The Paris Agreement in pictures

Mike Allen@AMike4761

No, it’s not the outskirts of Mumbai, it’s Paris!! How is Tourism??

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  1. Mr Black

    Australia has solved this problem by lavishing taxpayers money on these people, so that they can live in the comfort that they have neither earned nor deserved.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    No wonder the trains don’t run on time.

  3. Bruce in WA

    Yes, last time we were there, each day saw continuous convoys of white vans, weird two-tone sirens blaring, full of heavily-armed riot police, racing through the centre of Paris. We discovered what was in them one day as three pulled up near the Place de la Concorde and the black-clad coppers bundled out and took off, running, to nearby parkland. Fortunately, we were on a HO-HO bus and heading away from them.

  4. I only heard yesterday that after our dear leader signs the Paris agreement there is a penalty of $100 mill in place if we don’t meet our targets. What a crock!

  5. Cassie of Sydney

    Yep, that picture says everything about the modern globalist compulsory malaise. Marxism….its all about spreading the poverty, spreading the grime, spreading the squalor, spreading the rapes, spreading the violence, spreading Islam.

  6. H B Bear

    Watching the slow motion death of Europe. Davos Man nowhere to be seen.

  7. Tel

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  8. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of arrogant sons of bitches.
    Historically, France has a lot to answer for. I hope we don’t rush to their aide this time.

  9. md

    Scenes like that won’t stop leftists from going to Paris to act out their fantasy of being French.

  10. Frank

    This photo is one of several.
    Roma Gypsy camps

    Apparently Tasmania had a problem with gypsies about ten years ago that were performing coordinated raids on supermarkets in order to steal meat. So said the local news at the time at least, meaning there is 50/50 chance it ever happened.

  11. Have any of the French elite yet said ‘Let them eat cake’?

  12. Elle

    What a disturbing image. At first I thought it was photoshopped.

  13. struth


    Say “persecution complex”

    he he.

  14. John Constantine

    In Australia, we wouldn’t waste this level of property consumption demand.

    Think of the boost to Gross Domestic Product when we have them all stacked in debtfunded vertical slum dogboxes.

    Homo Davos thrives on a diet of this.

  15. Is this what it means to advocate for open borders?

  16. Cassie of Sydney

    The picture reminds me of what Martin Place looked like last year when the tent city was up and running. Social justice warrier Clover Moore aka imbecile, refused to deal with it. The Martin Place tent city even had its own mayor, a resident cockroach with 12 children (with one on the way at the time) all paid for by us…the taxpayer. The Martin Place tent city was only torn down after state government action.

  17. Elle

    Very good, Struth. lol
    I know I now have a target on my back. No worries.

  18. .

    If these people are a problem, then yes, abandoning industrialisation is not going to make the problem go away.

  19. Entropy

    I wonder how recent is that pic is? It is common practice to clear out the gypsies every now and again once they rob the wrong person. Until then they are part of the colourful fabric, etc. etc. It’s the European way.

  20. Tel

    If these people are a problem, then yes, abandoning industrialisation is not going to make the problem go away.

    I’m quite confident that abandoning industrialization would make a lot of people go away. Can’t say for sure who would remain afterwards. Fairly different skillset required in an industrial society vs basic Iron Age feudalism.

  21. P

    I wonder how recent is that pic is?

    From this article it appears to be more than two and a half years old.

  22. .

    Where are you going to send the Roma? They’re nomads that have lived in Europe for hundreds of years.

  23. Roberto

    Ils vivent le rêve français.

  24. Steve trickler

    Some astonishing artwork of Paris…..then i look at the twitter image.

  25. Chris M

    It’s eco-tourism.

    Pretty sure you can book this on Air B&B, search under ‘glamping’.

  26. min

    Was in Paris in May staying in 5star hotel up behind Arc de Triomphe , in fact it was fairly empty because there was a Le pont that is Victory in Europe , a saints day and something else so they take the rest of the week off and go on holiday. We drove around the periphique but saw nothing like that. Many army men at the Eifful tower though.

  27. Spring is coming

    What part of the North Shore is this? And are they taking bids under $2m?

  28. Dr Fred Lenin

    Pauvre France ! A la guillotine avec les imbeciles politique ! Mort aux traituers ! Mort aux les crimineaux EU ! Spellcheck is not very good at French ,a real chore to educate the tossers . Anyway the photo of Poor Paris is coming to a site near you ,if the turnbull alp government has its way . Just a thought ,guillotines are simple to make ,cheap,
    and there are no recividists after a visit to madame.
    PS spellcheck is shit at Latin too.

  29. Bushkid

    the turnbull alp government

    Yep, that about sums it up.

