Joe McCarthy and the Deep State

The term “McCarthyism” makes a come back in The Oz. But like everywhere, they use McCarthyism as if it had been a bad thing. But before I go on, let me remind you of my review of Diana West’s astounding book, American Betrayal. If you haven’t read it and are interested in some historical perspective on the Fake News Industry, along with the reality of the communist menace in the 1950s, this is a primary source. Here’s the conclusion from my review, and this was written in 2014 before the phase “Deep State” was ever mentioned by anyone:

As a result of reading West’s book, I now look on the United States as a big dumb ox, led around by a cabal of its enemies whose intent is to take the beast out to slaughter. It is a very large beast and will not go quietly. But given what you will learn from this book, you will be in some despair in trying to work out what can be done. This is a very troubling book which I nevertheless encourage you to read.

Much of the point of the book is that Senator Joe McCarthy was absolutely right about the infiltration of communists inside the American Government back in the 1940s and 1950s. Ever heard of Alger Hiss? The mere tip of an iceberg which has only grown in size since those days then when at least Americans would have been ashamed to admit in public that they were socialists. As for today’s Australian, first there’s this: Voters stick by the teflon Donald where the author somehow thinks that is a bad thing. In his inane fact-free report, he writes:

To establish why the Trump base has proved so resolute, it is instructive to turn back to a much darker period in American politics; to McCarthyism in the early 1950s. There is a direct and decisive link between that period and now, in the person of Roy Cohn. Cohn was a trusted adviser to the junior Republican senator for Wisconsin, Joseph R. McCarthy. Cohn was also an influential mentor to Trump, who learned from Cohn’s street-fighting ways how to win in the New York property markets.

McCarthy was a demagogue for whom the truth was of little or no consequence. A practitioner of the brutal smear, he elevated US postwar concerns about Soviet communism into hysteria, claiming there were red agents everywhere in Washington, DC.

McCarthy’s principal weapon was the unsubstantiated allegation of treason directed at respected and leading figures in the Truman administration, including General George Marshall and secretary of state Dean Acheson.

McCarthy’s recklessness, including ruthless manipulation of the new medium of television, eventually led to a bipartisan censure in the US Senate, with senator Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of future US presidents, prominent among McCarthy’s critics. The censure was carried on bipartisan lines 67-22.

But, as Jon Meacham notes in his masterly new work, The Soul of America, in the national opinion poll immediately following, some 34 per cent of Americans still believed McCarthy was on the right track. McCarthy’s base support was cultural and religious, unmoved by elite opinion. The same may be said of Trump.

Must say, I remain unmoved by elite opinion, idiocy through and through. And then there’s this: Intolerance spreads as cultural wowsers shut down ‘dangerous’ debate although in this instance the author is on the right side of the divide, but once again invokes McCarthy. He is discussing the efforts made to shut down Lauren Southern’s presentations in Australia.

Social media and reporting of it in mainstream news are producing intolerance not seen since anti-communist senator Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1940s and 50s.

The free-thinking rebelliousness of the 60s grew out of a backlash against McCarthyist repres­sion of what was regarded as sedi­tious activities, literature, plays and movies inspired by com­munism to undermine American values.

The usual shallow ignorance. Senator McCarthy was a Republican and his focus was on foreign policy and the State Department. The House Un-American Actitivies Committee was in the House of Representatives and was dominated by Democrats. More to the point, McCarthy would have been on the same side of the free speech issue as us.

Knowing more about McCarthy and how he was dealt with by the media and even some Republicans are lessons that still need to be understood.

ADD ON: And let me completely concur with Gerald Jackson in the comments:

The definitive work on McCarthy is the late Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.

If you need evidence that you are systematically lied to at every turn by our elites and the media, that is the book for you. Brilliantly researched and endlessly readable. But American Betrayal is just as crucially an eye opener as you are ever likely to read.

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12 Responses to Joe McCarthy and the Deep State

  1. But the way of the Left is to ignore, falsify or rewrite history.

  2. Gerard Jackson

    The definitive work on McCarthy is the late Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.

  3. .

    Trump is hardly like what McCarthy was meant to be like.

    He’s reaching out to the left and trying to convert them. He’s not just beating them up. I also think he has a lot more respect for Bernie than Hillary.

  4. egg_

    Ivy league bowtie pseuds in the Research-Industrial-Complex have one iota of responsibility?
    Ditto Oxford Commos?

  5. stackja

    People are expected to forget Stalin influenced USA politics and media.

  6. Louis Hissink

    Years ago my father opined that people who emigrated from Europe did so because they could not cut the mustard, so the immigrants who arrived in the US and other destinations, were the proles and ne’er to do wells.

    Of course my family were immigrants but we were thrown out of Indonesia so had no choice, and spent 6 months in the Netherlands trying to decide Oz or the US. We arrived in Oz November 1950. I learnt that my parents were still debating the destination while ascending the stairs into the airplane to Oz. The parents were both hard core lefties, normal for their generation, and I almost got infected by it until I started to learn how to think.

    Lefties mean well but being only able to recite, are much like Horse in the story Animal Farm. The pigs remind me of Lavrenty Beria in the comedy The Death Of Stalin.

    I still recall the time when, for some reason or other, that I called some talking head on TV stupid. Mother chastised me for this indiscretion and proclaimed there are no stupid people. Coping with no wind in the sails took a few seconds until I retorted that if so, how then to identify the intelligent among us? The silence was deafening, and that’s how the left react when faced with facts. Stunned silence since they know only how to recite and not think.

  7. Louis Hissink

    Probably why the Deep State hate Russia, the rejection of Communism etc, and reversion to Christianity.

    Orthodox Christian Brother Nathanial summarised it with a conclusion of one of his videos, this one the Romanovs, that the murders of the Romanovs left Moscow and went to Manhattan etc.

  8. .

    Orthodox Christian Brother Nathanial

    Sweet jesus man don’t tell me Birdie got you to watch that bilge?

  9. Herodotus

    The left wanted McCarthy gone because he belled the communist cats, while now they want Trump gone and will stretch the truth to any length to allege Russian connivance by his team.
    They are the quintessential shape shifters.

  10. Louis Hissink

    Birdie? Haven’t interlocuted with him for…. years, decade ago maybe. But I’m not Christian, nor baptised, nor circumcised, and irreligious but it’s fascinating watching the Abrahamites, Bro Nathanial included, titting for tatting each other over the centuries. I’ve also noticed they all throw bilge at each other.

  11. BorisG

    Next Kates will be reviewing revisionist history of the Nazis.

    McCarthy and his allies prosecuted people for their beliefs, including true American patriots like Oppenheimer. Yes it is true that there were spies and infiltrators but the method for fighting this was never to prosecute people for their views.

    Fortunately McCarthism (which is wider than his committee) was denounced by US’s own judicial system, and was rightly condemned to live in infamy, despite the screams of cretins like Steve Kates and other so called conservatives.

  12. BorisG

    But yet Steve is correct in one thing. There is a lot of similarity between McCarthy and Trump. Both consider political opponents as their enemies, and enemies of the people.

    Trump does a lot of good policies but his divisive approach will do the society more harm than good.

    He is now picking fights with sports stars. These stars are very popular, so this is a risky strategy. Actually their is no strategy, just raw emotions. At least no one can deny that trump is authentic…

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