The media: Hiding the pro-Trump rally in London

Something for Steve.

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13 Responses to The media: Hiding the pro-Trump rally in London

  1. Herodotus says:

    Yes, the pro-Trump rally was large, but un-newsworthy according to our “most trusted” ABC. This and many other instances of spin and selection bias are why we value not just Catallaxy but overseas sources like American Thinker and Breitbart.
    The gloominess with which I view the local media is leavened somewhat by the coming expansion of Sky News into FTA via Nine/WIN.
    There needs to be a lot more balance brought to the voters.

  2. stackja says:

    ABC again. I am shocked!

  3. bemused says:

    This is what the fake media does nowadays at every turn, in an attempt to convince the masses that everyone hates Trump. Never mind, it will all backfire in the long run.

  4. mh says:

    Trump’s approval rating reaches record high in poll, powered by Republican support

    The poll was taken over a four-day period that started July 15, a day before Trump’s meeting and joint news conference with Russia President Vladimir Putin in which he questioned the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Therefore, some of the polling days covered the aftermath of Trump’s much-criticized handling of the Putin meeting.

  5. duncanm says:

    Strange that the left is always the one ringing the warning bells of citizen control by media…

    .. because that’s how they do it.

  6. NB says:

    My ABC. Love it, sell it.

  7. bemused says:

    My ABC. Love it, sell it.

    Their ABC has already been sold; they’ve prostituted themselves to the Left.

  8. billie says:

    the ABC, unreliable entertainment

    there are no facts or “truth”, whatever that means, there is just the narrative and the value of attention to the entertainers, those who dress up and make believe

    much like our dear princess Emma, “I’ve won 2 Walkies, Just sayin'”, underlining the fact that she is popular enough to win an award from other entertainers and hence, is above being questioned or criticised

    unless of course you can compete on her side of the street with a couple of Walkies of your own?

    are you an adored entertainer?

    no, then bugger off you horrible rabble

  9. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld says:

    Same old, same old bias on their AlpBC, never changes. We can no longer believe one word from the smarmy crew that operate the joint. Sell,sell, sell!

  10. Old School Conservative says:

    An alternative to selling the ABC is to sack all current staff and give Conservatives free reign over programming and content for two years. Then sell all the assets.

  11. duncanm says:

    forget selling it.

    Just give the employees the keys and shares in the organisation and 3 months notice.

    Government funding stops Dec 2018 – your time starts now.

  12. duncanm says:

    .. I bet 90/10 would vote to sell it themselves and keep the cash.

  13. Crossie says:

    #2770911, posted on July 24, 2018 at 7:33 am
    ABC again. I am shocked!

    Nothing was stopping the free to air channels from reporting it. Groupthink rules all media whether it be climate change or Trump. Media seem to have the idea that they exist only to further their own interests. Truth is a very malleable commodity depending on the desired ends.

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