Reporting on our progress with Agenda 2030, previously Agenda 21

h/t a Facebook post reporting on a call to Alan Jones with a heads up on our ongoing responsibilities to the would-be world government.

Interesting objectives. Looks like promoting motherhood at first glance. Assuming that motherhood is still politically acceptable in progressive circles.

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19 Responses to Reporting on our progress with Agenda 2030, previously Agenda 21

  1. Robber Baron

    We are making good progress under the coalition government. I expect a better effort under a Labor government.

  2. P

    Interesting objectives. Looks like promoting motherhood at first glance.
    Assuming that motherhood is still politically acceptable in progressive circles.

    There is nothing on this earth higher than motherhood. Being a mother is supreme.

    I am a mother of three children, and grandmother of five beautiful human beings.
    What on this earth could surpass this?

    I do not understand:
    “On 25 September 2015 the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, joined 193 Leaders and Ministers from across the globe at the United Nations in New York, to welcome and endorse the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (the 2030 Agenda).”

    Am I alone in my ignorance?

  3. Tezza

    What total perniciuos twaddle. What kind of state could actually direct such ‘progress’, given that it involves private, volunteer and business activity? Ah, now I see the point ……

  4. RobK

    The sequel to Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 is a maze of motherhood statements that establish a framework of asperations which guide and rationalise voluntary actions in an approved manner as sanctioned by the UN and the Government of Australia.
    It delivers rhetoric and claims to facitate and enable much good to mankind.
    I find it very condescending and vain.
    It troubles me that it wishes to impose inter cultural homogeneity such as gender equality across all foreign lands.

  5. old bloke

    There is no one in the Australian political landscape who can break free from this pernicious cabal, even if someone wanted to. Trump is trying hard, but I fear that he too will fall by the wayside, as a warning to all other world leaders.

  6. Mark M

    There will be mothers?

    Figueres on the Role of Women in Climate Change @4.20:

    UN official says “we should make every effort” to de-populate the planet

    The UN get to decide who will be a mother in their final solution.

    Blue eyes, blonde hair …

  7. Roger

    Why doesn’t Home Affairs (Immigration) get a look in on sustainable cities?

  8. JohnA

    Motherhood statements so that the UNO may replace Mother Church AND Jesus Christ.

    Plus in a formal example of “gender diversity” it will also seek to become Big Brother.

    To no avail, but occasioning the equalised misery of millions.

  9. Lutz

    The real hidden problem is that this agenda is being implemented behind our backs by the municipalities.It includes for example moving people off the land (a lot of that in the US going on), no one allowed their own dam and directing people into urban centres for better control. The UN has also stated that there should not be private ownership of land!

  10. Bruce

    Rob K:

    “It delivers rhetoric and claims to facilitate and enable much good to mankind.”

    It is also premised on the “continental” model of;

    “That which is not expressly permitted, is forbidden”.

    In simple terms; anything that is not specifically approved, down to the last detail, is a CRIME.

    Think: The Salvation Army MAY be permitted to continue feeding and clothing the unfortunate, but WILL be hammered mercilessly for wearing their crosses, singing hymns in public and ministering to the less fortunate.

  11. RobK

    I worry that what is formalised as a voluntary framework is likely to become statute. For this reason I think we should dispense with this non-sense and stick to common law and the constitution.

  12. Jessie

    Lutz @ 8.24
    The real hidden problem is that this agenda is being implemented behind our backs by the municipalities….
    ICLEI -Local Governments for Sustainability is an arm of Agenda 21 (20130) for local government.
    * International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

    Jude Munro of LBGTI 1972 fame and former CEO of St Kilda, Moreland, Adelaide and Brisbane City Councils remains active, now in private enterprise, still in the pursuit of Agenda 21 goals.

    116 pge bullying inquiry into Greater Geelong City Council is an interesting read.

    The Commission was established under S.209 of the Local Government Act 1989 in response to the findings of a Workplace Culture Review at the Council initiated by former Chief Executive Officer Dr Gillian Miles. The Review was undertaken by Ms Susan Halliday, former Sex and Disability Discrimination Commissioner, following allegations of serious bullying.

    As are many other local government ‘Inquiry’s’ she has been involved in.

  13. Alex Davidson

    It’s easy to write off the goals in Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030 as mere motherhood statements; however after the control freaks who populate our political class have insinuated the goals into the various central planning systems we are compelled to fund and obey, their true purpose and effect becomes clear: expansion of government, and furtherance of collectivism and the attack on private property rights.

