Help wanted re attacks on climate sceptics

Simon Breheny has a piece on free speech and climate change in the IPA book on climate change. He referred to State harassment of dissenters such as the court case mounted by Eric Schneiderman the New York Attorney General against ExxonMobil and the demand from the AG of the Virgin Islands for information on the internal affairs of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Democrat Senators in the US have hounded firms and think tanks for information about their role in funding research and publicity related to climate policy. 22 think tanks were asked to provide information on their donors. Lawfare was waged against Mark Steyn in Canada by Michael Mann following some vigorous debate on their differences of opinion.

He also referred to institutional activism and calls for suspension of normal democratic procedures to deal with the alleged threats of disastrous climate change.

There are many cases of people who have been leaned on or had their careers disrupted because they spoke up on the wrong side of the issue. Someone suggested it would be good to have as many as possible of episodes listed in one place to convey an adequate picture of the problem. For this purpose I invite Cats to post cases that they know about with sources and links etc.

For balance I would like to know about cases of harassment and career disadvantage caused by holding the mainstream view. There are allegations about this but the only case I can think of (in Canberra) turned out to be a false alarm.

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  1. Tel

    Ed Krug would be a good example, details in his book “Environment Betrayed” but if you want a freebie to explain the political situation, try this.

    Acid Test Edward Krug flunks political science by William Anderson, Reason Magazine, January 1992.

  2. Tel

    David Bellamy got shit-canned by the BBC because he was skeptical about the benefits of windmills and suspicious of the whole Global Warming party platform.

  3. Rafe Champion

    Thanks Tel, acid rain got a good write-up in Rupert Darwall’s Green Tyranny, Krug must have got a mention but I have lent the book and can’t immediately check.
    There is the local case of Garth Paltridge who was given “cogent” reasons to refrain from talking about certain matters when he was about to take up a senior post in a new program.

  4. Tim Neilson

    It’s a while ago now, but wasn’t William Kininmonth told by the CSIRO that they’d de-fund his unit after an interview where he’d failed to endorse the ABC journalist’s climate hysteria?

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Rafe – I have many dozen links bookmarked saved in my “Persecution” folder.

    Guys like Henrik Møller who was fired from Aalborg University, Noelle Metting who was fired as a DoE scientist, Nicholas Drapela, a chemist who was fired from Oregon State uni.

    If you email me I can send you the links.

  6. jupes

    Lawfare was waged against Mark Steyn in Canada by Michael Mann following some vigorous debate on their differences of opinion.

    Lawfare is still being waged against Mark Steyn in the US by Michael Mann for comparing him to a pedo. Don’t think there was any debate as such. The lawsuit is about to enter its seventh year with no resolution in sight.

    Here is the article that started it all.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    I’ll add this link which is about an extra chapter of Morano’s book that addresses the persecution issue.

    EXCLUSIVE: An “ugly” chapter that didn’t make the Bestseller Book: The Politically Incorrect Guide® to Climate Change (Mar 2018)

    Marc Morano of Climate Deport has given me exclusive publication of this special chapter, that is not included in the book. It details all of the comparisons to Holocaust deniers and RICO and death threats, etc. against climate skeptics.

    The article has a link to the PDF.

  8. Tel

    Mitchell Taylor, polar bear researcher, kicked out for counting too many polar bears.

  9. David Hendry, doyen of econometrics wrote a mealy-mouthed response to Beenstock, Reigenwert & Paldor. All it did was ask more questions, no actual rebuttals. What the questions actually lead to is more criticism of the joke that is climate models. The poor old sap should have been put out to pasture.

    That idiot blogger “Tamino” and his band of slack-jawed, cereal box accredited muppets then tried to say that unit root testing and cointegration was a dumb idea and did not want to discuss the different unit root tests, after he made an incorrect assumption about the ADF test.

    Just pathetic, intellectually weak turds.

  10. Mitchell Taylor, polar bear researcher, kicked out for counting too many polar bears.

    LOL. This could be from The Onion.

  11. Tel

    Michaels, a former meteorologist at WBZ-TV, lost her job as a science reporter at WGBH’s show “Greater Boston” last week after colleagues raised concerns about her views on vaccines and climate change. She had previously questioned the safety of vaccines and the evidence that human activity was causing global warming, both widely held views in the scientific community.

