David Bidstrup: Playing chess with a pigeon

Arguing with fools is like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter how good you are the pigeon will just shit on the board and then strut around as if he has won anyway.

I am responding to Rafe’s post of 29 July titledA train crash or national suicide in slow motion.

Those who have not sub-contracted their thinking out to politicians, green groups and sundry other intellectual pygmies are well aware of the confidence trick being played on us all however we are the minority. I suspect “most people” are either too busy trying to survive and/or lack the capacity to understand the issues technically. This is not meant as a slur, the issues require some basic educational level to understand the arguments and many people do not have it even though they might be well qualified. Others are just tired of listening to people telling them how they should live and turn off.

The print and electronic media are captive to the fantasy of “climate change” and are not the least interested in airing alternative views. The bulk of the population do not read papers anyway and “social media” has taken first place for “ideas/news/bullshit”. There are a lot of good places to get the “alternative” information but as Rafe suggests, it is usually an exercise in preaching to the converted.

We are up against a propaganda campaign that would make Dr. G smile. Everything can be blamed on “climate change” and the only solution is “emissions reductions”, code for economic suicide but presented as “the right thing to do for the planet”. The political side of the debate has become a race to the bottom with both majors competing for the gold medal in stupidity and the loonies are lurking in the background wanting to destroy our standard of living.  I am surprised at the acceptance given to this simplistic argument by people who otherwise seem smart.

Some years ago I decided to educate myself in the dark arts of “climate change” and after lots of reading and research have concluded that it is voodoo science and dangerous to our economic and social health. I started writing letters and getting them published and late last year tried my hand with Catallaxy. Apart from flushing out a few climate loonies the reaction has been a bit underwhelming although I have received some good comments. I was also naïve enough to try and get a few opinion pieces in newspapers but did not recognise that it is a requirement that opinion writers know sweet FA about the subject, (with some notable exceptions).

I appreciate that there are many people who do their best to enlighten us to the folly of climate change and the associated energy fiasco however there are two problems that have to be fixed. First, the message is too complicated for “most people” and second the messages are confined to forums where the readers are already convinced.

The “climate change” message is simple: CO2 causes the planet to “warm” threatening our existence, burning coal releases CO2 so “coal is bad”, the climate catastrophe is imminent, there are no limits to the cost of “tackling” it and it “must be done now”. Anyone who does not “believe” the story is an “evil denier” – repeat ad nauseum. It does not matter that the proposition has not been proven and that there is no causal connection between “rising emissions” and temperature, it is just presented as a fact and people believe it. Any argument to the contrary is shouted down and idiots make policy that is sending us broke.

So, what can we do? Here are some suggestions and other views, (in a positive vein), are welcome.

(1): Get a simple message, put it out there and play the same game of endless repetition. All ideas welcome. This will cost money so those who see it as a worthwhile thing to do need to support the cause.

(2): Organise against the pathetic bunch we have in state and federal governments. Sensible people need to be drafted and supported to get inside the tent and change things.

(3): Withdraw support for anyone in any government who continues to believe in “climate change” and renewable energy.

(4): Never play chess with a pigeon.

When you hear the apostles telling you that “the science is settled” think of the following from the late Carl Sagan:

One of the reasons for its success is that science has built-in, error-correcting machinery at its very heart. Some may consider this an overbroad characterization, but to me every time we exercise self-criticism, every time we test our ideas against the outside world, we are doing science. When we are self-indulgent and uncritical, when we confuse hopes and facts, we slide into pseudoscience and superstition…… It is possible, given absolute control over the media and the police, to rewrite the memories of hundreds of millions of people, if you have a generation to accomplish it in. Almost always this is done to improve the hold that the powerful have on power or to serve the narcissism or megalomania or paranoia of national leaders. It throws a monkey wrench into the error-correcting machinery. It works to erase public memory of profound political mistakes, and thus to guarantee their eventual repetition.

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18 Responses to David Bidstrup: Playing chess with a pigeon

  1. stackja

    How many voters know the truth today?

  2. Confused Old Misfit

    It is possible, given absolute control over the media and the police, to rewrite the memories of hundreds of millions of people, if you have a generation to accomplish it in.

    And that is what has happened. They have the media, the police and it’s been a generation since this crap came down..

  3. John Michelmore

    A great article, well done. However I can’t see how we ” the perceived climate control deniers,” can compete with this indoctrination; without the equivalent of bucket loads of cash available from our taxes. The taxpayer is funding the indoctrination and most haven’t a clue, don’t care or have given up.
    Surely option 5 (which is negative), the crashing and burning of Australia is a more likely scenario; one must remember that as Australia deteriorates you will be told that everything is still great, and you will believe it!

  4. Death Giraffe

    It is like the story of the little boy pointing out the Emperor has no clothes rewritten.
    In this version everyone just shrugs their shoulders and tells the boy to shut up.

  5. The government, academia and all of our institutions have been taken over by the left and are actively working against us. Am I paranoid? Perhaps? But I am also correct! While ever either of the two major parties governs we will continue into this abyss. Should we manage to elect a gaggle of minor parties to govern us we will find things may actually get worse overall but over different issues. Not much hope for the future people!

