Funny business

Which funny enough was posted on the same day as this which is as humourless and dreary as anything you might find: Thanks To Comedy, Nobody Has Laughed Since Trump Became President. Here’s a sample:

Ever since Donald Trump became president, I’ve tried to laugh, but it hasn’t worked. My go-to crack-up mechanisms—“Spaceballs,” the “Night Man” episode of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” that video from The Chive of the guy jumping into the frozen swimming pool that they play in a loop at my gym—just don’t land. Nothing makes me smile anymore. It’s never funny in Philadelphia.

And also this, just now from Instapundit:

BUT OF COURSE: Comics, Reporters Rally to Protect Ocasio Cortez.

But there are still things to laugh at, but only for us:

I never get tired of it just like I never get tired of winning.

AND MORE COMEDY PEWTER: And this one with an Australian at the centre: The Not-So-Great Gadsby: How PC Rage Devoured Stand-Up Comedy.

Then along came Hannah Gadsby. Until the other day I had never heard of her. She is a Tasmanian lesbian, she seems to be about forty, and for the last decade or so she’s enjoyed a decent stand-up career in her homeland and at the occasional international comedy festival. But it’s fair to say that she was relatively unknown to non-Aussie audiences until a few weeks ago, when her special Nanette was put up on Netflix. Now she’s a superstar. Vox says that Nanette is “so meta and so thoughtful about the issues inherent to standup comedy as a genre that it seems to break through [the genre’s] boundaries.” The Australian calls it “the hour of stand-up that has taken the world by storm.”

You can now go to the link and judge for yourself.

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  1. I’ve watched a couple of recent videos of Seinfeld, Cleese, Rock and many others lament the death of comedy and who now studiously avoid college gigs.

  2. cuckoo

    Those people are simply nuts, but there’s a lot to be said about the death, or persistent vegetative coma, of comedy (coma-dy?). What passes for comedy on the ABC, for instance. A young friend of mine said she enjoyed the ABC comedy Rosehaven, but when I asked her if she ever laughed out loud while watching it she was stumped (obviously, the answer was no). The last comedy movies that I actually laughed at were the Austin Powers series. The real joke there is that though they’re about the contrast between the liberated 60s and the uptight 90s, they’re completely politically incorrect by today’s standards.

    If you can’t make jokes about gays, overweight women, ugly women, fat balding men, dwarves, vicars, etc. then you can’t make jokes full stop.

    Anyone who was unlucky enough to catch the video of the ‘rising comedy star’ Eurydice Dixon knows what I mean. With all respect to this unfortunate young woman, her comedy was like Mao’s Little Red Book being read to a laugh track. (Which is kind of funny, when you think about it.)

  3. Tim Neilson

    If you can’t make jokes about gays, overweight women, ugly women, fat balding men, dwarves, vicars, etc. then you can’t make jokes full stop.

    I think you can still make jokes about vicars.

    Unless they’re saints of the “progressive” movement like Rod Bowers.

  4. cuckoo

    Not to go on about it, but what Orwell says in his essay on Donald McGill is more correct than ever. Vulgar humour, that is to say, humour, ultimately affirms the true nature of human life. If you want to deny the truths of human life, as leftists do, then there can be no room for humour.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    BBC’s comedy supremo admitted in July that Monty Python wouldn’t be allowed now. Furthermore:

    BBC don’t televise Monty Python today because it shows how bad modern comedy is, John Cleese claims (today)

    The BBC stopped showing Monty Python episodes because they were “too funny” and would show up the rest of the corporation’s comedy output, John Cleese has claimed.

    Cleese singled out Men Behaving Badly, the hit 1990s series, as an example of a comedy that paled by comparison.

    Asked about the absence of Monty Python’s Flying Circus from the BBC schedules, where it first aired in 1969, Cleese said: “It’s not been shown for 17 years. Michael Palin told me that a few years ago.

    “Maybe it’s too funny. It might not contrast well with some of the comedy they’re doing now, that’s the only explanation I’ve got. People might not laugh at modern comedy.

    “Do you remember in [former director-general] John Birt’s reign, they had a show called Men Behaving Badly? And they had a poll [of] the funniest comedies of all time, and that won.

    “It was voted number one. Have you ever heard of it since?”

    This illustrates the problem.

    Comedy has been captured by the Left. But they are so sanctimonious that anything they try to mock on the Right is terribly unfunny. At the same time they can’t mock things on the eminently mockworthy Left because if they do they will be cast out of the herd.

    So these days all we get is desperately unfunny comedy as lefty comedians try to squeeze lame jokes out of an increasingly small lemon.

