The Jig Is Up

Politics is a business of ideas.  It is also a business of language and rhetoric.  And there is no better sign that one political party has lost and capitulated than when it starts to use the words and language of the other party.  See for example the latest from the Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer:

Making multinationals pay their fair share

Who knew that businesses, multinational or otherwise, or even citizens had an obligation to pay their fair share.  Spartacus was of the view that tax obligations were a legal obligation and not something defined in the Social Justice Handbook.

From O’Dwyer’s announcement:

The Turnbull Government is ensuring that those that do business in Australia pay tax in Australia.

Fine and good.  But why is this making companies pay their fare share rather than making them pay their legal obligation?

As long as Australia has a company tax system, Spartacus has no problem with the Government ensuring tax neutrality between domestic and internaltional/multinational businesses.  But what the hell has this got to do with fairness?

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21 Responses to The Jig Is Up

  1. Habib

    There is nothing fair about tax, nothing more than a tithe extracted under duress using the full force of the state. O’Dwyer is such a lightweight I’m surprised she’s not cruising the stratosphere- LLBs must be easier to obtain these days than a permanent resident visa.

  2. Habib

    Like the asinine drivel of “a social contract”. I’ve never seem the terms and clauses, let alone affixed my pawprint to such a worthless, unenforceable and one-sided document. I owe this country and no-one resident a razoo.

  3. pbw

    If a tax regime is not perceived as fair, it will not be able to continue for very long. If any legislation is perceived to be unfair, it will tend to destabilise the whole legislative apparatus. If the law is not seen to be just, you can forget about the rule of law. These are not observations about the prevailing particulars of our tax regime or of our legislative regime.

  4. This is just Turnbull speaking through his puppets.

  5. Habib

    The only people who think the current tax regime is “fair” are its net beneficiaries, although they are the whiniest about how unfair it is that the odd victim escapes its ravenous clutches.

  6. flyingduk

    I am all for paying my ‘fair share’! I currently pay 6 figures in tax every year, and get very little in return. The current system is anything but fair and I applaud any party committed to fixing that.

  7. Habib

    Any net taxpayer who thinks it’s fair, and who not only doesn’t minimise to the last cent the amount stolen, also believes it is benefiting society and the nation, should be confined for their own safety. And given ECT. Lots of ECT. If a reliable power supply can be located anywhere in this soon to be dystopia.

  8. .

    How does someone like O’Dwyer make it in the Liberal Party?

  9. John Constantine

    If only the racist settler deplorable denier class would just die off and allow Kelly to outflank shorten from the left, everybody would be her friend and vote for her and be just so happy.


  10. How does someone like O’Dwyer make it in the Liberal Party?

    Probably because the Labor Party and the Greens wouldn’t be dumb enough to give her a seat, let alone a Ministry.

  11. Tintarella di Luna

    I see the lantern-jawed lightweight has again show exactly how lightweight she is.

  12. H B Bear

    How does someone like O’Dwyer make it in the Liberal Party?

    Annointed. You know, like how you become the Pope.

  13. Dr Faustus

    Mz O’Dwyer is far from alone in using Labor’s language of ‘fairness’ to cover policy preference over unintended legal outcome.

    Scott Morrison: Ensuring multinationals pay their fair share of tax

    And the ATO has borrowed and extended this exciting subjective concept:

    The Hybrid Mismatch rules aim to prevent multinational companies from gaining an unfair competitive advantage by avoiding income tax or obtaining double tax benefits through hybrid mismatch arrangements.

    So, the ATO has moved from the collection of revenue specified by the Income Tax Assessment Act into the uncertain world of deciding fair/unfair competition. A policy direction absolutely guaranteed to provide business certainty.

  14. Like the asinine drivel of “a social contract”. I’ve never seem the terms and clauses, let alone affixed my pawprint to such a worthless, unenforceable and one-sided document. I owe this country and no-one resident a razoo.

    Notice that the so-called “social contract” is not voluntary. It is implicitly a condition imposed on your life by those who would rule over you. It should be verbally destroyed whenever it is mentioned.

  15. FelixKruell

    If you’re talking about passing new laws/regulations that change how much tax is paid, it’s okay to refer to what you’re trying to achieve as ‘ensuring they pay their fair share’, as opposed to the lesser share they pay under current laws. Ideally you’d be a little more expansive about why the new, higher amount of tax is more ‘fair’ than the previous amount. But it’s a political soundbite, so can’t be too critical.

    This is quite different to how the ALP/Greens/Unions use ‘fair share’ – in the context of current tax paid under current laws as administered by the ATO. If it’s the amount payable under the law, that’s all that matters from a compliance perspective. Fairness doesn’t come into it.

  16. Youngster

    The “Fair Share” arguments comes in when small businesses (like my employer) have no way to shuffle around their financial arrangements to avoid taxation, while multinationals can Double-Irish-Dutch Sandwich their way out of paying tax that should be paid. Yes, it is a legal issue, but it also a fairness issue.

  17. mh

    Jig….sounds a bit racist.

  18. Jimf

    To wit: noticed the “codeine kid” Hunt on twitter earlier today spruiking how much money is being spent on Medicare bulk billing under the LNP regime. Record levels ! Amazing amounts.unprecedented public health largesse!
    Forget about over-servicing,GP & patient rorting,everyone should be entitled to see a GP twice a week. 10 years ago it would have been a Greens PR release. In 2018 it’s Mal’s liberals…

  19. Jimf

    For someone with a chin like Roger Ramjet, O’dwyer really is a metaphorical chinless wonder.

  20. Peter O'Brien

    Spartacus, the use of the term ‘fair share’ in this context is a subtle attempt bolster the idea, now grotesquely promoted by the likes of Josh Frydenberg and others in a supposedly conservative party, that businesses have a ‘social licence to operate’.

  21. JohnA

    On another “paying their fair share” issue: could Mz O’Dwyer explain why an overseas business such as Amazon USA is required to be registered IN Australia for GST purposes when it’s transactions occur outside the Australian jurisdiction for GST purposes?
    And then could Mz O’Dwyer answer the question: does she understand that the impact of the above is that Amazon USA has chosen not to do business in Australia so that NO revenue accrues to the ATO – zip, nada, bupkiss?

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