  30. JohnJJJ

    10th arrondissement, next to the Gare du Nord, La Chapelle. I dare every Australian feminist and do-gooder to go there early evening and just wander around. That is your new world. No need to die in Tajikistan or be r*ped in Calais to prove your love.
    Mogadishu par la Seine. Bonne chance mes chéris.

  31. Hugh

    I’ll go out on a limb to defend this situation.

    Let’s bracket the EU Schengen policy, which I think violates national sovereignty, or what Hans Hoppe might regard as its analogue in an anarco-capitalist arrangement.

    Let’s also accordingly bracket that these people might also be sponging off the taxpayer via all sorts of welfare, direct or otherwise. Moreover, for those among these gypsies that are thieves, a la Cher’s hit single, then prosecute them as such with the full force of the law. And if these Romanis are not just thieves, but terrorists (which no-one is accusing them of, AFAIK), double down.

    All that being said! …

    I have no problem with people using abandoned government land and creating settlements with discarded materials, albeit in violation of all the petty council building regulations, and not very pretty to onlookers. In fact, I would argue people should be able to build their houses everywhere in like manner (obviously not where there are private caveats to the property). Such a free-market policy implemented here would end the housing “shortage” overnight, and we’d see a much finer resolution of the housing spectrum, from corrugated iron lean-tos to spiffy mansions according to the preferences of individuals. Last time I looked, there were over 500 forms that had to be signed off to have a house built in Victoria, with attendant fees, placing practical but simple housing way beyond the reach of poor people. Absurd.

    So we have to look beyond the scene as set up, and imagine if the dwellers were law-abiding but unjustly evicted French Huguenots, Catholics, Amish or atheists. I for one would be applauding their ingenuity.

    Hernando de Soto’s “The Other Path” comes to mind.

  32. mareeS

    Barcelona is similar.I tethered my shoulderbag with a cable tie to my arm last time. The African thieves are monsters there.

  33. mareeS

    The tips for naive tourists. Cable ties on your bags, never stop when you are driving on autovias, never look an Arab or African in the eyes, always have a knife or scalpel at the ready, and always sit in the back seat of a cab or Uber.

    We have gotten out of trouble, particularly with having knives. My husband is ex-military, has gotten himself and us out of situations, and I and our offspring follow those rules now all the time, especially with Uber.

  34. Tel

    I have no problem with people using abandoned government land and creating settlements with discarded materials, albeit in violation of all the petty council building regulations, and not very pretty to onlookers.

    So you would support the tent city in Martin Place because it’s “abandoned” ?!?

    What I’m saying is that people who own property in an area and who live there legitimately are the ones who vote for the council and the purpose is to protect the value of their own property — which they have every right to do. If a circle of houses has a park in the middle, that park provides amenity to the residents of the houses, and someone setting up a shanty town there is stealing other people’s property no different to snatching your wallet.

  35. md

    #2793756, posted on August 20, 2018 at 5:34 am

    always have a knife or scalpel at the ready

    And you’ll find yourself spending your holidays in a foreign jail. There is one simple solution: don’t visit s—holes. Britain, France, Spain, Germany and Scandinavia are off my travel list.

  36. Robbo

    All those barbarians trashing that beautiful city. Open borders in Europe have brought some wonderful new benefits, such as shanty towns, increased crime and even higher unemployment. No wonder the UK voted for Brexit.

  37. kc

    Camp of the saints was ultimately not a work of fiction.

  38. H B Bear

    Barcelona is similar.I tethered my shoulderbag with a cable tie to my arm last time

    Barcelona has always been sh1t. We were subjected to an attempted pick-pocketing on the train from the airport before we even got to our accommodation in the early 1990s when the MENA crew were still herding goats in a sh1thole somewhere.

  39. Hugh

    Tel, I agree re. areas such as Martin Place and parks. But they’re not abandoned, even when empty for long periods of time, in contrast to what seems to be the case with this bit of land. I also support Hoppean-style covenant communities in which members define the rules for buildings, etc.
    On the other hand, I don’t think that Jane – not in a covenant community – should be able to coerce via a new regulation her neighbour Bill into painting his roof red, thereby maintaining the look of the street, in a bid to maintain the value of her property.
    I’m basically opposed to governments at whatever level coming in and telling people what to do with and on their property, provided that what is being done is not threatening their neighbour’s enjoyment of their own (which enjoyment does not include, IMO, the maintenance of the current perceived market value of one’s home).

  40. PB

    What did someone say recently? Africans want to live like us, but they don’t want to work like us, or think like us.

  41. PB

    “The African thieves are monsters there.”

    Wherever they go. Stealing is now a legitimized process of Government in South Africa

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