  12. Genghis

    Tin Flannery. He made a great and perfectly sensible prediction, that it would not rain again in Australia. Those sceptics that laughed at him were very rude. It will happen but Tim was probably a million years or two ahead of his time. Stupidly he forgot as the world gets hotter and more fericious storms occur then more evaporation giving more precipitation. However he did try!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tel

    Dr. David Legates talks about how he got kicked out of the position of Delaware State Climatologist, and how the university was happy to work with Greenpeace when they wanted to attack Legates, attempted to prevent him from hiring his own legal representation, and simultaneously protected other academics from FOI requests.

    It’s a bit long but pretty interesting and I can’t find anywhere else Legates has spoken about these things, although Legates did give testimony at a Senate hearing which you can find here…

  14. cohenite

    Start with the fact that shorten will introduce Finkelstein’s recommendations. For a review of what that will mean see in terms of future persecution of sceptics see:

  15. Tel

    Another Jo Nova article, this one about Philippe Verdier, sacked from his job as weatherman in France after he wrote a skeptical book.

    If you search on “Philippe Verdier” you can find lots of other articles, but not much he has done since writing that book. Seriously career terminating move.

  16. Tel

    For taking an intellectual stand, my name and reputation have been comprehensively trashed. And something very similar has happened to Dr David Bellamy, who has never been shy about expressing his belief that climate change is an entirely natural phenomenon. His media career, particularly in television, has suffered as a result.
    Britain seems to have become a remarkably intolerant place, a place where healthy debate seems to be stifled rather than encouraged.

    Also a Dellingpole interview with Johnny Ball, covering similar topics.

  17. cohenite

    In terms of particular individuals the list is very long. In Australia Bob Carter, Peter Ridd, Stewart Franks, who has now left the country and is busy smoking cigars and buying clapped out British vintage cars, have all been heavily censored/fired for being sceptics; Murray Salby, also left; Clive Spash who dared to critique krudd’s ETS was fired, Ian Plimer still formidable but heavily censored, Doug Lord a coastal and sea level expert and former coast manager of the NSW environment department has had many papers censored by alarmist bureaucrats, as has Phil Watson, NSW principal coastal specialist Phil Watson and like Bob Carter, professor Jon Jenkins had his administrative rights stopped by Bond uni for being a sceptic.

  18. Bruce of Newcastle

    Rafe – Thanks for your email, I’ve sent you the links I have in a text file. Let me know if you don’t see anything.

  19. Rafe Champion

    OK Bruce! What a list!

  20. Davefromweewaa

    Hi Rafe,
    Peter Spencer, the Thomsons (from Jo Nova’s blog) and every farmer in Australia.

  21. Bruce of Newcastle

    While I remember, two more:

    John Christy’s office was shot at. This appears to have been a targeted shooting – there was a climatista march going on at the time.

    Shots Fired into the Christy/Spencer Building at UAH

    Lindzen was treated very badly by PNAS despite he being a senior member. This was over the Lindzen & Choi 2011 paper showing climate sensitivity is low (~0.7 C/doubling). Eventually he had to publish in a different journal because of the opposition.

    Lindzen-Choi ‘Special Treatment’: Is Peer Review Biased Against Nonalarmist Climate Science?

  22. Bruce of Newcastle

    This is over at WUWT today:

    Dark Ages: Scientists Are Being Purged From Universities for Doing Science

    Heather Heying incurred the wrath of the Left for saying things about biology not climate science, but the case is reasonably relevant.

  23. Louis Hissink

    When I was appointed editor of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists News ~ 2007 I attracted the attention of bureaucrats working for a QLD Agriculture Department project called “The Long Paddock”, supposedly a secret project, and a couple of academics at the Adelaide University who wrote to the AIG Board demanding my dismissal. The AIG Board, then, told the academics to f—- off.

    In 2013 I realised I was standing in front of the equivalent of a spooked herd of Wildebeest and decided to retire from editing AIG News. It has since lurched somewhat to port. (Port is red is left).

    However the sceptic geological camp has migrated to the New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal, of which I am now Associate Editor. Geologists who believe in plate tectonics remain wedded to the mainstream publications.

    The invasion of the institutions seems complete.

  24. André M

    Louis, did you just imply that you are a geoscientist who does not believe in the moving plate tectonic theory?

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