David Bidstrup: “The average human has one breast and one testicle”.

As the torture continues with “energy policy” and whether the NEG will save us all I found the quotation above, attributed to Des MacHale, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at University College Cork.

We are told that the pain we are enduring is in a good cause. We are “tackling climate change” and doing our bit for the planet and our fellow man. We are told that “Climate change” can be arrested by “emissions reductions”. We are told that carbon dioxide, the trace gas that feeds every living thing on the planet is causing the “global average temperature” to rise and the solution is to throw away our standard of living and contribute to the profits of the “renewables” industry because if we don’t we will fry.

The concept of an average temperature is nonsense. Back in May this year Catallaxy posted “What are we worried about” where I referenced a couple of articles that made the case very strongly.

Averages can be useful in some circumstances. Take 100 boxes of matches that purport to have 50 matches in a box and count all the matches then divide by 100. The result is 50, some boxes might have 51 matches, some 49 but the average will be 50 near enough. You can do the same with 100 packs of cards and get 52 cards per pack or 200 dogs and get 4 legs per dog. These things are predictable but you cannot add up temperatures from different parts of the globe and find an average because the system is chaotic and not amenable to analysis.

Take a container of water at zero degrees and heat it to 100 degrees. The arithmetic average is 50 degrees but you will scald yourself if you stick your hand in it. Try again starting at 49 degrees and finishing at 51. The average is still 50 but the water is a lot cooler.

Analysing all the landline phone numbers for the surname Smith in the 2018 Adelaide White pages and averaging gives the “average Smith phone number” of 8328 9940. There are no Smiths that have the average phone number or anything close to it. Dial that number and the person answering will not be a Smith that lives in Adelaide. (Interestingly, the number of Smiths listed has declined substantially over the years. At one time there were pages of them and now a mere 20. Shows what impact mobiles have had).

The whole “climate change” edifice is built around increasing “global average temperatures” and it is a scam. Three organisations take data from one source, (NCDC), perform mathematical jiggery pokery and come up with 3 different answers. Two organisations take data from one NASA satellite and come up with 2 different answers. All 5 disagree with one another but this is the basis for “climate policy”. Even Australia’s BoM has been caught out with their hand in the till. These organisations manipulate the data after the fact, in some cases many years after the fact. Those interested should look at www.climate4you.com where you can see the changes that have been made decades after the actual readings were taken.

It is not the “average temperature” that is important it is the range of temperature that we live in. 130 years of BoM data showed that those who live in Adelaide live within a temperature range of 40 degrees C and that this has been consistent over the years with some random fluctuations, (See my post of 14 May 2018 “Not much change in 130 years”). Sydney has a range of 30 degrees, (see post “Sydney’s doing OK as well” dated 15 May 2018).

Without banging on for too long, the message is that the whole “climate change” scam is based on questionable, if not fraudulent” claims that an “average” temperature can be ascertained accurately and that it actually has some relevance. Both propositions are total bull.

Here we are in 2018 with an electricity system that is a shambles, “energy companies” raping and pillaging at will, green fanatics screaming their propaganda at everyone, politicians hamstrung by the ideologies they have adopted for political gain and unable to get out of the corner they have painted themselves into, carpetbaggers peddling bogus “solutions” and all for absolutely no gain whatsoever.

The last word from the late George Carlin:

 Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realise that half the population are stupider than that.

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24 Responses to David Bidstrup: “The average human has one breast and one testicle”.

  1. RobK

    “The average human has one breast and one testicle”.
    What are the error bars on that?
    Surely there’s a rounding error.

  2. RobK

    The damage being done to the economy by RE will hamstring our prosperity for a generation, even if we were to start to rectify it now. The longer we wait, the harder it will be. So much invested in infrastructure, that by design of the scheme, is never to be fully utilizable. The costs will keep mounting as each new redesign parameter comes into focus as the new capacity limiting factor. Redesign of the grid itself is a curley one. A Big job that puts the cost of RE to shame.

  3. Helen

    Think of how stupid the average person is and think half the population is stupider than that.

    Well represented by the occupants of couch of insiders today.

  4. Can these experts explain how humans survive were temperatures during the day can exceed 50C (on average), yet others survive in temperatures that during the day can fall below -50C (on average), before wind chill is taken into account?

    That’s a temperature variance of 100C. And people worry about a 2C increase somewhere on Earth?

