Shadow of Muddy: Catalexiconographyfauxbicism

Our English language can be both a weapon and armour. Without maintenance however, it deteriorates in both appearance and functionality. Taken for granted, when called upon to perform, it may be found inoperative. Thus we have neither a sword nor a shield. Without humans maintaining it, our language is merely an inanimate object.

You, dear Cat, can contribute to the animation of our language by suggesting an ORIGINAL word for inclusion in the Catictionary. The same rules apply as previously: NO redefinitions, NO acronyms, the Supreme Overlord (Shadow of Muddy, the Benevolent) reserves the right to slash and burn according to whim, etc. etc.

Following are several examples I noted after the last round, and prior to minimising my radar signature for a period. No doubt I have missed many since.

Constantinism – a pithy, observational quote, named in honour of Cat, John Constantine. i.e. “Listening to pynefilth speak about your country is like watching a drunken hippy vomit on your dog. Then lick it clean.” (notafan).

Insomedy – a non-humorous mutation of traditional comedy where the intent is to both insult and induce sleep within, up to half of one’s audience. Parasitic by nature, insomedians often attach themselves to a public broadcaster and burrow so deeply that surgical removal becomes the only, albeit expensive, option. Conservative scientists are still seeking a natural predator or other biological solution. Hence the hopeful phrase ‘Coat me in trump and throw me to the insomedians.’

Malterruption – Interrupting someone who’s waffling on and on … (egg_).

Shitholeification – (Zippy).

Towards the end of this year, I will publish the ‘complete collection.’ Anyone aggrieved by having their suggestion knocked back might relax, wait, and plot (R.W & P). It is likely my patience will wane next year, and bitter enemies will then have the opportunity to publicly curse my ancestors and descendants.

In the meantime, wipe your sword and dust off your armour. Our English language needs you.

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21 Responses to Shadow of Muddy: Catalexiconographyfauxbicism

  1. .

    Clint, you also reckon 1st world migration to 3rd world countries is bad.

    Can you explain how that works?

  2. .

    You’re now arguing against the existence of Australia and that Australia should be white only.

    This is very hard to follow, Clint.

  3. IainC

    Depravation – to be denied your daily dose of porn
    Zelium –second element of the Periodic Table, renamed to be more inclusive
    Civi-lies-ation – benighted social structure achieved after all leftist policies have been implemented (see also: Venezuela).
    Levitake – to raise the standard of living of some by extracting the hard earned income of others.
    Ms-ery – common outcome after application of radical feminist policies.

  4. Caveman

    Thus we have neither a sword nor a shield.

    Best line ever.

    But who gives a sh!t just make up a word turn it into an app # tag it and fukn hey presto.

  5. Spring is coming

    Savvation : to be redeemed / trounced through the wonderings and insights shared by The Australian Nikki Savva. TA knows how that feels

  6. Nighthawk the Elder

    The question on everyone’s lips tonight, is Malpitulate (h/t Jumpnmcar) about to Duttonate?

  7. Spring is coming

    Malnanomous: to put ones wealth to one side so as to ensure other enjoy the benefits fromp poverty

  8. Spring is coming

    RETstitution : to sell ones self or country on a street corner for a Renewalble Energy Target fix. Think AGL corporate strategy

  9. egg_

    Looks like the Pardee is about to perform a group Malterruption.

  10. Tintarella di Luna

    Thank you Muddy, so looking forward to the full collection.

  11. Dave in Marybrook

    What have you got against acronyms, Muddy?
    I will now try to coin one for the ages.
    At least, one better and more Catallaxy-y that WIFO (wife of a FIFO).

  12. MichelLasouris

    Shitholeification… utterly lovely, Zippy!

  13. MichelLasouris

    One immediately thinks of Venezuela

  14. duncanm

    Bishopwary – a bony, flightless bird which collects shiny objects. Tends to attack with its sharp stiletto-like claws when you’re not looking.

    Although it spends much time attracting a mate with exotic displays, it rarely produces offspring.

  15. W Hogg

    “PM Turnbull and her husband” – Mr & Mrs Turnbull. (Now mainstreamed by Michael Smith)

  16. Herodotus

    There’s beserk, and then there’s plibeserk.

  17. Blepharoblasty (n) – The rapid blinking of eyelids as an involuntary reaction to the fact that you are completely out of your depth.
    e.g. Senator Hanson-Young suffered an acute attack of blepharoblasty during the Senate hearing on taxation.

    Extramolestial (n) – A political creature that uses their power to sexually harass or rape and who gets away with it owing to cover-ups by high-level Government operatives, a compliant media and labelling the accuser as crazy or imagining it.
    e.g. Bill was able to escape scrutiny and get away with the crimes owing to him being an extramolestial.

    Flagtellate (v), Flagtulence (n) – The act of pretentiously lashing or demeaning an aspect of one’s culture or heritage whilst simultaneously getting high on the emissions of smug from your orifice.
    e.g. Elizabeth flagtellated the teaching of English to Aboriginies claiming it would erode their culture.

    Glibertarian (n) – A Libertarian who smugly and stubbornly believes they are right about everything but is shown to have extremely shallow arguments with no substance.
    e.g. .

    Langwedge (v,n) – Meaningless rhetorical language used by a lefty in order to wedge their opponents into a position of opposition.
    e.g. By appealing to diversity, compassion and equality, Tanya langwedged her opponent’s advocacy of secure borders.

    Orifaece (n) – The opening from which a stream of effluent babble emerges.
    e.g. Nicholas Reece opened his orifaece to talk shit all night on Sky.

    Offund (v), Offunce (n) – The act of taking offense at anything in order to extract monies off other people.
    e.g. The Aboriginal woman was offunded by the Facebook post and received $5000 in compensation.

    Polliegraph (n) – A graph of lies published by a politician intended to invert reality and delude the plebs.
    e.g. Wayne published a polliegraph showing how the Budget would be brought back into surplus over the next four years.

  18. .

    So you do want to deport Aborigines?

    Stop prevaricating.

  19. pbw

    Spartakiss (n) a black-handed compliment.

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