ABC dragging the chain in making corrections

The RMIT-ABC Fact Check unit has made one (!) correction following our criticisms of their error-ridden and misleading fact check of Chris and my finding that ABC journalists are nearly five more likely to be Greens voters than the general population.

So have they finally realised that our estimate falls within the confidence interval of their commissioned research and changed their assessment from “Flimsy” to “Statistically correct”?

Hmmmmmmm. No.

Editor’s note (19/07/2018): A previous version of this fact check referred to Chris Berg as Mr Berg. Dr Berg has a PhD from RMIT University, and his title has been amended in the article to reflect this.

Yet, they still describe Chris as follows:

… fellow IPA colleague Chris Berg …

When he should be “fellow RMIT colleague Chris Berg”.

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13 Responses to ABC dragging the chain in making corrections

  1. stackja

    ABC slow to admit error? I am shocked!

  2. eb

    Wow, they’ve admitted you’re right. Although still only admitted with weasel words.

  3. Wompwomp

    Don’t like acknowledging IPA links?

    [Not when you’re actually employed by RMIT. Sinc]

  4. Louis Hissink

    The easiest explanation is firstly they don’t understand English, and secondly, as a consequence, don’t know how to think. They do know what to think, however.

  5. v_maet

    If they do make significant edits, it will be more than a week after the article was published so it will be old news and people won’t bother to read it.

    The definition of fake news.

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    Admissions of guilt or stupidity by the left is a no no,leftism is never wrong,it’s like the old bible bashers blind obedience to the dogma no matter what the evidence shows .

  7. Up The Workers!

    We all know that like Wayne “The Goose” Swan’s comical mathematical ability, the Labor(sic) Party’s spelling leaves a lot to be desired.

    Has the thought occurred that maybe the Department in the A.L.P.’s in-house propaganda section which you refer to, is actually not the “A.B.C. Fact Check Department” at all, but is really the “A.B.C. Fat Czech (i.e. for obese individuals of the Czechoslovakian persuasion) Department”, or alternatively the “A.B.C. Fat Chick (i.e. for obese individuals who do not identify as being from any of the Q.W.E.R.T.Y.L.G.B.T.Q.I. or M genders) Department”?

  8. JohnA

    stackja #2767587, posted on July 19, 2018, at 2:47 pm

    ABC slow to admit error? I am shocked!

    This also works:

    ABC slow to admit truth? I am shocked!


  9. RobK

    Enough small victories can help to win the war.
    Hopefully they will be more careful next time.

  10. pbw

    Is anyone else getting repeated emails of this post?

  11. Habib

    The ABC had it’s broad church o’diversity on display this morning, with some pillow-biting beardy hipster, Mrs Wholied Alley in a teatowel, and the 2 simpering, smug bucketheads that bore breakfast broadcasting all in furious agreement that Donald Trump is a c#*t. This went for about 20 minutes.

  12. JohnA

    Up The Workers! #2767708, posted on July 19, 2018, at 4:29 pm

    the “A.B.C. Fat Czech (i.e. for obese individuals of the Czechoslovakian persuasion) Department”

    Possibly also the “ABC Fat Cheque Department” – an outpost of the Paymaster, to ensure the generous contracts and golden parachutes are preserved and even enhanced.

  13. André M

    Also remember that you should never apologise for any old statements made in social media, otherwise the ABC will use it as an excuse to shame and defame you all over again, even 6 years after the fact. They just did it to this poor girl called “Lily”.

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