  5. Whalehunt fun

    Utterly wrong. Matchboxes were allowed to contain 50 on average but some snivelling piece of sh/t whined to the ACCC and now they all have a minimum of 50 because the cretinous filth that inhabit the ACCC threatened all sorts of punishment. The only useful thing the ACCC could do would be to prosecute the HRC scum for false advertising.:drag every oast commisio er back inand get them jailed for fraudulently claiming to defend human rights while bei g nothing more than whitehati ng racists.

  6. Rae

    Stats 1, very first lecture:

    With one foot on a hot stove and the other on a block of ice, on balance you will be comfortable.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Well said there, Rae. Statisticians were some of the first to question the climate scam.

    CO2 driven climatic change is a hypothesis, not proven, nor ever likely to be so, as it is unfalsifiable in its present iterations. At best it is very poor modelling of a very complex system supported by various ‘measurements’ that are so adjusted and cherry-picked that they are meaningless.

    Interference in our energy markets has caused the present crisis in supply and financing.
    Only a resetting of the markets can save us much greater pain.
    Give coal a go again has to be the mantra for a sensible future and energy mix.

  8. W Hogg

    In 100 years, Sydney will have the climate of either Newcastle or Coffs Harbour, depending which model you believe. I openly tell alarmists that I believe in AGW and consider it utterly irrelevant. When they stammer “but but, droughts” I point out it rains in Coffs and vegetation grows. Then they say “But Bangladesh.” I ask them why with 20 year building obsolescence Dhaka could not move to suburbs higher over 100 years through natural suburban sprawl. This confuses them because I can’t be accused of “denying the science” because I’m allowing for 1.5C warming within IPCC projection ranges.

  9. Spring is coming

    If only half the population are below average intelligence, how have they managed to colonise around the rim of the Canberra bowl?

  10. egg_

    “The average human has one breast and one testicle”.

    M0nster is Mx Average?

  11. Tel

    A chemist, a physicist and a statistician went out to the shooting range. The chemist went first and said, “You see, the way this works is you need plenty of gunpowder, because that’s what makes the bullet go” so he loaded it up and fired but the bullet fell short of the target.

    The physicist went next and explained, “You need to allow for gravity and air resistance, so always aim higher than the target.” His shot went over the top of the target and landed somewhere on the other side.

    The statistician jumped up and shouted, “Well done chaps! Bullseye!!”

  12. John Constantine

    So with two breasts and one testicle, shorten is fifty percent above average?.

  13. Rossini

    John Constantine
    #2787098, posted on August 12, 2018 at 6:23 pm
    Obviously John you are smarter than the average bear!

  14. Entropy

    If a rise in annual average temperature is the result of a rise in minimum winter temperatures (which, interestingly at the regional the models are often actually predicting, rather than an increase in maximums, for those that bother looking into it), i am all in favour.

  15. jupes

    Every politician in Australia’s parliament should be made to read this article – A Clockwork Orange style – until such time as they can articulate how their stupid policies will benefit Australia or recant their commitment to the insane Paris Agreement.

  16. yarpos

    Of course George Carlin meant the median person

  17. mem

    Interestingly that there were no statisticians or astrophysicists included in the original IPCC process. Couldn’t have anyone tell them that the methodology for analyzing data was crap or that treating the sun as a constant was anathema to the behavior of stars ( the sun is a star) and their volatile energy output.

  18. W Hogg

    Of course George Carlin meant the median person

    IQ is normally distributed. He meant average.

  19. BorisG

    I openly tell alarmists that I believe in AGW and consider it utterly irrelevant.

    makes sense for me. humans have adapted to much larger (and faster) changes of natural environment, and now the humanity is far less reliant on nature than in centuries past.

  20. BorisG

    A closer analogy would be our Russian saying ‘ an average body temperature of all hospital patients’.

  21. iggie

    How to get a rise in temperature. Adjust the temps by making the past cooler.
    Here’s one of many examples.
    Original data for De Bilt (Holland) – pre-2010.

    New improved adjusted/homogenised data for De Bilt – post-2010.

    That takes care of the ‘pause’.

  22. Amadeus

    The average IQ in Australian Parliaments and Councils must be 150+….they must be occupying their minds with stuff the average Australian with an IQ of less than 150 couldn’t possibly understand.
    How else can it be explained that none of the 150+ brigade hasn’t noticed the correlation between sky-rocketing energy prices/energy reliability ever since the RET/panels/windmills became fashionable?
    Evidently, genii with taxpayer-funded sinecures are above all that mundane stuff that occupies the minds of the serfs.

  23. You will never win against the AGW scamsters by arguing the science. You have to go after the money because that’s what it’s all about.
    The corruptocrats at the UN have been after $100b annually for a long time now. They tried various things and have found this climate scare is the closest they’ve got.

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