Good morning Australia!

A slow start to the week. Wind and Other delivering 2% of Demand.

And the price in South Australia $1200 compared with 60 – 70 elsewhere.

International comparison of costs and supply of unreliables.

Source. h/t Bruce of Newcastle. He advises that the graph originally came from Judith Sloan in The Australian. She has been running hot on this topic lately.

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  1. wal1957

    And the main reason for all the price increases!

  2. Mak Siccar

    See BoN’s comment on the Open Thread this morning.

  3. Up The Workers!

    “And the price in South Australia $1200 compared with 60 – 70 elsewhere.”

    And no doubt The Brown Movement and Weatherdills’ Australian Liars’ Party are both offering to pay full and complete restitution of the difference from their own pockets, to all those poor misled suckers from the State of Greater Snowtown who gullibly believed in all the Humpty-Dumpty-science gillarding about gerbil worming.

    It would have been cheaper if they’d left those barrels in the Snowtown bank vault, filled them with sulphuric acid and run electrodes and copper wires between them to power their puny State grid – though I suspect that it’ll still take them over half a century to make the Prime Quisling’s $50 billion worth of seat-saving “Mincing Poodle-Class” submarines by candle-light and Bryant and May’s matches.

    The B.o.M. (Bureau of Mendacity) and C.S.I.R.O. (Crap Science Imitating Religious Oratory) have much to answer for.

  4. Shy Ted

    No wind and 100% cloud cover as I write from SA. Very light to nil wind forecast all week with lotsa cloud. $1200 is going to seem cheap soon enough.

  5. H B Bear

    “And the price in South Australia $1200 compared with 60 – 70 elsewhere.”

    Lucky the GST is there to top up this failed State in this failed Australian federation.

  6. Myrddin Seren

    The good people of Ontario, Canada, after years of green-left crony corporatism and virtue-signalling, tossed out the Liberals so hard in the recent provincial elections they don’t even rate as a minor party and can all arrive at Parliament in an electric minibus.

    Incoming Premier Doug Ford’s energy policy:

    • Clean up the Hydro Mess and fire the board of Hydro One and its $6-million-dollar CEO.
    • Our first act will be to end the Liberal practice of making millionaires from your hydro bills!
    • Stop sweetheart deals by scrapping the Green Energy Act.
    • Cut hydro rates by 12% for families, farmers, and small businesses by:
    • Returning Hydro One dividend payments to families.
    • Stopping the Liberal practice of burying the price tag for conservation programs in your hydro bills and instead pay for these programs out of general government revenue.
    • Cancel energy contracts that are in the pre-construction phase and re-negotiate other energy contracts.
    • Declare a moratorium on new energy contracts.
    • Eliminate enormous salaries at Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One.

    Ontario is like NSW. British Columbia is like Victoria. Quebec is like Tasmania. The parallels are interesting.

    I doubt we will ever see a Doug Ford and re-invigorated conservative party here though.

  7. C.L.

    Wolf-whistlers to be jailed in Britain …
    Muslim r-ape gangs not affected:

    Wolf-whistling at women could soon be a hate crime, as police ‘consider the case’ for monitoring sexist abuse and harassment.

    Police chiefs are looking at recording misogyny as a hate crime – including incidents of men whistling at women.

    Forces are being asked to ‘consider the case’ for monitoring sexist abuse and harassment.

    It means misogyny – defined by police chiefs as ‘behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman’ – would sit alongside crimes where victims are attacked for their race, religion or sexual orientation.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    Come the Peoples Revolution the climateer politicians and climate carpetbaggers should be given a fair trial before a Peoples Tribunal, with no lawyers present , except the accused ones found guilty, be sentenced to death by being hanged ,drawn and quartered ,their various parts publicly displayed outside parliaments. Government offices and town halls throughout the land . There’s a lot to like about Middle Ages justice ,not one recividist in sight .

  9. Chris M

    Wow, it’s currently $13,998.99 in South Australia! This must be the limit I presume.

    It’s very dull at the moment so solar isn’t doing much and little to no air movement. This is not a sustainable system.

  10. Tom

    Just how stupid does our ruling class think we are?* Install a 19th century electricity grid relying on windmills instead of coal power and costs go through the roof. No amount of relentless, 24/7 media propaganda by the anti-capitalists can change the facts.

    *As a leftist plunderer of other people’s wealth, Lord Trumble is quite convinced the proletariat is stupid enough to buy what he’s selling. You may have noticed his biggest boosters are those who know the least about economics.

