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Good morning this Monday morning the 18th of August. This is Jon Fabian, and what a morning for news we have today. The tragic shootings in the Sydney gay nightclub over the weekend by a man identified by police as Hasaan Ali, who apparently was draped in an Islamic State flag and who shouted Allah Akbar before firing on the crowd, and left behind a note that said homosexuality is a sin against Allah, but as the police minister said, we must not jump to conclusions about the motives behind this attack. Indeed, I think we will never know the motives since this person of interest was shot dead by police.

In light of this attack, we are very fortunate to have Waleed Ali, an expert on terrorism, not that we know that this was an act of terrorism. Waleed will share his favourite halal recipes, and will be able to answer all your questions on how to prepare them. If we have time, he may also provide us with an opinion on whether the police allowed this man, Hasaan Ali, his human rights. I should mention, that Waleed isn’t related to the terror…. sorry the alleged person of interest in the Sydney attack.

Also today we will be looking into the unprecedented heat wave in the UK with a palaeontologist who has literally written the book on giant wombats, Professor Tim Flannery. This month they had temperatures as high as 35 degrees, not seen since 1976. Isn’t this proof of climate change? And just to have a balanced debate on this matter here at the ABC, Tim will be debating with fellow climate expert, Sarah Hanson-Young, two people with strong opinions on this topic. I will do my best to moderate this discussion as objectively as I can. It likely to get very heated.

Then of course we had the launch of a missile by North Korea sinking a Japanese navy frigate in the Sea of Japan. I will be speaking with our special geopolitical correspondent Yassmin Abdel-Magied who has been following this story closely, and has written in the Guardian today how this is the fault of President Trump and why he should visit Pyongyang to apologise to the North Koreans.

Look, I have just received breaking news from Sydney at the Premier’s press conference on this weekend’s events. While the conference was mostly to do with the weekend attack, our reporter was able to ask a question of the Premier I am sure will be of great interest to ABC listeners and I can reveal that the Premier has indicated that Parliament will be considering introducing laws that will allow gays to adopt children, providing important context to the news today since this anti-gay discrimination may be a contributing factor to the tragedy yesterday, something that has been totally ignored by all other media at the press conference. All the news you want to hear, only on your ABC.

With just a minute or so before the news, I need to say a few words on the demise of the Fairfax newspapers. With this independent journalism now stifled, the ABC is more critical than ever, even if it does result in the loss of other media because we do for free what they need to be paid for.

To compensate, we at the ABC will hire as many of the redundant journalists as we can to provide to the kind of analysis that Fairfax used to provide and ensure there’s a counterbalance to all the right wing media as we are required to do under our charter.

I note for the record that Michelle Guthrie still doesn’t have the guts to appear on this program where she can be held to account for not promoting this charter more aggressively.

More coming up after the news, including why Tony Abbott is destroying the Liberal Party, and how Wayne Swan as the incoming Labor National President will revitalise his party. And now the news.

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  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    Why are you repeating the normal fair and unbiased abc news Greg? Anyone who is stupid enough to listen to their crap has heard this type of “reporting”ad nauseum . A question , how many “progressives”are in deep mourning for the late Fairfax ?

  2. Herodotus

    And nowmwe cross to a repeat of this week’s Q&A, featuring a carefully selected group of weirdos spouting anti-conservative alarmism and hatred of whites.

  3. Old School Conservative

    95% of Australians wouldn’t know if the ABC had been shut down.

  4. JohnA

    Davey Boy #2794726, posted on August 21, 2018, at 7:12 am

    Jon also doesn’t like SE Asians it seems

    But they didn’t sack him, did they?

    So he got a slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf (culturally kosher, of course).

    Moderator/techies, we need a symbol of a pair of tags for “double standards”.

  5. Elle

    LOL. A very funny read. Thanks Greg.

    Sarah Hanson-Young doesn’t have any skills whatsoever. It would be comedy gold seeing her and Tim Flannery debating.

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