  6. mh


    Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a New York congressional primary against moderate Democrat Joe Crowley (D-NY) in a surprising upset last month, but she wouldn’t have succeeded without the help of billionaire globalist George Soros.
    The mainstream media hailed her win of the 14th district as a grassroots effort, but it turns out she wouldn’t have ran had she not been asked by groups linked to Soros’ media empire called The Media Consortium….

  7. DaveR

    Its refreshing to see the Trump electoral win clips all over again. Its also obvious that the Dems and the MSM were so caught up in their own narrative they deliberately ignored the abundant statistics in plain view illustrating a likely Trump win, preferring to excuse them away. And the pure bias shown by jounalists from the beginning, against all of their professional and ethical standards, illustrates how captured by the left American institutions had become under Obama. No wonder they think the Russians intervened to steal the election.

  8. Dr Faustus

    A personal Trump Election Night highlight: ABC’s Zoe Daniel, in literal tears, explaining why she is struggling to explain how America got it all so wrong.

  9. Snoopy

    If Zoe is still on the job in 2020 she’d do well to lose the mascara for election night.

  10. Mother Lode

    Netflix actually has a category for stand up comedy.

    Almost without exception I find their comedy has two threads: Their sex lives, and politics.

    The former thrills the audience with its illicit content. It is the same excitement they probably felt when they first learned a rhyme with the word ‘fuck’ in it. It was said among friends and out of earshot of their parents – and the exhilaration lay in the fact they were getting away with it.

    The second is the excitement of being swept up in a group emotion, in this case, hate. They can whoop and holler, full-throatedly participate in denigrating someone they don’t like, safe among a large number, anonymous, but venting that hate.

    None of it is actually clever or witty.

  11. Mother Lode

    Its refreshing to see the Trump electoral win clips all over again. Its also obvious that the Dems and the MSM were so caught up in their own narrative they deliberately ignored the abundant statistics in plain view illustrating a likely Trump win

    Isn’t it amazing?

    Their job is supposed to be to help viewers understand what is really happening – as opposed to what ought to happen.

    When Trump won their response should have been “How did we miss it?” Instead it was “Why did everyone else do something I didn’t tell them”.

    I really don’t see a way for them to move from the latter perspective to the former. There is no path that links them.

    Best throw the bunch of them out and start again with people who possess at least a modicum of humility.

    And that John Oliver is a twat, sin’t he? He always looks like he is gloating because, from your lounge room, there is no way you can reach through the TV and punch his bobbling face in. Not saying anyone should, but that is what his expression looks like it conveys.

  12. Dr Fred Lenin

    Comedy contracted a fatal terminal lack of humour when the gangrene communists invented political correctness to spread their misery to the world . I laugh when they say some Pratt if-s an alpbc”comedian” ,there hasn’t been a comedian on the alpbc since the communists finally toook over after years of sleazy infiltration like a flesh eating disease . Even the English ,the nasters of comedy have been infected . The resurrection of real comedy will come when political correctness and global u.n.communism is totallydestroyed .

  13. Tom

    It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that comedy is dead — or, more accurately, that comedy has been driven underground — when our new, self appointed ruling class is a rabble of power-hungry, totalitarian, fascist scum whose all-consuming task for the past decade has been to try to control what people think by policing what they say.

    Our ruling class is our enemy so they should not be surprised that we’re making fun of them. And they should not be surprised that, because they’re humourless, totalitarian, fascist scum, we will enjoy our God-given sense of humour away from those who want to destroy it.

    Steve’s right. Real people never get sick of the humiliation of our self-appointed ruling class on the night of November 8, 2016. The stupidest people ever born are also the most arrogant and totally free of self-awareness, so it’s first-rate slapstick they were hit by the Trump Train that they never saw coming.

  14. candy

    Perhaps Hillary Clinton calling half of Americans deplorables, and the Left media applauding her for that, was a definite turning point. And the Left applauded her for it.
    No-one is going to vote for a person who thinks you are a deplorable human being.

    Great post by Steve. “Historical” moments we are living through.

  15. Frank

    If you can’t make jokes about gays, overweight women, ugly women, fat balding men, dwarves, vicars, etc. then you can’t make jokes full stop.

    Heard recently:

    What is the collective noun for a group of priests?

    A fiddle.

    Joke was told by a priest and relayed by his wife, so it is OK to laugh.

  16. Adam D

    Look up Bill Burr on youtube – bonus points for any video where he is a guest on a TV program and he makes them insanely uncomfortable.

    There is still comedy out there, just look for anyone who isnt PC.

  17. .

    And that John Oliver is a twat, sin’t he?

    Did he ever write Trump a campaign “check”?

  18. Richard2380

    Please Cats, what is the name of the music played in the Donald Trump clip.

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