The Tribe Has Spoken

It’s no wonder that this current Australian Government cannot get its foreign policy settings with China correct; they seem to have no understanding of the basics of Chinese numerology.  As Spartacus has previously written, the number 4 is bad luck in Chinese and the number 444 is particularly bad.

So let’s get to the details.  It looks and smells like Prime Minister Turnbull might be deposed any day now.  Now as Spartacus has previously disclosed, he is not a member of any political party, but Spartacus does not believe that the Parliamentary Liberal party (or any parliamentary party) should remove a Prime Minister.  That job should be left to either the population as part of a general election or at the very least to the general party membership.  The Parliamentary party has long surrendered its authority to appoint and remove leaders by virtue of not supervising or “nudging” their current and prior leader.

(As an aside, the appointment of a parliamentary leader by the party membership is an idea long advocated by John Ruddick but recently co-oped and claimed by others.  Ruddick is soon to publish a book on this subject and the reform of the Liberal Party).

But no matter what happens to Prime Minister Turnbull, there are 2 people in Turnbull’s Cabinet who should resign immediately and start planning for their post politics career.  Those 2 people are Josh Frydenberg and Julie Bishop.

Julie Bishop, the Minister for Fashion Shows and First Class travel has been the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party to 4, count them, 4 Liberal leaders:

  1. Brendan Nelson
  2. Malcolm Turnbull 1
  3. Tony Abbott
  4. Malcolm Turnbull 2

She has failed ever single time to perform the duty of a deputy.  Where is the current DEPUTY Leader of the Liberal Party?  What is her view on the NEG?  What is her view on the current political turmoil.  Not a peep.  Perhaps she has read the tea leaves an is already filling in an application for a role with the Clinton Global Initiative.

John Frydenberg, Minister for Surreptitious Carbon Taxes also has to go.  The NEG is his second attempt to sneak through a carbon tax by another name; the previous effort being his Energy Intensity Scheme.  Couple these two stuff ups with his $444 million (note the number) Barrier Reef boondoggle with is abject failure as Deregulation Minister to achieve any real deregulation.  Not again the magic and bad luck number 4:

  1. No substantive deregulation as deregulation minister
  2. Hidden Carbon tax 1 – Energy Intensity Scheme (EIS)
  3. $444 million to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation
  4. Hidden Carbon tax 2 – National Energy Guarantee (NEG)

Much like Minister Bishop, Minister Frydenberg has left a trail of policy failures and no successes.

Julie and Josh.  The tribe has spoken.  It is time to leave the island.

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13 Responses to The Tribe Has Spoken

  1. BoyfromTottenham

    Er, the GBR ‘grant’ is $444 million I think, not $444 billion. Easy mistake to make, when most people are innumerate.

  2. Fixed thanks. A million here. A billion there. At some point we will be talking about real money.

  3. The Stick Insect has been rather quiet lately.

  4. struth

    If Whitlam hadn’t pulled the constitution from our schools maybe the Australian electorate would understand that they should be voting for their local representative in a representative parliament that neither requires parties or Prime Ministers.
    The whole premise of a Prime Minister and Parties is actually a blight on democracy.
    One Elected representative should hold no sway over another.
    Parties and Prime Ministers enable this.

  5. Mark A

    Whatever you believe is immaterial.
    We do not vote for the PM, the parliamentary party does, if they elect the PM then they have every right to also depose him/her.

  6. Justin

    Oh come on Spartacus that is the only two that should have their torch extinguished!!!

    1. Christopher “winners circle” Pyne. Zero accomplishments in over 20 years in politics (disregarding gay marriage)!! Tribe has spoken.

    2. Marise “The Invisible” Payne. Shares with Pyne zero achievement in over 20 years. Has left Australia defenceless in preference to Subsidised Australia boondoggles. Tribe has spoken.

    3. Simon “social equity” Birmingham. Successfully managed to destroy a Coalition strength in Catholic and independent education enjoyed since the days of Menzies. Being another SA dud also has allowed it to fester for 18 months and counting.

    4. Greg “What a” Hunt. Can’t recall any significant wins of note. A climate change zealot whose long term advocacy of climate change and various schemes has contributed to the current energy and political crisis. Unsuccessfully recruited into the Health portfolio to stem the bleeding (pardon the pun). Has made zero positive announcements or reforms to healthcare. Successfully monopolised PBS to Chemist Warehouse. Tribe has spoken!

    5. Kelly “Super” O’Dwyer. Successfully shafted the Liberal base on superannuation. Humiliated into agreeing to a Financial Services Royal Commission. Empty vessel. Tribe has spoken!

    6. Michaelia “Whiteboard” Cash. Achieved zero in the industrial relations sphere turning an opportunity of Coalition strength into a weakness for tipping off the media (and hence AWU) the coppers were coming. Another policy area vacated by the Liberals. Tribe has spoken!

    7. Mitch Fifefield. Only achievement to date has been to keep NBN disaster out of the papers and off budget. Failure to reform ABC and slash bloated budget pathetic. Helping to kill off Fairfax won temporary immunity but as Minister for Communications has said nothing about freedom of speech and 18C. Tribe has spoken!

    8. David Littleproud. As his name spells out he has little to be proud about. Despite the Paris treaty having a potentially devastating affect on agriculture and water entitlements has said next to nothing. Population at large still doesn’t get energy is only 1/3 of our emissions and Paris commitments. Tribe has spoken!!

    Got to dash. Let other Cat’s add to the list.

  7. Oh come on Spartacus that is the only two that should have their torch extinguished!!!

    Spartacus stands corrected and in admiration of Justin’s contribution.

    Spartacus would also refer all Cats to a wonderful article in the Spectator – The Bluffocracy.

  8. Justin

    Thanks Spartacus.

    I forgot to add Steven Ciobo. The Minister for White Shoes and Trading Leaders. Another career politician having entered parliament at the ripe age of 27 whose only success since is being re-elected 5 times. In supporting the NEG he his in direction opposition to his Trade portfolio (e.g. coal)!! Should be have has torch extinguished for wasting millions on another cringe worthy US tourism campaign. Tribe has spoken!!

  9. sabena

    In the Oz this morning Dennis Shanahan referred to the reconstruction of Cabinet if Dutton won.Justin has just provided the list of who must be sacked.

  10. H B Bear

    Why not make a list of who should stay? It will be much easier and shorter.

  11. Justin

    Thanks Sabena. That said the problem is that if I keep going on how bad the current crop of Liberals are we might be struggling to actually form a Cabinet at all. Maybe about 10 or 12 which on reflection would hopefully be a win for smaller government if we could also eliminate most of the portfolios and bureaucrats!!

  12. Leo G

    The Tribe Bribe Has Spoken.

  13. Justin

    Excellent suggestion H B Bear.

    Now, first off I would appoint hmmmmmmmmm?

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