The Origins of Government Road Planning

From Life Magazine, November 1967, in 1895, there were only 2 cars in the US state of Ohio and …. they collided.

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11 Responses to The Origins of Government Road Planning

  1. Pyrmonter

    The beginning of the Roads lobby and transport socialism …

  2. Genghis

    Golly Gosh how unfortunate!

  3. Click on the link to that item in Life Then scroll up about half a dozen pages to two other items of current interest. An ad inviting to visit Jerusalem, Jericho, and other parts of Israel. That sound quite ordinary today, but this was in November 1967. Earlier that year Israel wasn’t able to invite anyone to Jerusalem or Jericho. Next page up is an ad about colour TV with the byline “Sorry, we flunked the balloon test” – that’s a byline for today for Hamas in Gaza.

  4. Bruce in WA

    1. Keep left.
    2. Give way to the right or continuing traffic.
    3. Don’t drive faster than the road conditions allow.

    End of story.

  5. Flyingduk

    ‘Speeding’ cannot be a crime because there is no victim.

  6. Rusty of QLD

    Great to see the car ads for the 1968 models, especially the 7 litre v8 for 68, ah the good old days pre pollution
    restrictions on motors.

  7. Habib

    There wan’t a speed limit on pommy motorways until a prototype AC Cobra clocked over the ton in the old money on the M1, and assorted bluenose dickfeatured fucknuckles had a bitch about the horror of it all. Speed limit imposed, to pander to noisy busybodies. This apparently is the role of government. They should’ve been given first hand experience of the danger of travelling at the speed modern motor vehicles are capable of by chaining them to the rear axle of Don Campbell’s Bluebird and take them through a few measured mile runs.

  8. Natural Instinct

    Thank you for the LIFE link. A little diversion into history
    Scroll down to page 29 for a discussion on the Apollo program back on track after astronaut deaths
    Further down at page 86 more on the Kennedy assassination with eye-witness photographs.
    Gary and Rusty, I too liked the adverts for cars, cigarettes and alcohol. Buy the product and live the dream, especially Smirnoff

  9. Rusty of Qld

    We didn’t have speed limits on our highways until the late 60’s early 70’s. You drove at a speed that was commensurate to the prevailing conditions. Used to sit along at about 80 mph ( 130 k’s) on roads worse than nowadays, but you drove paying attention to what you were doing and it was ok. The revenue raisers, politicians and nanny staters saving us couldn’t have that though, thus plenty of money raising schemes on the road user because they need to herded and controlled, just like sheep.

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