Attention incoming PM: Re energy

1. Follow America’s lead & withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord – now.

2. Terminate all Renewable Emissions Targets (RETs) & proposed Clean Energy Targets (CETs). Instead, introduce a 100% Reliable Energy Target!

3. Cancel all Federal subsidies – be they for Renewable Energy and/or fossil fuel generation. No favourites! A level playing field!

4. Specify 100% Quality of Service (QOS) standard for all energy suppliers to ensure reliability of supply for an essential service & establish/impose SUBSTANTIAL financial penalties for those energy suppliers who fail to meet minimum QOS standards ie perform, or perish.
5. Revisit wholesale pricing, common to all energy suppliers, designed to provide a fair & reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) that meets forecast daily demand (by AEMO) throughout the 24hour day.

6. Remove the ban on the use of nuclear energy to enable energy providers to make their own decisions as to the commercial merits of developing a Nuclear Industry in Australia, in transparent, open competition with established energy sources.

7. Advocate construction of coal-fired or nuclear power stations for future base load power supported by all other of energy generation options (ie Wind, Solar, Bio, Hydro, Gas etc). Despite claims to the contrary, the CO2 emitted by coal-fired power stations is neither dirty nor a pollutant – it’s plant food!

8. Repeal the Direct Action Plan & related Safeguard Mechanism legislation.

9. Should this NEG policy not be attractive to the power generation industry, re-nationalise it.

If these energy policies were adopted, Australia would not need the plethora of parasitic Govt bureaucracies that burden the industry. Just one, to ensure QOS standards are met, an adequate ROI is provided & penalties applied for any failure to perform. Nor would it need the fanciful Snowy Mk 2.0 pumped hydro scheme & attendant CapEx.

Australia would then have a future (as we once did) as a world-class, low cost energy producer, essential if we are to compete on the global stage & there would not be any adverse impact upon the world’s climate.

Jim Simpson, Convenor
Climate Realists of Five Dock

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38 Responses to Attention incoming PM: Re energy

  1. That will never happen if the stick insect or slomo get to be PM.

  2. Herodotus

    Let there be truth about gas exploration not being the bogey it has been cast as, and let there be rewards for farmers who host gas wells just as there are rewards now for windmill hosting.

  3. Rohan

    That will never happen if the stick insect or slomo get to be PM.

    I’d seriously doubt it would get up under Dutton. Too many watermelons in the Liberal party.

  4. Ellen of Tasmania

    “Australians deserve the most reliable and affordable energy in the world.
    With electricity generation, we are technology-agnostic but subsidy-averse.
    We support nuclear power and a nuclear fuel cycle industry.
    We support all forms of electricity generation and will provide them with legislative certainty and legal protection.
    We do not support any renewable energy targets.
    We will remove all taxpayer and cross subsidies to electricity generation.
    We will require all electricity supplied to the grid to be useable – that is, predictable and consistent in output (kWhrs) and synchronous (at the required 50 Hz range).
    We will allow market forces to provide the most efficient power generation available.
    We will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.”

    Cory said yesterday on 2GB that the Libs were welcome to raid the AC policy bag. It seems so obvious you wonder why they don’t. Surely it has to be more than a hunger for lefty love?

  5. Tom

    Trumble’s fascist Australian economy, where heavily regulated private companies are seen as extensions of the state, is heading for major bust as international investment heads for Trump’s America, where GDP growth now exceeds 4%. Australia now has negligible growth attributable to the private economy, just an explosion in government spending and employment to service the immigration Ponzi.

    Without a radical overhaul of Canberra’s economic oversight, the change in prime ministers today is pointless.

  6. I’d seriously doubt it would get up under Dutton. Too many watermelons in the Liberal party.

    Turnbull is being ousted because of his stance on ruinables. If Dutton et al don’t reverse this stance, their actions are completely pointless. Granted, it may not be easy, but Dutton can certainly start on the road to fixing the ruinables problem that’s been created.

    By ousting Turnbull, the Liberal Party has ostensibly stated that its policy is against the continuation of ruinable energy, especially in its current form. The first thing to do is remove subsidies, give the industry that certainty and let industry sort itself out.

  7. .

    The Liberal Party is the problem.

  8. A Lurker

    Good ideas – I suggest that you personally email Peter Dutton with them.
    Waste of time emailing Bishop or Morrison.
    Bishop is a dyed-in-the-wool Globalist, and Morrison is an idiot wh0 only looked good because Abbott had his hand up his back giving him direction.

  9. The Liberal Party is the problem.

    So is the Labor Party, the Greens etc.

  10. v_maet

    Also ban any new interconnectors.

    All they do is promote renewables and drive up the cost of electricity.

