The lucky country leads the world in emission reduction

Punching above our weight!

Les Darcy would be proud of us. In case you were wondering about Les Darcy.

The real Les Darcy who has emerged from the research is an even more charismatic figure than the legend suggests. Truly ‘a spirit fearless, merry and innocent’. In Memphis, the eyes of old men glistened with the memory of a lad they had known for only a few weeks before he was gone.

This is the story of a young man who conceived the ambition to become a world champion and set up his struggling family for life. His ability was seldom fully extended as he overwhelmed all opposition in Australia. Cursed by the shadow of the Great War, he fell foul of the authorities during the bitterly divisive conscription debate. The wrath of powerful men followed him in the United States. There, with his dream within reach, he met an opponent he could not master.

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26 Responses to The lucky country leads the world in emission reduction

  1. Terry says:

    “Punching above our weight!”

    Yes. Punching ourselves in the face with admirable efficiency.

    Our forebears must be so damned proud.

  2. Baldrick says:

    … and that’s under a Stupid.Fucking.Liberal government.
    Wait ’til the Labor/Greenfilth coalition get in.

  3. H B Bear says:

    Thank God. The Performing Stick Insect won’t be shunned at all those UN functions in New York. Our enforced sacrifice hasn’t been for nothing.

  4. Leo G says:

    Punching above our weight!
    Les Darcy would be proud of us.

    Beating the wind.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Punching above our weight

    If beef and lamb are to be banned because Gaia, which Green is going to break the news to the denizens of Lakemba that henceforth the only meat they’re allowed is pork?

    I can readily imagine Lakemba mosque holding a BBQ with bugburgers and vegan sausages…

  6. Mother Lode says:

    I reckon I would have become inclined to pugilism if everyone called me Mr Darcy and made (to me) incomprehensible jokes about some broad called Elizabeth, and some low-life bum called Wickham.

  7. John Constantine says:

    The 250,000 full document imported voters a year coming to australias major cities are mentioned.

    What has enabled the most recent leg up in the population capital city property Ponzi, is the use of partly documented visa importations. Economically, the two million visa holders imported into Australia still function exactly the same as ‘consumption and emitting machines’ compared to full documented imports.

    Same for the property Ponzi as the carbon rort.

    Comrade Ponzi-visa.

  8. John Constantine says:

    The full intent was to leave transport until after decolonialisation through de-electrification became unstoppable.

    Safe trucks, through the crony ‘Big truck, big union, big State’ criminal cartel will purge from the roads any independent competition to big decolonialisation trucking interests.

    The harvest time purges of adequately maintained farm trucks from the road by State public order truck squads is Orwellian, but effective. no oil drips, no exhaust, no kidding.

    Safe decolonialisation, comrades.

  9. John Constantine says:

    Their abc is right bellowing from their bully pulpit about the end of meat.

    Weeping and sobbing for vegynsys, regardless of health benefits, because health isn’t as important as Stalinism.

    Rationing the diet of Australians will be a benefit through fitting more pintsize proles into public transport compared to porkasaurus proles.

    A nine square meter bedroom is a palace for a 38 kilo 140 cm prole.

    Meat is patriarchial settler racist tory denier oppression.

    Comrade tofumunchers.

  10. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    See Pruitt has resigned from US EPA , the fascists were heaping constant abuse and threats on he and his wife and kids ,bastards , no morals no conscience ,wouldn’t be hard to recruit Einsatzgrupoen killers and Auschwitz type guards from the present day fascist left there would be plenty of volunteers to kill and torture the “non believers” . A modern day Himmler would have been inundated with applications from his fellow socialist fascists these days, Insanity rules . It can only be hoped Trump puts a single man ,ex marine tough bastard who hates commos to go through the EPA like a dose of salts and clean the shit out of the EPA . There’s plenty there ,it’s full of it .

  11. Egor says:

    Australia votes Green party in elections a maximum of 8% these days.
    It’s a deep mystery how they got to run the Liberal party.
    It’s like they have four or five Ministries.

  12. RobK says:

    Australia stands in the ring alone and gives itself upper-cut after upper cut after….and the Greens and ABC cheer them on. Punching above their weight, shadow boxing.

  13. Tel says:

    It’s a deep mystery how they got to run the Liberal party.

    There’s no mystery, the greens believe in something and commit to it.

    In a world where everyone is a complete squish, that’s a massive advantage.

  14. JohnL says:

    How fucking stupid we are and how more fucking stupid we still can get!?!?!?

  15. Rossini says:

    #2756475, posted on July 6, 2018 at 2:30 pm
    How fucking stupid we are and how more fucking stupid we still can get!?!?!?

    Well Malcontent and his henchmen/women are still in charge ……….does that go towards answering
    your question!

  16. struth says:

    We are irrelevant.
    Traitors can do what they like once in charge of a major party here in Australia, because of compulsory preferential voting.

    The U.N. had to infiltrate only the Libs, as Labor are with the Global socialist U.N. 100% anyway.

    Now, as we are told, it’s all happening whether we like it or not.

  17. struth says:

    It’s a deep mystery how they got to run the Liberal party.

    The U.N. runs the Liberal party.

  18. yarpos says:

    Pyrrhic victory comes to mind

  19. nemkat says:

    Snowy Hill had 2 great photos of Les Darcy in his gym at 46 Merivale St. South Brisbane.
    He’d trained with Les Darcy at Tommy Handley’s gym in Newtown, and he trained some of Australia’s great boxers from the 1920s until he died in 1980.
    When asked, though, he was in no doubt that Les Darcy was the best boxer he’d seen.

  20. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    What we need is for the USA to pull out of the communist u.n. And expel the fascist scum from New York along with their American fellow travellers marking all taxpayers money from them . Global communist fascism would die without taxpayers money,have you ever known one to do anything for nothing ? Be a very rare bird if you did .

  21. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    Nemkat ,I used to know four hundred and sixty seven of Lionel Roses cousins , and that wasn’t all of them .

  22. nemkat says:

    Good for you, Dr Fred.
    I once worked with a chap who claimed to have knocked Lionel Rose out in the front bar of the KooWeeRup pub.
    We’re talking Les Darcy, though.
    Have you got a story about someone who knew Les Darcy [1895 – 1917]?

  23. dauf says:

    we are ‘led’ by morons. Trying to understand is just depressing

  24. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    No. I remember when I was young a lot of the old guys used to talk about him ,and of course Phar Lap ,and of course Don Bradman they were the heroes they spoke of ,there were plenty of people around who had fought in World War One when Darcy died . Lots still marched on Anzac Day ,then I watched them whittle down as the years passed ,followed by the youngsters of the Second World War ,most of them are gone now

  25. nemkat says:

    No. I remember when I was young a lot of the old guys used to talk about him ,

    I met an old bloke who knew Les Darcy, had seen him train many times, seen his fights, and was entitled to be called an expert opinion on Australian Professional Boxing for over 60 years.

    Your response was some bullshit about Lionel Rose.

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