Follow the money

There is no greater truth than this: follow the money

To meet their Paris Agreement climate change commitments, both Australia & NZ will be expanding their pipeline of clean energy, low-carbon transport and sustainable water infrastructure as well as their stocks of energy efficient buildings. This transition will provide extensive investment opportunities for institutional investors looking to increase portfolio exposure to green and ESG related investment.

The forum will see the launch of a ground-breaking report on the exploration on green infrastructure investment opportunities and the simultaneous release of State of the Green Bonds Market, Australia and New Zealand 2018.

The forum is organised by the Climate Bonds Initiative together with ANZ, CBA, Macquarie Group, NAB, Westpac, and the CEFC, together with event partners Norton Rose Fulbright, IFM, IGCC, the PRI and RIAA.

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21 Responses to Follow the money

  1. Confused Old Misfit

    Bloody Criminal. Siphoning your tax dollars to ANZ, CBA, Macquarie Group, NAB, Westpac, and the CEFC, together with event partners Norton Rose Fulbright, IFM, IGCC, the PRI and RIAA.

  2. .

    Never forget the “Investor’s Group on Climate Change”.

    Look at this stupid tweet they retwote:

    CCLI Convenor Sarah Barker @minterellison and Advisory Board member Dr John Purcell @cpaaustralia on the tough scrutiny company directors now face to recognise and account for #climate risk

    This is not the same country I grew up in.

  3. John Constantine

    Safe Crony Trucks.

    Their Crony State is about to introduce new crony legislation that is beyond the ability of small truck business to comply with.

    To the accidental enriching benefit of the big political donors of Big Crony Business.

    The costs will be passed on to the proles and all competition crushed for a lifetime.

    Our Cronyism is our Strength.


  4. Just bend over and take this pineapple up the arse! Nothing we proles can do will stop the elite from bleeding us dry and all the while maintaining a straight face as they lie and steal.

  5. Rusty of Qld

    And our Goldman Sachs banking representativein Australia, Malcolm Turnbull is doing the job they want him to. destroy the conservative party, ensure that a Green/Labour party is installed for at least three terms with a renewable energy mandate of 100% being legislated. He is then recalled to New York head office and installed in his high position in the organisation.
    You think this fanciful? Wait and see.

  6. classical_hero

    But I thought that us ‘deniers’ were the ones who took money from evil corporations.

  7. RobK

    Mercinaries showing their true colours.
    No disrespect intended to actual mercenaries.

  8. Charles

    An outstanding collection of carpet-baggers and rent-seekers mentioned in your last paragraph. Can’t we charge them with being a menace to society or something, they all look and sound quite nefarious?

  9. BoyfromTottenham

    Dot – No, its not the same country we grew up in, but surely we both remember the Cold War era, when the West was thoroughly penetrated at many levels by soviet spies and their fellow travellers, assisted by their army of ‘useful idiots’, and the media swallowing and repeating a flood of their propaganda and disinformation. Very different on the surface, but the same aim underneath – destroy capitalism, open the door for ‘World Peace’ aka Communism. Anyone who criticised these weak governments was accused by the press of scaremongering or worse. Is it so different now?
    PS – watch where Lee Rhiannon pops up next after ‘retiring’ from the NSW Greens. Once in, never out.

  10. RobK

    I was invited to a Norton Rose breakfast on carbon trading, a decade or so ago.
    The specialists in carbon law had corralled some impressive checkbooks and woed them with their style. I was a definate outlier. Same theme i guess.

  11. Habib

    Crony capitalism at its finest. They are all our enemy, however the corporate sector can only engage in this shit when enabled by government. Fix* one, and you fix* them all.

    In the Bronson sense.

  12. candy

    There is no greater truth than this: follow the money

    Absolutely. Also some of our top politicians will be benefiting from investment in Green schemes. They are very wily financially astute people after all. Some very wealthy people there with an interest in such schemes and making money.

    Probably though if you were invited to their homes you would find amazing waste of power and a huge carbon footprint. lol. people are hypocrites.

  13. The lulz of an IPA type saying follow the money.

  14. WTF are you on about?

    We’re talking monty, not Judith.

  15. min

    Follow the money, John Hewson and Alex Turnbull are ones to start with.

  16. davo the spy

    Its just mind-boggling: the inane stupidity of our politicians; or is it their cynicism that most australians couldn’t be bothered reading and thinking; or just an overwhelming concern for themselves rather than the country?

    Our politicians come up with NEG, renewable subsidies and present they are agnostic to the options, plastic bags that achieve nothing but make checkouts slower and so groceries more costly etc etc

    simply mind boggling and numbing as to the powerlessness to see someone do something sensible and for the benefit of the country. Even then, if you are silly enough to think the Libs can/will actually do something, they don’t even contest WA bi-elections because it would emphasis how far the votes have dropped under Captain self-interested and useless.

    Lord help us

  17. Boambee John

    #2790657, posted on August 16, 2018 at 1:20 pm
    The lulz of an IPA type saying follow the money.

    Your latest cheque from Uncle George been delayed has it, reactionary lackey of the fascist left establishment?

  18. Squirrel

    Labor and the Greens are passionately against tax cuts for the “big banks” and passionately in favour of epic rent-seeking for the same crowd – nothing at all ironic about that.

  19. Herodotus

    The IPA and the CIS are targeted by useful leftist idiots from the lowly and unattractive pond scum allowed in here, and all the way up to sinecured, coiffed Senator Show Pony attacking Fifield in a committee hearing in what was one of the most disgraceful sessions of witch-hunting or demonization on record.

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