Another statement to pause and reflect on

Following on Mark Kenny’s article in the other part of the Fairfax stable, SMH/AGE, was the following comment in the comments section from someone called Malcolm in the Muddle:

To repeat … Now, after 5 long years, we can return to sensible government!

And another statement to pause and reflect on.

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8 Responses to Another statement to pause and reflect on

  1. H B Bear

    Any j’ismist reporting Twitter comment as news should be hung by their testicles until dead.

  2. Turnbull reminds me of Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

  3. The BigBlueCat

    I must have missed something … was it TA who put his name up for the leadership ballot? Or was it Dutton?

    Media has a bad case of Abbot Derangement Syndrome …..

  4. They fear Tony Abbott and a potential return. His return could be somewhat akin to John Howard returning after being in the wilderness for many years. They don’t want that.

  5. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    The left wouldn’t want their Prime Minister removed would they? Hey Malcolm in the middle if you see this, it was Malcolm and Julie who did the white-anting, Abbott has made some very shrewd comments over the past while. As usual the Abbott,Abbott,Abbott brigade are at it again. If you can see this; Abbott is not spelled Dutton by the way. Loser!

  6. Damienski

    I suspect that sensible government is much further away than five years.

  7. Ubique

    Sportsbet has now installed Dutton as favourite at $1.60 for Liberal leader going into the next election. Turnbull is out to $2.20 and dropping like a stone.

  8. Genghis

    Perhaps something to consider. A Dutton/Abbot leadership team?
    Forget the Mysogenist/Sexist connotations lets see some leadership.

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