    A good example of this evil in operation is the situation facing acreage landowners in parts of Sydney’s Hills Shire who wish to respond to the demand for housing. Presuming their proposal passes the first test – the iron-fist control over minimum lot sizes – they will find that they must give up ownership of at least 60% of their holding as a sacrifice to gaia. This sacrifice has its genesis in the council’s version of Agenda 21 – a so-called ‘Environmental Management Plan’ produced about 12 years ago. It starts off with 3 pages devoted to explaining the principles of Agenda 21 from a socialist/big government perspective and how those principles form the basis of the report, then continues in alarmist, emotive, and fact-free language to produce 140 goals and 459 objectives, which the council zealously follows to this day, particularly anything related to the so-called ‘precautionary principle’ and ‘protecting’ undeveloped land.

    Having gone down this road for over a decade, the council now behaves as if they own all land in the shire. They have declared large areas ‘environmentally sensitive’, and therefore subject to strictly-enforced controls and prohibitions because of the ‘precautionary principle’, ‘sustainable development’, ‘biodiversity’, etc, etc. Landowners are treated as mere managers, compelled to obey whatever rules and prohibitions bureaucrats may dream up, regardless of how they impact upon property rights.

    Of course those of us who have watched how this works over the years and fallen victim to it realise that Agenda 21 doesn’t just satisfy the ambitions of collectivists and those who seek control over the lives of others – it also serves as a convenient patsy for justifying the artificial, government-created shortage of land, which in turn is used to maintain the flow of donations and votes that the political class relies on. Very sad.

    A government that was acting in the interests of those who are forced to fund it would never countenance anything like Agenda 21 or 2030. Instead they would enshrine in the constitution and in legislation the protection of private property rights.

  14. jessie

    Apologies now Agenda 2030

    Work and Investment in Geelong 🙁

    And an example of Ms Munro’s longevity in leadership within the female elected liberal and employment sector of local government:- the army marches on……………
    2013 State ALGWA Conference

  15. Cynic of Ayr

    ummm… what did it say?

  16. Jessie

    In many parts of the world, local governments have enthusiastically supported the principles of Agenda 21 and worked to define their own sustainability; ICLEI has helped connect these local governments to related programs and activities, if they wish to do so…
    At ICLEI, we believe in the power of local, bottom-up solutions to solve global problems. We also believe that deep collaboration with and among our local government members is the best way to develop programs and tools to meet their needs.

    FAQs about ICLEI and its international role

    *Local Government and The Constitution – ongoing
    *[Uluru] Treaty (ies) and The Constitution – ongoing – ?that would be traditional Elders as Councils/illors?

    and (Alex [email protected] excellent comment)
    they must give up ownership of at least 60% of their holding as a sacrifice to gaia (inc watershed and rivers across state boundaries)
    *Native Title/Land Rights – leased back to national/state/territory National Parks = paid work for everyone under various ‘cultural’ arrangements and ‘training’ enterprises. Called ‘economic development’ in development studies welfare reform. In the parley of Noel Pearson’ and extensive et al.

    The vision of the Aboriginal Carbon Fund ………… ethical trade of carbon credits with Corporate Australia, government agencies and international bodies.
    See also Indigenous Stock Xchange and carbon.

    Carbon abatement contract register

  17. Jessie

    FAQs about ICLEI and its international role
    ICLEI works to help local governments achieve a more sustainable future for their communities, through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water or waste management, sustainable produrement, securing biodiversity and many other tangible improvements in local sustainability. To help local governments to meet their self-defined goals, we provide software tools, trainings, technical assistance, guidebooks, as well as vibrant peer networks where local government staff can share challenges and best practices.
    The only requirements of ICLEI membership are a self-defined commitment to sustainability and climate protection, and the payment of annual membership dues based on population size and country GNI per capita

  18. Jessie

    Alex Davidson @12.48
    they will find that they must give up ownership of at least 60% of their holding as a sacrifice to gaia.

    Proposed and now mantra by some, development economics has a large part to play. Breaking the welfare chains. Economic self-sufficiency and self-development while maintaining culture.

    Native Title/ALR Land ownership (collective) and leasing back to national/state/territory National Parks. Check out the statistics. Affording various activities (and economic developments) under the guise of cultural and ‘training’ enterprises. And of course tourism (leisure).

    With the question of Local Government and Uluru Treaty/ies) still on The Constitution drawing board, and the longevity of Noel Pearson’s et al et al eloquent theories on welfare and alternative development as economic only:-
    Indigenous Stock Xchange and carbon (not withstanding title over watershed and rivers inc across state boundaries);
    Carbon Abatement Register;
    Aboriginal Carbon Fund
    etc etc etc
    this adds up to a large sector of ‘workers’ and vast global area in trading carbon, saving indigenous and rainforests and city green areas and the like.

  19. JohnJJJ

    Can I add just a few more to the Agenda 2030:
    18 End all death and promote eternal living
    19 Strengthen and conserve niceness. Abolish nasty words and smirks.
    I wonder how much all those bureaucrats got paid for the other 17 and the weasel background information.
    They can have mine, 18 and 19, for only $279 plus GST

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