The Wisdom of Mark Textor

The following stroll down memory lane just appeared on Business Insider.  It is apparently something written 12 months ago by Mark Textor.    This is the same Mark Textor that said/wrote:

The qualitative evidence is they don’t matter,’’ Mr Textor said. “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.

Consider also that Mark Textor contributed to the building of the same edifice that is complained about in the following:

You work hard and do the right thing, and get no wage growth while the big end of town and politicians get tax cuts, wage increases and bonuses.

You pay your rego and taxes to build roads but still have to pay tolls to use them to get your kids to school and yourself to work while others profit.

You save up all your life and put into your super then they change the goalposts just when you’re getting near to benefiting from those savings.

You set up a little family trust to protect your small business or family farm but the politicians want to raid it with taxes.

If you make a financial mistake at work you get the sack, but the CEOs of banks keep their jobs and all their normal pay when criminals use their bank to launder money.

You invest your bit of inheritance in a blue chip Aussie company and expect a decent dividend but you get low returns while management get bonuses for poor performance.

You fill in a million forms to get any help from government but the politicians can’t even get their citizenship paperwork right.

You tighten your belt for hard times whilst governments spend billions on the big end of town consulting firms to write reports that are never implemented.

The buildings at your local school are in disrepair and your local club hasn’t enough money for your kid’s equipment whilst stadiums get built for big corporate sports that end up empty.

You have to manage kids’ schools, and homework and sports, your household budget, relatives and help out the local charity – all while holding down a job – no excuses. But Canberra is full of excuses for not doing their job.

And more than ever you have to tackle the harsh realities of life whilst the media, business of politicians prefer to indulge in pure ideology.

Worst, you can’t occasionally swear, tell a politically incorrect joke, have a fag, eat some fast food or enjoy a beer or two without someone important telling you are bad, when most of the time you do the right thing.

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22 Responses to The Wisdom of Mark Textor

  1. Tim Neilson

    The newsfeed screen in the lift at work told me that the leadership ballot was about “what face the Liberal party wants to present to the public”.

    They’ve chosen, once again, to present their base with the O from Wow Jones’ tattoo.

  2. billie

    meh, I’ll go all weekend knowing former PM Malcolm Turnbull never completed a term in office and was pried out of office in the same way he got in, but with less backstabbing and leaking (Julie).

    His turn at government a complete shambles and I can’t think of a single thing he got done.

    Shadenfreude is a wonderful thing, join me in celebrating Malcolm’s discontent.


  3. None

    What does Tex care? He’s made himself a rich little man, he’s got his little hobby farm, rides his $15,000 bikes, what does he care? He is as far removed from everyday Australians as the politicians who he serves. I used to exchange the odd email with Tex. Soon after his conservative don’t matter blew up in tje press he sent me a short message to say he didn’t really mean it. I just accepted it – not sure why he bothered as I’m a nobody and and not involved in politics in any way – but have refused to trust him ever again.

  4. Roberto

    Shadenfreude is a wonderful thing, join me in celebrating Malcolm’s discontent.

    Yep, we’re still stuffed with Morrison at the helm, but Turnbull’s departure is definitely schadenfreudelicious.

  5. tgs

    Dipshits like Mark Textor are the epitomy of what’s wrong with the modern Liberal party.

    Can’t wait to see the dumb, wrong lesson they learn from this one to screw the pooch even harder next time arond.

  6. If you agree with his second rant why are you voting Liberal (sic)?

    I’ll assume you don’t vote CFMMEU because you’re here, except M0nty of course.

  7. H B Bear

    This lack of self-awareness in a grown man is highly unedifying.

    No wonder he did so well with the Lieborals for so long.

  8. Spring is coming

    Liberal Party celebrates new Leader by declaring Sh!tholefullness Day for everyone!

    I like that word

  9. dauf

    Some quantitative evidence would have been more useful. They are idiots and have now cemented in their stupidity with their choice of leaders. While Turnbull was clearly a narcissistic tool, the policies were the big problem and looks like they will remain. Fools

  10. george

    Where is Sinc?

    You know the stuff about Malcolm potentially being the best PM ever.

    I am waiting for Sinc to come roaring to his defence.

  11. candy

    any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.

    It’s still amazing how condescending that is. It’s kind of a parallel to H. Clinton and calling half of Americans “deplorable” people.

    If you insult people, they won’t vote for you.

  12. destroyer D69

    T URNBULL SOCK PUPPETS….. Poor fella My Country.

  13. Mother Lode

    I am but a simple soul. Good for nought but bowling.

    But I reckon I will be investing in torches and pitchforks, aye.

    Mayhap I will finally be able to buy that shack what I have always dreamed of. With fresh thatching every day, and golden taps atop the well. And a giant turnip patch so I needs never go ‘ungry again, aye.

    Aah, ’tis my dream.

  14. J.H.

    Malcolm Turnbull is gone…. Rejoice. That is 9/10ths of the problem removed.

    The reality of the situation will impress itself upon the rest of the Liberal MP’s as Turnbull’s malign influence wanes in the coming days…. Scott Morrison knows that it will only be policy that sells HIM now… He’s the PM. If he wants to stay there. He’s got to perform….. and we know he can. He’s the “Turned back the Boats” guy.

    Malcolm Turnbull is on the Back Bench and gone. I am happy. 🙂

  15. mizaris

    Textor the wrecker doesn’t do irony? Shame. He’s rather good at it.

  16. NB

    ‘This is the same Mark Textor that said’
    What happened to the ‘who’ in that sentence? What happened to ‘who’ in general? It has almost vanished, replaced by ‘that’. Now ‘who’ seems to be cropping up in phrases like ‘the company who’ and ‘the organisation who’.

  17. hzhousewife

    Turnbull has turned his back and is heading for the door, but what’s the bet he does more damage before he crosses the threshold and we slam the door behind him. Even then, I don’t trust him.

  18. EvilElvis

    That’s almost me, right there. I could have written that. Sound like a classical Labor voter don’t I. But no. I’m just a bloke who wants to be left alone and do my bit. The government is oppressive and in your face if you try and get ahead under your own steam. Unfortunately, I’m an individual, a conservative. There’s no voting bloc for me.

  19. faceache

    Could they get Abbott and Turnbull sitting next to each other on the back bench?

  20. Could they get Abbott and Turnbull sitting next to each other on the Guillotine?

  21. Mater

    “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.

    Abbott won a landslide on a platform of strong promises (despite not delivering). Empirical evidence seems to suggest that either Abbott’s election promises represent a centrist position or Textor’s supposition is completely wrong.

  22. MPH

    I’ve bought Game of Mates to read, should be interesting if there is any reality to the broad claims.

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