  6. Death Giraffe

    (1): Get a simple message, put it out there and play the same game of endless repetition. All ideas welcome. This will cost money so those who see it as a worthwhile thing to do need to support the cause

    Creative and bright people not on the progressive side are terrible at this.
    They do not understand that the audience is constantly renewed: you have to keep telling the story from the begining over and over again. This may be boring to you. Too bad. Find different ways to retell the story.

  7. Fred Furkenburger

    Simple message. The atmospheric concentration is presently about 400 parts per million. Lop off a couple of zero’s and you end up the the fact that out of every 10,000 molecules in the atmosphere 4 are CO2 molecules. Out of those 4 mankind puts up only a fraction of one. How can any one think that that small fraction of a molecule in 10,000 have that much of an effect?

  8. woolfe

    You need to get in the twitter sewer and be vocal but not rude. Being rude gets you banned and you cant get your message out if you cannot post or reply to posts. (JC was banned for a week for using the c word)

  9. Roger

    I suspect “most people” are either too busy trying to survive and/or lack the capacity to understand the issues technically.

    Give it time…when the average villager in the Punjab has cheaper and more reliable electricity than the average Australian suburbanite, courtesy our coal, I think the penny may drop.

  10. Kneel

    Name one power generating option that meets all these:
    1) Greens propose as a viable solution that is not damaging to the environment
    2) is not protested by same greens when attempted at grid scale
    3) is actually capable of producing sufficient power when it is required
    4) does not destabilise the grid
    5) does not increase consumer costs

    Solar and wind fail at 3, 4 & 5 – sometimes even at 2 (bird mincers and bird fryers)!
    Hydro fails at 2 and 5.

    Coal fails at 1 & 2.


    Seems the choices are:
    1) get used to no electricity
    2) ignore the greens

    I choose “ignore the greens” – somewhat kinder than what some of them actually deserve…

  11. the reaction has been a bit underwhelming

    At least, I enjoy you posts. I respect anyone prepared to fight the good fight.

    Methinks that indoctrinated youth are the hard ones to convince that CO2 and fossil fuels aren’t going cause them to die in a “megastorm that fries the planet”.

    And what Furkenburger said.

    The problem with the Furkenburger argument is that most youf see more than one number and switch off. (rithmetic y’know).

    Both quantitative and qualitative human history shows that things have been warmer and colder in the past and CO2 has been higher and lower in the past.

    Current temperatures and CO2 levels are both unexceptional.

    It still beats me how the enviroloons managed to create such a successful scam.

  12. Perth Trader

    Robots will take our jobs, plastic is bad, eating maccas will make you fat, all Russians are spies, socialized economies work except in nth Korea Venezuela and other communist countries, gender is a mindset, killing animals to eat is barbaric, sharks that eat swimmers are cute , all fires and droughts and hurricanes are caused by climate change , energy from the sun is free, etc , etc , etc. Its easier and less frustrating to play chess with a pigeon.

  13. CO2 GREENS THE PLANET – T shirts, stickers and placards, protest marches … they have to be beaten at their own game.

  14. Fang

    It has to be the “old hip pocket, realisation!”

    Media adds, ad nauseum! With how much per day is the green revolution costing you! And why carn’t/won’t our future generations figure out a better solution than we can atm, if theres any need too?

    A really good word smith, and a very simple advertising campaign, would bring it to the masses every single day, multiple times!

    Tell a three or four story adds.

    The slip, slop, slap of the twenty teens!

  15. Tim Walshaw

    I hate these moaning negative articles. No matter how well intentioned, they are a waste of time.
    What is needed is all the climate critics to say – the climate will cool for the next twenty years.
    – over the long term (next 2000 years) we are heading for an ice age.

    WHY? Because over the next 20 years the suns radiation striking the earth’s northern continents will fall. It is a cycle caused by the Earth’s eccentricity and wobble. It will then briefly warm again, but the long term cycle, lower highs and lower lows, will lead to an ice age. Google MILANKOVICH.

    And yes, CO2 does not have much of a warming effect. Methane does, but that is another sotry.

  16. Tim Walshaw

    And a point about Garry’s blog.

    Yes, he is correct. The leftist takeover has been going a long while. It is a deliberate strategy by a well funded group (now funded by the Chinese, but at one time the Comintern) called the “Gramscis”. They follow the advice of one Antonio Gramsci, who wrote in his book “Letters from Prison” in the 1930’s, that the Marxist revolution will not work in an advanced capitalist society. Instead they should do a “long march through the institutions”, they should infiltrate the major public and private institutions, and take over. Half way up they could operate as “gatekeepers” and only let their own kind in.

    The Chinese now fund the Trotsky Party here in Australia, and fund this Gramsci takeover big time. It has proved highly successful.

  17. So, what can we do?

    (1): Get a simple message, ….

    If it’s so cheap, why do you need to be subsidised?

    (2): Organise against the pathetic bunch…

    Vote LDP, everywhere; local, state and commonwealth, both houses

    (3): Withdraw support for anyone in any government…

    See (2.)

  18. What ever it takes

    My fightback slogan, IF CO2 IS BAD, HOW COME TREES LOVE IT.
    Would work on a T-shirt, it might get the kids to start thinking.

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