Press hypocrisy

The luvvies are outraged – how dare President Trump criticise the press? Our democracy is at risk! Although to be fair, their democracy might be at risk; however the democracy where people turn up on election day and vote for a representative is doing just fine.

I thought I’d remind everyone that we’ve seen this sort of thing before, and last time the luvvies thoroughly approved of it.

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8 Responses to Press hypocrisy

  1. stackja

    Media who follow the party are doing all right.

  2. The hypocrisy of the Left. “It’s in their DNA”

  3. Robbo

    But it’s different when the lefties do it.

  4. Old Lefty

    A bit rich when the Greens havetheir own taxpayer-funded propaganda office – ‘our’ ABC.

  5. Spring is coming

    Dr Bob, how I miss that muppet.

  6. Lee

    I had forgotten about the Greens’ attacks on the media here.
    Of course, the Usual Suspects on the left who cheered the Greens on are precisely the same type of hypocrites who demonise President Trump for doing the same thing.

  7. Procrustes

    I’m not so sure. I mean, the lefties are right. It’s not cool to punch down. The girl in the clip is clearly mentally disturbed. Let’s give the poor thing some help.

  8. Ian

    “The media has a responsibility to agree with me”

    All this shows is that the Greens weren’t able to make their case.

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