  11. Chris M

    Just dropped to $591, bargain…

  12. C.L.

    Wrong thread, obviously.

  13. struth

    It means misogyny – defined by police chiefs as ‘behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman’

    There goes sex.

  14. struth

    But back to this thread.
    Yes Cloudy, freezing and not a drop of wind here in South Australia.

    South Australia.
    Powered by Queensland.

  15. Rafe Champion

    It was the wrong thread but it is a graphic reminder of the different priorities of the politically correct. Hence relevant to all threads!

  16. Rafe says “60 – 70 elsewhere” i.e. 6c to 7c per kwh. As if this is good.

    A modern coal plant without the taxes (remember at one stage Hazelwood was making a profit at 4c per kwh. i.e. $40 per mwh ) should be making money at 3c to 4c per kwh.

    Minimum wholesale prices are double what they should be.
    Multiply the wholesale number by 3 or 4 and you have retail prices.

    It seems that all the arithmetic is beyond the comprehension levels of the mental giants who are our leaders.

  17. Bruce of Newcastle

    Rafe – To give full credit to a fellow Cat, the graph is Judith Sloan’s from her article in the Oz some time ago. I didn’t link her article on the open thread because it’s paywalled.

  18. Cynic of Ayr

    OK, these are ruff, ruff figures.
    From the above linked report, 23685 MW in total.
    It says that was for a 30 minute period.
    So… 23685 MW for 30 minutes = 47370 MWh.
    98% of 47370 = 46422 MWh. (Supplied by generation. I assume coal and gas?)
    So, IF there was no coal, the hypothetical stored renewable power required would be the 46422 MWh.
    I believe the SA Tesla Battery is 80 MWh.
    So… 580 similar batteries are required for 46422 MWh. (Assuming the requirement if only for an hour. After that, well…. bummer!)
    Actual Hydro figures aren’t shown, but about 800 was supplied by “wind and other”
    So, guess hydro at 400. We need another 116 hydro stations, ready to supply when the wind fails.
    Is this possible? Can some guru hell bent on total renewable power convince me this is possible! In what? Ten or fifteen years? Fucking Bullshit!!
    And yet, Turnbull, Frydenburg, Shorten and all the others cannot, or refuse to, see this.

  19. Mark M

    Renewable energy was supposed to prevent extreme global warming weather as well …

    For decades it has been clear that a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is critical to protecting Australia from worsening extreme weather.

  20. amortiser

    The price for SA exceeded $13,816.40.00 at 11am.

  21. amortiser

    The price for SA reached $13,816.40.00 at 11am.

  22. RobK

    Qld appears to be the only state on the east coast mainland able to produce in excess of its own demand. It seems SA is having some issues at $14k limit again. Those extension cords are only good if there’s a decent generator on the end of it. Lots of expensive diesel going up in smoke in SA, I expect. Oh, the security, it hurts….diesel from Singapore. Idiots.

  23. RobK

    And they said summer was a time for concern over reliablity…..well there you go. Wrong again. Idiots.

  24. BoyfromTottenham

    It keeps getting worse in the UK:
    From today’s UK Telegraph: “Every new home, office and lamp post will have to have an electric vehicle charging point, the Transport Secretary will announce today, in a bid to make battery-powered cars easier to run than petrol ones.

    Chris Grayling also wants to ensure that all large fuel retailers have fast charging points in filling stations to help pave the way for what is being billed as the biggest leap forward in road transport since the invention of the motor car in 1885.

    Mr Grayling believes a lack of charging points is the major obstacle standing in the way of the electric car revolution, and will launch a £440 million fund to help subsidise the expansion of the country’s charging network.”

    Hahaha – Transport Minister Grayling ‘believes’ that a lack of EV charging points is holding back the ‘electric car revolution’, and then promises STG 440 million to subsidise these unwanted charging points for unwanted EVs. He obviously has no understanding of economics (free market or otherwise), physics, how the electricity grid works, or rational argument where ‘facts’ trump ‘beliefs’ (except on religious issues – err, ignore that). I’m glad my parents had the good sense to leave there in the 1960s.

  25. DaveR

    I’ve said it before….

    Vic premier Andrews should use his various state powers to shut down the grid interconnects between Vic and SA, in the interest of Vic citizens. He should attempt to keep Vic power in Victoria. He could argue the perilous SA position places an unacceptable burden on Vic power generation capacity, inconveniencing the rest of the state through highher prices. That way the Vic power price will fall, to the benefit of all Vic power users, business and residential. Never mind power generators wanting to sell to the highest bidder, across state borders. Vic is subsidising the SA Sweden experiment, which appears to be n ongoing failure.