    They are’t needed if we have base load fossil fuel plants.

  11. stackja

    Later in 1989, Václav Havel. Alexander Dubček vindicated.

  12. Entropy

    Yes V, the anEM must die to make it obvious what the consequences of an unreliable supply means. Do not subsidise or worse, pay for interconnectors.

  13. yarpos

    100% “quality of service” (assume that means reliability)

    and then label yourself a realist? right

  14. Roger

    I’d seriously doubt it would get up under Dutton.

    Certainly not with Greg Hunt as his deputy.

    The LP needs to be purged by a long stint in the wilderness.

  15. The LP needs to be purged by a long stint in the wilderness.

    They certainly need a sobering lesson and if Labor gets in (most likely), 10 years down the track they can blame Australia’s demise on Labor and they can put up a memorial for the man who made it all possible, Malcolm Turnbull.

  16. RobK

    It is going to take some doing to unwind the financial commitments and neutralise the false climate panic but the longer it is left to fester, the harder it will be. To proceed with IPCC policy means to rely on untried technology and technology yet to be invented. Ultimately that may work but the cost, of the project and to the economy, will certainly be very high.

  17. BorisG

    Should this NEG policy not be attractive to the power generation industry, re-nationalise it.

    Oh NO MORE SOCIALISM please!

  18. This is why we need to get rid of ruinables, ‘Action urged as Victoria faces summer blackouts‘:

    The electricity grid operator says there is a one in three chance of power failure in Victoria this summer unless immediate action is taken.

    “There remains a relatively high forecast likelihood – a one in three chance – of some unserved energy (load shedding or blackouts) this summer without further action,” the Australian Energy Market Operator said.

    To avert these potential load-shedding incidents, the Energy Market Operator is working with the Victorian government and major power users to ensure greater control of electricity during peak usage times.

    This article was front page in The Age this morning, but has now disappeared (repeated in SMH).

  19. DaveR

    I hope the new Liberal leader is from the centre-right, meaning only Dutton. Only someone from closer to the centre, and no one previously associated with the Turnbull faction, can reestablish traditional Liberal policies and values. He would have to start a round of heavy gardening, removing the closet socialists (watermelons) from the cabinet and MP ranks.

    If these energy policy repeals and reversals are enacted, the number of government departments that could be reduced/merged/shut down would be significant.

    Therefore they are good proposals.

  20. RobK

    There may be some ways to ease the pain of subsidy withdrawal. Perhaps along the lines of seperate prices for dispatchable and non-dispatchable so RE is encouraged to be coupled to the more expensive gas or batteries to make a worthwhile bid.

  21. If the a Turnbull replacement doesn’t get out of Paris to promote reduced cost and enhanced reliability of energy over emissions there would be absolutely no point in changing leaders! All the pain will have been for zero gain if either Morrison or Bishop prevail or if Dutton (should he prevail) loses his bottle and it simply becomes business as usual under the new leader.

  22. One major reason why Dutton needs to win is so that slime ball Pyne gets the boot.

  23. struth

    In the USA, Trump said, “we’re out of the Paris Agreement” and their economy boomed.

    In Australia we have had to pull our version of a republican (the liberals) Prime Minister, screaming and destroying the joint as he goes, from the UN’s Eiffel tower of western destruction.

  24. Rossini

    Has Dutton the “balls” to d a Trump and declare “we’re out of the Paris Agreement”
    I’m beginning to doubt it.

  25. struth

    I doubt it too.

    But until they understand that’s what it’s all about, (which I believe the liberal party know but are too gutless to confront) this will keep happening.

  26. Confused Old Misfit

    With Dutton there may be doubt. With the others submission to Paris is a certainty.

  27. Message has to be loud and clear. ‘Dutton, we will support you vocally,
    back you up against medja hostility if -you-throw-out-Paris-Treaty-and
    -prosperity-destructing-carbon-taxes . MAGA, Make Australia Great Again!

  28. jjf

    Can’t happen – too many pretend Liberals in the party at the moment!!

  29. jjf

    Surely its time for Pyne, Bishop, Turnbull to go.

    Matthias Corman has no cut through – no ability to even argue the most basic policy positions.

    He’s the male version of Gladys – doesn’t quite stand for anything with all the charisma of a donut!

    How the [email protected]#k did the Liberal party get hijacked by so many non liberals?

  30. This is also what’s wrong with the Liberal Party:

    Kooyong, which takes in Kew, Hawthorn, Balwyn and Camberwell in Melbourne’s inner east, is the safest federal Liberal seat in Victoria.

    The seat has been conservative since it was created in 1901; it was the fortress from which Robert Menzies ruled as Australia’s longest-serving PM.

