It was really hot in the 1930s

The bottom line of Chapter 6 of Climate Science: The Facts 2017 is that the frequency, extent and duration of US heat waves have declined since the 1930s and the adjusted NASA record is false. You might not think that keeping temperature records is rocket science but something has gone wrong at NASA and in 2012 49 former employees, including seven astronauts wrote an open letter in protest to the HQ in Washington.

It explained that the unbridled advocacy of carbon dioxide being the major cause of climate change is unbecoming of NASA’s history of making objective assessments of all available scientific data prior to making decisions or public statements.

Tony Heller and Jennifer Marohasy contributed this chapter on some US temperatures in the 1930s. Tony is a bicycle-riding environmentalist who lives in Boulder (Colorado) and has degrees in geology and electrical engineering. He has worked on software for climate and weather models. He blogs as Steve Goddard at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog.

Here are more acronyms for people who like to collect them. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is responsible for the Johnson Space Centre in Houston and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York. The start of the recording process is the US Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) with about 1200 thermometers across the length and breadth of the US. They record the min and max temperatures every day and send the data to the National Climate Data Centre (NCDC) in Asheville Sth Carolina which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

NOAAA makes some adjustments to the data and they go to GISS which massages the data some more to compile a national and international data set for use by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It helps to have some understanding of the organizations and the institutional arrangements in place because they are government funded and a lot depends on the incentives provided by the source of funds and the key players who seize the opportunities that arise. One of the key players has been James Hansen at NASA. He first came to fame when he led the alarm about global cooling in the 1970s and then he took up warming instead.

I don’t want to be a spoiler by giving out any more of the plot but the end result is to conceal the high temperatures recorded in the raw data from the 1930s and claim that it has been hotter in recent years. Read the book for the full story!

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  1. DaveR

    “The bottom line ……… is that the frequency, extent and duration of US Aus heat waves have declined since the 1930s 1890s and the adjusted NASA BOM record is false.”

    They are all at it. Just look at the climategate emails.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Thanks DaveR you are anticipating chapters 8, 9 and 10!

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    There’s been an upsurge of squawking in the MSM about heatwaves, most notably in Los Angeles this week.

    Looking at the jet stream maps it appears there’s been a strong jet stream blocking event over California. That leads to increased heating because the eastward flow of cooling air from the Pacific is impeded. We’ve seen recent jet stream related heat waves in the UK too.

    This is all noteworthy because the Sun is spotless again. We’re back in deep solar cycle minimum conditions. Last time we had these conditions was in 2010 when a strong jet stream blocking event occurred over Moscow causing a massive heat wave.

    Interestingly the last link mentions that “the incredible North American heat wave of July 1936, which set all-time extreme highest temperature records in fifteen U.S. states” was also caused by jet stream blocking.

    The decline of such heat waves since the 1930’s is also consistent with the link with low solar activity, since solar activity rose through most of the 20thC to a peak in about 2005. So it would be reasonable to see such heat waves fall in frequency. But we’re now back in a likely long period of low solar activity, so such epidosic heatwaves will reoccur, as we’ve been seeing thus far in this early northern summer.

    It’s the Sun, not CO2.

  4. stackja

    BON – Lennox Walker faced much skepticism.

  5. Bill

    It may be that it was hotter in the US in the thirties, but that is actually quite misleading and probably does deserve “adjustment”.

    There were very severe droughts in the thirties, especially through the southern USA – see “Grapes of Wrath” etc. Dry conditions result in considerably less evaporation, because the topsoil is dry, ponds are absent etc. Evaporation is endothermic, which is why it is used in air conditioners. So there is less evaporative cooling at ground level – and temperatures rise higher than they normally would.

    Marohasy etc should know that, it’s junior high school science.

  6. Waz

    This has nothing to do with Rafe’s post but I thought it just needed posting on Cat.
    From the Andrew Klavan show as reported in the DailyWire. I thought some very clear thinking here.

