Good morning Australia

Not a bad day on the windfarms the bird-killing factories, apart from Qld (1), too early for solar but Wind and Other are cranking out 8% of demand! Interesting to see the demand building up in the last few minutes.

Work in progress on a post about the fake data supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology, one of the requirements along with fake science to support the policies that are destroying the electricity grid of the nation.

At 9 demand has gone up but Solar is kicking in and Solar and Other are delivering 11.5% of demand.

1.30pm Demand down to 21GW Wind and Other up to 4 – 19% of demand! What a relief, we might only need six or seven times as much (and storage).

5.00pm Demand is up to 25GW (heaters going on, early dinner?) no wind in Qld and the sun is setting. Wind and Other deliver 2.7GW 11% of demand.

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  1. Old School Conservative

    Keep up the good fight.
    PS – the left have stolen our language to aid their systematic raid on society, the words “wind farms” being a good example.
    It gives an impression of green fields, gambolling lambs, sunny days, and flowering vistas. The reality of ugly, noisy, bird slaughtering monsters needs to be conveyed by the use of “wind factories” from now on.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Good call. Fixed.

  3. v_maet

    Had to happen at some point so bring the capacity factor up to 25%.

  4. Tintarella di Luna

    Thank you Rafe for the work you do, Champion by name and nature

  5. Entropy

    Well to be fair, they are corporate subsidy farms.

  6. chrisl

    I was recently in the Galápagos Islands and the virtue signallers there put up lots of windmills Unfortunately in the flora and fauna paradise the windmills had to be taken down because they were killing too many birds.
    Travelling through Peru I haven’t seen one solar panel or windmill because of course there are no subsidies available and therefore unaffordable.

  7. Louis Hissink

    Here’s a peculiarity – I have a 5KW solar system that also feeds the grid.

    When the grid is turned off for maintenance, the solar system also gets turned off, which is fair enough if you are an electrical linesman and don’t need 5KW of 240 Volt current coursing through your body.

    It raises the interesting situation that if the grid goes down, my solar system then becomes useless.

    Puzzlewments as Effy might have said in Acropolis Now.

  8. old bloke

    Work in progress on a post about the fake data supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology

    Take care Rafe, the last person who touched that particular subject lost his job the next day.

    As Minister Hunt explained, this was necessary “to restore confidence in our public institutions”.

  9. NuThink

    #2765275, posted on July 17, 2018 at 8:16 am
    Well to be fair, they are corporate subsidy farms.

    You forgot the word crony in front of corporate so it should read
    crony corporate subsidy farms.”

  10. “wind factories”

    “wind camps”

    “bird butchers”

    “wind blades”

  11. Rafe Champion

    The sun is up so Solar is kicking in. Demand has gone up as well.
    Wind and Other now delivering a rousing 11.5% of demand.

  12. If we have to put up with health warnings on tobacco;

    How about mandatory signs on windmills?

    “Danger: may explode or ignite without warning”

    “Beware of loose turbines”

    “Wind turbines may be hazardous to your wallet”

    “Warning: Wind turbines raise the price of power”

    “Warning: This device uses more power than it generates!”

    “Warning: contains hazardous compounds”

  13. amortiser

    The wind generation in SA is interesting. When the generation reaches 70% of nameplate it looks like it is capped. Why would this be? Is there a long term problem for other generators if wind is allowed full rein?

  14. v_maet

    Louis Hissink @ 8:35am.

    Your solar system requires the inverter to transfer the power.
    The inverter in most home solar systems is powered through the electricity grid.

    You can purchase an islanded inverter which will allow your system to continue operating while the grid is not operational however the cost of these are exhorbitant and prohibitive (last i heard they were approx 20k) so everyone just buys the cheapy stuff and expects to be able to use it whtn the power goes out………..

  15. John Constantine

    If you want power when the grid goes down, do what the State does and buy diesel Gennie’s to back up your Sun and Wind Dreamtime Totems.

  16. amortiser

    How do you copy a screenshot into a post here?

  17. Dr Fred Lenin

    New name ,very PC . “Taxsubsidised Wind Generating Facility” or Twigfac.
    Solar would be “Taxsubsidised Solar Genersting Facility “ Tasogenfac .
    Sounds a bit kelvin kruddish but fits the bill , It’s all a bit superfluicitious don’t it ?

  18. Ubique

    I’ve suggested to The Australian that they would perform the community a great service by publishing each day on the front page of the newspaper the electricity generation statistics by source by State for the preceding 24 hours. As the contribution of wind and solar is so pitiful but little known, it would cause consternation, not least amongst the rent-seeking renewable brigade.

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