Flow-on from the Trump tax cuts

Good news from our man in DC.

Not much to see in Australia yet. Funny thing that.

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4 Responses to Flow-on from the Trump tax cuts

  1. And does anyone believe that any Australian politician will take note and, even more unbelievably, follow suit?

  2. Bemused, Australian politicians are quite happy being medium sized frogs in small puddles.
    It would be distressing to have to make the puddle larger, because that diminishes their size – relatively speaking. They are like poodles yapping away behind a locked door.

  3. Confused Old Misfit

    Not much to see in Australia yet. Funny thing that.

    Not really funny.
    Australian politicians of all stripes seem to be deathly afraid of appearing to follow the American lead in ANYTHING. There is little consideration given to any benefits that might accrue but much consideration of the perceived “optics” and “messaging” that makes it way to the vastly overrated media of this country.

  4. John Brumble

    What an amazingly dishonest article by Krugman (BIRM). He HAS to know that the actual relevant graph is total revenue from multinationals (adjusted for inflation), surely.

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