Thucydides, the Athenian historian and general wrote that the strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must.  So consider this.

On SkyNews’ Paul Murray Live on this past Monday (30 July 2018), former Senator and Australian Labor Party life member Graham Richardson said the following in the context of immigration policy:

For Labor it’s particularly difficult.  It’s particularly difficult because ethnic numbers, particularly the numbers that are new, the newer ethnic arrivals do tend to vote Labor when they finally enroll.  They tend to be Labor voters for the first decade.  After that, they might change their mind, but 10 years is a long long way off.  And I think you are going to find it very hard to persuade the Labor Party to do anything about this.

On one level, one has to admire the confidence and arrogance that permits such honesty.  On the other hand, does it get any more disgraceful that an Australian political party setting policy not in the interest of Australia, but in the interest of the party.  But we are talking about the Australian Labor Party so disgrace and surprise seldom go together.  Just look at their policies in general.

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12 Responses to Ditcho

  1. John Constantine

    If labor selects their voteherds correctly, then has them overseen by labor operatives running the welfare vote plantations, then labor does financial deals using State money with Big Men from the voteherds, the labor vote is locked in for three generations.

    If their mouth of Sauron admits ten years of corruption, the truth will be far worse.

    They basically imported the gillard government.


  2. H B Bear

    The Liars wouldn’t recognise the Australian national interest if they tripped over it. Bucket Guts sold out the entire state of Tasmania and trashed the entire timber industry for Mainland inner city votes.

    Bucket Guts has been a cancer on this country yet no-one seems to be bothered by this.

  3. Boambee John


    30 June or 30 July?

  4. Rob

    The disgusting Richardson is the “whatever it takes” supremo.
    Whilst his brutally arrogant admission is breathtaking to some, those who have watched his political career would not be surprised?

  5. Thanks for the pick up. Fixed. Mushy brain.

  6. Infidel Tiger

    Just shows show retarded the Libs are.

    They are actively importing the enemy and it’s not even a secret.

  7. The question is, is the LNP any better? As I see it, Turdball does anything and everything in order to remain in power; no values whatsoever, no integrity, no spine and bending to the polls at every change in the breeze.

  8. tombell

    Is Emma Husar the Shadow Immigration Minister yet?

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    The problem for Richo and the ALP is that closing the door on illegal immigration and restricting legal immigration is extremely popular on all sides of politics (except the Greens).

    Opening the door may bring in a few more Labor voters. But doing that so pisses off the other 95% of Australians it causes Labor to be booted out into the wilderness of gnashing dentures and no pork barrels.

    Wicked equation.

  10. Gavin R Putland

    Open your other eye. Labor governments favour the sorts of immigrants who are likely to vote Labor, and conservative governments favor the sorts of immigrants who are likely to push down wages, and the two sorts are one and the same. Thus Labor governments kick economic own-goals whereas conservative governments kick political own-goals.

  11. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    Where is our Donald Trump to drain our particularly stinking swamp? Our politicians and politics get worse by the week. We have a totally inept Prime Minister who has dragged down the already rotten coalition, now we have the labor party more than willing to continue to destroy our country in a way that Rudd and Gillard allowed with people who have no interest in integrating or mostly even working for a living here. Most people would have no idea that the bulk of illegal immigrants that came here carry a philosophy that they should not really have to work but live off the plunder and spoils taken from others. (Our taxes to start with} Then we have an opposition leader who wants to double tax seniors who have the audacity to invest in shares and try to maintain a planned and worked for retirement. Typical commie ideology from one and all!

  12. candy

    I think “Ditcho” heading is unkind.

    The chap is in a most most serious physical condition. He may be the architect of “whatever it takes”, very cynical and influenced politics. Still, look at his situation. poor fellow, it must be very hard to be him in his physical condition. Just God awful.

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