    Kooyong is the heartland. Many here have voted Liberal all their adult lives.

    But the electorate’s Liberals are of a progressive stripe, said Atida Naphtali, as she took a break from manchester shopping on Burke Road, Camberwell.

  31. Jim Simpson

    yarpos Your #2799119, posted on August 24, 2018 at 8:30 am
    100% “quality of service” (assume that means reliability) and then label yourself a realist? right”

    Note: There were a number of Footnotes that were lost in Rafe’s translation from the original MS Word doc to the Catallaxy web site. A Footnote relative to the 100% QOS reads “(3) Force majeure (beyond control of mankind) accepted.”

    So yes, we do indeed label ourselves as ‘realists’.

  32. Le Chiffre

    By existing all the Climate related energy taxes, subsidies and international agreements is the only way the Liberal party will get my vote back.

  33. NB

    In summary, free the market, but with guarantees for remote and other areas that are difficult to supply, and guarantees to emergency services.
    I am not sure why there needs to be interference in wholesale pricing – perhaps to avoid monopolistic tendencies
    I am not sure why we need to threaten the industry with nationalisation.

  34. New Chum

    If a wind or solar farm indicates that they have the capacity to supply 50000 homes then fine them for every minute that they fail to supply sufficient power tor those homes.

  35. destroyer D69

    Reprise a previous Catallaxy article….Apply these policies and win a landslide…….
    ← The best 4 sentences you’ll read in a long time
    Seaward bound and unbound →
    Cut the beer tax and win a landslide a la Ontario
    Posted on 5:22 pm, June 15, 2018 by Rafe Champion

    Creativity and sex have long been linked, as has art with the contravention of bourgeois values. Long may it be so. By the way, what is wrong with bourgeois values?

    On a main topic, apparently James Allen has a super post in The Spectator this week. Mine has not arrived but it looks as though the whole thing is posted on Facebook The Australian Climate Skeptics Group. The word has been around for a few days that the left liberals in Ontario Canada were recently wiped out by the Conservatives. This is the winning platform.

    1/ Repeal the existing climate change policy that instituted a cap-and-trade system as well as opposing a minimum price on carbon emissions and any sort of carbon tax.

    2/ Repeal the existing Green Energy Act.

    3/ Scrap a planned hike of the minimum wage.

    4/ Cut corporate taxes by almost 20 per cent as well as cutting middle-class income taxes by precisely 20 per cent for those earning between $42,960 and $85,923 per annum.

    5/ Cut petrol taxes at the pump by 10 cents a litre by ending the 4.3 cent a litre carbon tax.

    6/ Scrap an existing ideological sex education curriculum and replace it with one after real consultation with parents.

    7/ Get rid of the new age methods of teaching maths and bring back old-fashioned, proven methods of teaching.

    8/ Change the laws and taxes so that beer can be sold at pre-2008 prices.

    Obviously it was the beer tax that did it, a record turnout despite non-compulsory voting.

    And this left-wing Liberal Party that espoused every fashionable global warming cliché going and which had closed gas-fired electricity plants and driven power prices through the roof was slaughtered. There is no other word for it. In the post election legislature (now increased from 103 to 124 spots) it won 7 seats. Yes, 7 – the fourth prime number. That’s 7 out of 124, a total so low that the Liberals lost official party status. Indeed, it was the worst wipeout result in Ontario electoral history.

    Meanwhile the Conservatives or Tories made all of the pledges I listed above, all of them, and won 76 of the 124 seats on offer – a massive majority. Of the remainder, a hard-left union party won 40 (becoming the official opposition) and the Greens took the final seat. Oh, and in this jurisdiction of non-compulsory voting it was the biggest voter turnout in 20 years. I suppose one thing you could say is that the Tories in Ontario were lucky not to be taking advice from Mark Textor and actually opted to put a Grand Canyon-sized gap between their policies and those of the lefties.

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    Seaward bound and unbound →
    34 Responses to Cut the beer tax and win a landslide a la Ontario

    Rafe Champion
    #2737864, posted on June 15, 2018 at 5:30 pm

  36. Jim Simpson

    NB Your #2799491, posted on August 24, 2018 at 12:10 pm
    I am not sure why we need to threaten the industry with nationalisation.

    Since ‘Energy’ is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE that both industry & residential customers alike rely upon, I have no hesitation in recommending it’s re-nationalization if commercial interests can’t meet mandatory QOS standards.
    Indeed, I’m bound to question as why we removed it from the responsibility of respective State Governments in the first place! A few more blackouts along the lines of the SA fiasco back in Sept 2016 will help bring reality to the fore.

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