An Australian Haka

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15 Responses to An Australian Haka

  1. Elle

    My sisters doing it, like we do in NZ … with passion and dedication to our bros.

  2. Elle

    I can’t vote for either one. Will I be attract a fine?

  3. pbw


    What’s the story with the air guitar?

  4. Elle


    The wiri (quivering of the hands) is an integral part of Maori movement, seen in the haka. The “air guitar” expresses movements that are deceptive, which is essential in the arts of combat. 

  5. RobK

    Didn’t Kevin bloody Wilson tell them you’re supposed to put the potatoe in the front of your bathers.

  6. Slapping thongs on butts was sort of funny 20 years ago, but in those days we had a sporting chance of beating the ABs. But we can still beat the Scots on a good day, we have plenty of big dicks ourselves.

  7. Up the Workers!

    When the Kiwis play sport in Europe, do E.E.C. teams, in response to the Kiwi ‘Haka’, perform the ‘E.E.C. Junckers’, and stagger drunkenly about in a bottle-fatigued fashion, before collapsing in an undignified heap on the ground and being carted off the scene?

    It might save them all the theatrical ‘diving’, later in the game.

  8. John Constantine

    Doc Neeson has already given Australia our haka.

  9. John Constantine

    “Went down to St Tropez, where Renoir paints the walls”

  10. Roger

    If we must reprise colonial encounters before a rugby match, perhaps ours could go something like this.

  11. Turnip

    I vote for the Rugby League synchronized poetry reading as performed earlier this year.

    It would have killed any opposition with its fierce use of verse.

  12. John Constantine

    Australia’s haka, back when yarragrad was still Melbourne.

  13. Louis Hissink

    Haka – response to cognitive dissonance when unable to debate the message – a theatrical display of messenger pre-shooting. Common among tribal cultures.

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