible party and at the same time it has generated so much silly abuse of Trump that reasonable criticism of Trump initiatives is drowned out in the noise.

  5. mh

    Milo will interview him soon, I bet.

  6. Who is in a position to initiate a walkaway campaign in Oz?
    Walkaway from the monoparty which pretends to have two parts called Liberal and Labour.
    Where would we walkaway to?

  7. md

    Self-loathing is such an intense and destructive thing it would be impossible for most leftists to walk away from it.

  8. md

    Self-loathing is such an intense and destructive thing that most leftists would not be able to walk away from it.

  9. Zatara

    Who is in a position to initiate a walkaway campaign in Oz?

    Mandatory voting makes that much more challenging. You have to get the message into more tin ears and thick skulls.

  10. Cassie of Sydney

    Brandon Straker is brave and bold. I watched his video a few days ago and since then I have watched other videos of like minded young Americans “walking away” from the plantation party aka the Dems. I also saw his interview with Tucker. Brandon is articulate, good looking, forthright and impressive. Very much like Candace Owens.

  11. Do not under estimate this movement, which actually started long before by the likes of Candace Owens and other prominent young blacks. The name and hashtag #WalkAway is new but the movement is not and is gathering steam very very quickly.

  12. H B Bear

    Interesting. Very much like Australia’s own #walkaway movement aka the 2016 Federal election.

  13. Brandon Straker shills for workout and nutrition products.

    Brandon Straka is the man you are talking about.

    Well, I guess those Russian bots need something to do.

  14. Milo will interview him soon, I bet.

    Milo is more likely to stab him to death to clear out the competition.

  15. Walk away, monty.

    We have you on record telling JC informal in the Reps and LDP in the House is righteous.

    You can walk away from the illiberal Trade Union Party now. Walk away.

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