  26. Bruce of Newcastle

    Lots of expensive diesel going up in smoke in SA, I expect.

    Right now 140 MW of it.
    Elon’s battery is 9 MW, down from 11 MW earlier this morning.

    NEM Watch

    Good thing it isn’t summer – when SA demand can get up to 2,300 MW or so.

  27. DD

    Just looking at AEMO, SA is selling 89 units to VIC @ $59.78 each while buying 52 units @ $1200.00 each. Someone somewhere has a shortage of marbles.

  28. RobK

    Thanks Bruce oN,
    I hadn’t noticed the purple “liquid fuel” segment of the bar graph. It was 157MW just now.

  29. RobK

    On NEM Watch the SA battery segment seems to have disappeared from the graph. Flat battery.

  30. MichelLasouris

    Please, can someone explain just who pays the SA cost of electricity? Surely the user don’t get fluctuating power bills? Is the actual cost paid to the Generator Companies from General government revenue, so that the tax/ratepayer pays, but is not aware that he/she does?

  31. Bruce of Newcastle

    On NEM Watch the SA battery segment seems to have disappeared from the graph. Flat battery.

    Rob – No, it’s still going at 9 MW.
    See the table below the bar charts.

  32. H B Bear

    Michel, I’m not completely familiar with the NEM but my understanding is that retailers bear the price risk. They pay the wholesale prices in the NEM and then sell to customers at an effective average price or averaged time of day price for those with smart meters. Retailers would have built in x hours at $14,000 per MWhr into their prices. The customer always pays in the end.

  33. Entropy

    That would be in and then out, wouldn’t it Bruce? 9MW is probably the trickle in and out just to keep it ticking over and at full capacity.

  34. RobK

    Bruce oN,
    Ta. Just checked. It’s at zero now though.

  35. Rohan

    #2758455, posted on July 9, 2018 at 12:36 pm
    I’ve said it before….

    Except Victoristan can no longer generate enough electricity for its own demand. As I write this, demand is 5,901 MW and supply is 4,980 MW with wind and other making up 272MW. So we’re 649 MW in the red.

    Likewise, NSW is also not generating enough to meed demand.

    So the electricity supply for what, 13 million people is being propped up by QLD producing a surplus of 734 MW and a little dribble of 131 MW from Taswegia.

    We are so screwed.

  36. RobK

    In SA the battery is now flat and “liquid fuel” is at 250 MW.

  37. H B Bear

    The whole joke of the NEM is propped up by the Pony Club sending about 1,000MW of coal fired electricity south most of the time. Once that is absorbed the game is up.

  38. Entropy

    I wonder at the Qld economics of it all.
    On the one hand if Qld abandons the NEM, it would lose all that lovely revenue for the stupid states.
    On the other hand it would have much lower energy prices than it currently has, which would also impact the state government’s revenue, but also encourage the economic development of Qld in comparison with higher energy cost states. The climate is heaps warmer and more pleasant too.
    The gripping hand is the pleasure of watching bloody origin stealing NSW disappear up its own expensive clacker.

  39. Howard Hill

    #2758332, posted on July 9, 2018 at 10:07 am

    Just how stupid does our ruling class think we are?

    What level of stupid can a people reach? Because nearly all Australians are even dumber than that.


  40. Howard Hill

    And “just wait for their next trick” — Dumb Aussies that is.

    You ready?

    They’re first going to VOTE and second, they going to vote for the SHORTFILTH and his drug dealers moll.

    Don’t you just love it? Best Show In Town!

  41. Rafe Champion

    BoyfromTottenham that’s weird, I thought the Brits might have started to wake up.

  42. JohnA

    Myrddin Seren #2758324, posted on July 9, 2018, at 10:01 am

    Ontario is like NSW. British Columbia is like Victoria. Quebec is like Tasmania. The parallels are interesting.

    Very sad to see that about BC.

    When I was working in a credit union (a couple of lifetimes ago, it seems) I was very interested in how BC credit unions were equal members of the inter-bank payment system. I enjoyed reading their magazines and still dream of travelling to BC and the rest of Canada. Dreams are now tempered by more recent realities (Trudeau etc., and now this).

  43. John Bayley

    Don’t feel too envious of us Queenslanders – Ms Headlesschook feels we have been left behind in the ‘renewable’ stakes, and plans to fix that as soon as possible!
    I can see a bright future for ‘demand management’! If it was an actual company, it would probably be a good investment prospect…

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