Is Commissioner Tim for Export?

There may be a new opportunity for Tim Soutphommasane after his tenure at the Human Rights Commission soon ends.  Ok.  It’s not race related, but it is gender related.  Potato-Potatoe (sic).  Tomato-Tomatoe (sic).

Spartacus was recently travelling and stumbled upon this in Rome.

Fair dinkum.  An attractive Italian woman working for a company called The Roman Guy and wearing a shirt with “guy” on it.  Oh the social injustice.  Don’t they have a European Human Rights Commission to protect people from this.  After all, the standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.

Spartacus is not sure whether this act is a micro aggression or a macro aggression, and equally who it is an aggression against.  Is this misogyny making a female wear a shirt saying guy.  What would David Morrison say?

Perhaps Dr Tim can make a statement saying that such an act is offensive and then invite people to make a risk less complaint that may get them free money.  This is Europe after all; the land of milk and free money.

Surely there is some overpaying underworking sinecure in Brussels so that the Europeans can take Tim off our hands?

And for a small bit of irony, the red bricked building in background of the photo above is where Mussolini used to make his speeches.

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7 Responses to Is Commissioner Tim for Export?

  1. Marcus

    Roman is the head enforcer for the Italian branch of the Russian Mafia. Dr. Tim must be sent to remonstrate with him forthwith.

  2. Egor

    The Sout isn’t Australian despite what his passport says, he’s informed by a foreign culture and foreign opportunism. A main chancer who understood the weakness of handwringing Western culture and used that weakness.
    Where will the Sout make $340,000 plus allowances ever again? Nowhere. Indicating his true market value.

  3. iamok

    I asked Tim 3 times directly on Twitter his thoughts on Bongiorno calling Mundine Uncle Tom. As I expected I got no response. The guy is not interested in real equity he is only a shit stirring mouthpiece for the left. And he can fuck off as far away as possible as far as I am concerned.

  4. LBLoveday

    Pickering has a great comment or two on Sookie today – at the end .

  5. LBLoveday

    “Uncle Tom”, when wrongly used, is undoubtedly a racist slur, but when did “Abo” become similarly deemed? To me it’s a typical Australian-style shortening of a lengthy noun, like “Aussie”.
    I played football and drank beer with men who referred to themselves as “Abo”, without a hint of inferiority, and wrote “Blackfellows” on the 8-ball challenge board.

  6. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From LBLoveday at 10:36 am:

    “Pickering has a great comment or two on Sookie today – at the end .”

    It’s a first class get it up ya from Larry Pickering, accompanied by a fine photo of the effete little window dresser, and worth repeating:

    “Which reminds me… Soupspoon’s offsider is still trying to get me into court … Ha. So I’ll make it easier for him: “Go fuck yourself you grubby little Laotian maggot”, …. Is that racially discriminating enough for you, you little obese foreign shithead?”

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