    Klavan Explains Why ‘Good’ Leftists Act Like Thugs.

    It’s not Trump’s fault if you suck. If you gang up on women in movie theaters, you’re a bully, it’s not on Trump. You are a bully if you harass duly-elected public officials in restaurants. You are a thug if you oppose free speech like The New York Times does for anyone who disagrees with you, if you shout people down at colleges, if you attack them. It’s not Trump who’s the fascist, it’s you. You are what you do.
    How did you become like this? If you think you’re a good person, how’d you become a bad person? It’s got to be your ideas, it’s got to be your philosophy. You know, socialism is not wrong because it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work, but it’s also wrong. It is wrong just like slavery is wrong, it’s wrong for exactly the same reasons. In movies about slavery they always try to tell you how bad slavery is by showing people get whipped and brutalized. But slavery wasn’t bad because people got whipped and brutalized, people got whipped and brutalized because slavery was bad. That’s why that happened, because when you want to control people, when you want to take people’s freedoms away, when you want them to become instruments of your will, you have to abuse them and enslave them. …
    Slavery is wrong because people should be free, that is self-evident. We hold that as a self-evident truth that people should be free. What does it mean for people to be free? It means you cannot use superior force to force them to do what you want them to do. Now obviously there are some limits on people’s behavior. You can’t murder somebody, you can’t physically attack somebody, but we want to keep those as small as possible. The fact that some are needed is not an excuse to control people’s behavior altogether. Slavery is wrong because it is wrong for people with superior power to tell people with less power to use that power to force people to do what they want.
    Why does that include property? You know, sometimes people don’t know about this, it includes property because your life is made of time. That’s all you have in life is time. When your time is up, your life is over, that’s it. So when you use your life — when you are free — you choose to use your time the way you want. If I build a statue in my house, you can’t come into my house and take that statue away, it’s mine. It’s part of my life, it’s part of my freedom. If I use my time to make money, you can’t come and take that money away, even if you are oh so smart, and oh so good, and your experts are oh so brilliant that they know how to spend my money better than I know how to spend my money. It is still slavery, it is still wrong, and when you enslave people you have to brutalize them because they do not like it.

  7. davo

    consistent behaviour with other ‘scientists’ on the gravy train

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    The climate carpetbaggers surely wouldn’t fabricate figures? Would they ? These are university educated people ,they are above lying and cheating ,they are also socialist Narxist lovers of the oppressed .
    That of course was satire ,we all know the bastards do it all the time and are so arrogant they think we are not clever enough to know what they are up to , jails are full of people who thought they were very smart,and that where the left belong. Just shows how clever they are when both lots of figures for Darwin exist in the public domain that proves they are stupidly arrogant ,defund them , throw them on the Centrelink market.

  9. duncanm

    We had similar conditions in the late 1890’s / Federation Drought.

    Check out Broken Hill, for example:

  10. Iggie

    Broken Hill’s raw data from GISS NASA

    Broken Hill’s adjusted data now

    Why NASA has not been confronted about this is a mystery. The BoM has done the same since they introduced its ACORN data.

  11. Steve Goddard’s web site is invaluable for those of us who occasionally debate alarmist dickheads.
    I strongly suggest you bookmark Real Climate Science for use as reference material.

  12. DaveR

    @iggie and @duncanm The adjusted GISS-NASA data for Broken Hill and for Darwin is just not believable.

    Maybe for Darwin you could expect an adjustment for the discordance about 1940, but not for the rest.

    It is a disgrace that no one has challenged NASA to justify the adjustments (upwards in both cases!). Dont expect the BOM to say a word.

  13. DaveR

    And to think that this sort of quality of science, promulgated by the BOM and the questionable Climate Change Commission (RIP), is part of the basis for the proposed Turnbull-Frydenberg National Energy Guarantee!

  14. Iggie

    Here’s my favourite ‘adjustment’ – de Bilt in Holland (I think it’s the only site NASA GISS uses in the Netherlands).
    Raw data

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