Warning. Social justice warriors at work in our ABC

A nice pickup from None at 10.57 on the Dutton Challenge thread. History teachers at two Sydney universities contributing to the Religion and Ethics section if you please. Warning, vested interests are misreading modern history and undermining the welfare state. They write:

At a time when conservative governments, the Murdoch press and their corporately funded think-tank supporters run down university departments of history in this country, the need for careful interpretations of the past has never been more evident.


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  1. …the need for careful interpretations of the past…

    You don’t interpret history, you simply explain the facts of what happened. You may guess at why things happened, but you don’t turn it into what it wasn’t to suit your Leftist views.

    And the only ones running down universities are the universities themselves, by succumbing to Leftist group think.

  2. iain russell

    ‘The true history of Islamic imperialism and invasions is one of genocide, destruction, rape and slavery, extending into current times. Refute’. For the profs and their ‘careful interpretation’.

  3. Habib

    Can we run them down with a real tank instead of a think one? A T34 would make it historical, and ironic all at once.

  4. Found it

    Evatt (in Serle, Golden Age), 185:

    Australian democracy was born at Eureka

    Gough Whitlam [https://pmtranscripts.pmc.gov.au/release/transcript-3092]:

    It is a truism, perhaps, that the importance of an historical event lies not in what happened but in what later generations believe to have happened.

    Leigh Duncan, Madden and Tynan, Imagining Australia 21:

    Australia needs a ‘new nationalism’, where we fashion a relevant national story from Australia’s past and link it meaningfully to our future. This requires that we find new angles and new approaches to our old national story and make our national symbols unambiguously Australian to reflect and celebrate Australian independence. In this context we propose that the Eureka uprising be made the centrepiece of the new Australian national story: the birthplace of Australian democracy, the earliest exemplar of Australian multiculturalism and witness to the first stirrings of Australian republicanism.

    Serle, Golden Age, 185 (in relation to Evatt’s suggestion)

    this is, of course, absurd…

  5. Myrddin Seren

    TheirABC is so close to being the fourth leg of the Shorten-ACTU-Greens Reich they can practically taste the looming purges.

    Get ready to head for the boats when Religion & Ethics hosts Australia’s Modern History cadres doing careful reconsideration of Pol Pot and his interesting approach to preventing dissent and uniting Cambodia in one collective direction.


  6. jjf

    WTF are they smoking?

    Whatever it is though, we are paying for it!!

  7. Pyrmonter

    Political and Social Historians trotted out to make (albeit CW) claims that the ‘New Deal’ saved the US economy. Is there any respectable economic historian who thinks that?

  8. JamesS

    The history of war is written by the winners.

    Academics and the ABC should declare their interest.

  9. Tintarella di Luna

    Political and Social Historians trotted out to make (albeit CW) claims that the ‘New Deal’ saved the US economy. Is there any respectable economic historian who thinks that?

    I don’t think so, in fact didn’t the New deal make the economic pain go deeper and last longer?

  10. Rohan

    Thus, last week, Paul Murray complained that young people tempted by left-wing politics fail to understand that the Second World War was waged against socialism. Presumably by this he meant the Axis powers, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

    This bizarre view fails to consider the inconvenient fact that the Allies included among its number the communist Soviet Union, the state that bore the brunt of the conflict in lives and domestic destruction. But inconvenient facts should not get in the way of a convenient narrative.

    Speaking of revisionist history and exclusion of pertinent facts to fit the narrative, what side was uncle Joe on at the outset of hostilities again? An amazing piece of propaganda.

  11. Entropy

    Quite so.

    The international socialists were all on board with the national socialist’s destruction of those evil capitalists until the national socialists betrayed them by in fact being quite a bit more international in their objectives than the international socialists had anticipated.

  12. 2dogs

    Political and Social Historians trotted out to make (albeit CW) claims that the ‘New Deal’ saved the US economy.

    Australia was hit harder by the great depression than the US, but recovered quicker. We were able to do that because the UAP government engaged in fiscal constraint, allowing investment funds to flow quickly into those areas needed to restructure the economy (manufacturing, mostly).

    The US budget blowout under the New Deal starved US businesses of investment funds, delaying their recovery until to the start of WW2.

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