Thank you Jason Soon and Sinc

A random thought occurred on the road this evening, we all enjoy playing on the Cat, so lets remember Jason Soon who started it back around 2005 and Sinc who took over a few years ago and carried it onward and upward.

Generally a pretty thankless task. So thanks!

And thanks to the other named and nameless contributors who keep the pot bubbling and the threadsters who all contribute to the mix.

CL in comments noted that the site predates 2005, that is correct, I have a list of my posts dating from Dec 2004 which was some weeks or even months after the start.

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34 Responses to Thank you Jason Soon and Sinc

  1. Dave in Marybrook

    Hear hear.
    Jason Soon predates my discovery of The Cat, but good to hear that like the Kingsmen, it carries on through changes at the top.

  2. .

    Great Soon’s ghost! The man is a living legend.

  3. Bruce in WA

    Yes, this numpty thanks you.

  4. C.L.

    Older than 2005, Rafe.
    The earliest Catallaxy Files iteration and page I can find.

  5. The Vengeful Ghost of Fiona Watson's Moggie

    2002, from memory.

    I remember getting an email every day from Jase saying ‘Come and visit my blog!’

  6. Gary

    Jason Soon is a stand up guy. He defended me against accusations of racism to him even though I was being a jerk. Sinc’s thick skin is an example to us all.

  7. md

    Thanks for providing and maintaining this very important contribution to the political conversation.

  8. Tintarella di Luna

    Thanks to Sinclair Davidson and to Jason Soon about whom I know very little and will learn more no doubt. A Jenny-come-Lately to this blog and lurk more than I comment I have enjoyed the insights, the knowledge and information, and the little bit about economics I’ve learned, the hilarity that ensues, the stock of phrases, adjectives and other parts of speech I have added to my lexicon larder but most of all grateful to have met some of the Blogster Cats whose company I’ve enjoyed through this blog. Deeply grateful.

  9. Mak Siccar

    Many thanks to Jason and Sinc and to the contributors and bloggers alike. I have learned a lot about many things. Long may the Cat continue.

  10. Ellen of Tasmania

    Many thanks to Jason and Sinc and to the contributors and bloggers alike. I have learned a lot about many things. Long may the Cat continue.

    Amen, and thank you from me and mine.

  11. Rossini

    I join with others who thank Jason and Sinc for the blog. Also all the commenters who give me great pleasure every day. Nothing like a hot coffee and the “cat ” to start the day.
    Once again thankyou

  12. Boambee John

    I have made harsh remarks about immigration on this blog. The Doomlord tolerates dissent in a manner which the “tolerant” fascists of the “progressive” left would not.

    Thank you Doomlord for maintaining this blog, and allowing (within reason) free debate.

  13. Rafe Champion

    Great track Bruce, very moving!

  14. Infidel Tiger

    I have tried for over a decade to get banned from this wretched site.

    Sinc’s belief in freedom of speech, even from rambling drunkards and idiots is an example to us all.

  15. Megan

    The Cat was a great refuge for me when I was working in left wing academia and thought there was no one left on planet earth with an ounce of common sense or a shred of intelligence to their name.
    Like Tinta, it had given me so much in the way of a truly broad education, and help me realise how much my commitment to freedom really matters.
    So thanks, Jason and Sinc. If it wasn’t for Sinc’ s choice of tie on some random TV interview I would never have found the Cat and would have missed out on so much. Never underestimate the power of a good idea to spread out and connect with others.

  16. Rob MW

    Sinc is one of nature’s very rare gentlemen, however, will sometimes bite if bitten personally. Although, I think that sometimes Sinc’s reliance on calm logic and diplomacy to further a point could be more efficiently dispatched thru the use of single adjectives and ‘doing’ words, saves time and ink.

    Thank you Sinc and all that contribute to the Cat.

  17. egg_

    Hear hear.
    Jason Soon predates my discovery of The Cat…


  18. Gab

    Well said, Rafe. As for Sinclair’s thick skin, I think it has more to do with his wicked sense of humour.

    In any case, thanks to Jason and now Sinclair for putting up with us all and for being a damn fine mine host.

  19. Yes, thanks to Jason and Sinclair.

    I only wish Jason would drop in every now and then. I suspect most of you would be dismayed by his views.

  20. Stimpson J. Cat

    Thank you Jason Soon and Sinc

    I have to say that this is the finest blockchain/economics/2000ad/gardening/mental illness awareness blog I have ever visited.

    Well done gentlemen, and thank you.

    Keep up the good work.

  21. Damienski

    Jason Soon predates my lurkage and occasional comment, but thank you to him and to the good Professor for their continued commitment to free speech and a place of refuge from the relentless barrage of leftness that pervades the public realm. It is occasionally uplifting, frequently amusing, and usually depressing to witness some of the crackpot lunacy that is posted from some Cats and one or two Kittehs, but generally the knowledge and perspective from the cut and thrust of the repartee
    outweighs the dross. Long may your forbearance prevail, Professor Davidson.

  22. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    As Megan notes, never underestimate the power of Sinc’s ties, Cats.

    This blog is unique on the internet. The true spirit of Oz, our home.
    It’s up there with Vegemite and Aeroplane Jelly. Always iconic.
    And iconoclastic.
    What a mix!
    Thanks, Doomlord and founder Soon.

  23. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Hey Damienski, Kittehs are never lunatics.
    Goodness me, no.
    It’s just our way. 😀

  24. Stimpson J. Cat

    crackpot lunacy

    Please don’t talk about Libertarians that way Damienski.
    It’s not that sort of blog.


  25. Combine Dave

    #2786758, posted on August 12, 2018 at 8:15 am
    Yes, thanks to Jason and Sinclair.

    I only wish Jason would drop in every now and then. I suspect most of you would be dismayed by his views.

    All the more reason for him to do so!

  26. calli

    Whatever would we do without crackpot lunacy?

    Thanks from me too. This place is a treasure.

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