The economic response to global warming

Flashback to the debate between Dr Richard Denniss, the Chief Economist and former Executive Director of The Australia Institute and advisor to the Greens versus Christopher Monckton.

Warning, there is a lot of blood on the floor after Monckton sliced and diced the man who flaunted his lack of scientific credentials and paraded as a commonsense economist.

The response on Club Troppo (Centre Left blgo), 600 angry shots.

And by the way, global warming is hitting the Northwest Passage. How else to explain the ice?

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  1. P

    And by the way, global warming is hitting the Northwest Passage. How else to explain the ice?

    Link to video Outsiders Weather and Ice Age watch.

  2. a happy little debunker

    When the hell did Tamworth, Dubbo and Queensland become part of Australia’s southeast?

    “Climate change is likely making drought conditions in south-west and south-east Australia worse,” the Climate Council

  3. min

    As I wrote in the open forum, ask Greenlanders about Climate Change as they view the ruins of their cathedral built in 1126.

  4. RobK

    I found it interesting that Denniss used the car insurance analogy. As I see it, car insurance is a pool of funds to spread a known risk of a contributor over the total group of the risked contributors. This is a completely different to anticipating an unknown risk and essentially trying to spread the potential cost over time of several generations. A healthy economy will better handle any downside than a struggling one.

  5. Mark M

    If I was a ski industry in the Australian alps, I’d be asking for my money back …


    Australia’s ski resorts have been enjoying record-breaking snowfall this winter, prompting an extension to their season.
    The country’s biggest snow resort, Perisher, is now set to stay open until Sunday October 7, with the natural snow depth hitting 203.9cm.

    Perisher’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Brulisauer, said  ‘With the most snow in 14 years we are excited to extend the season

    Icons under threat: The Alps

    A 2003 CSIRO report, part-funded by the ski industry, found that the resorts could lose a quarter of their snow in 15 years, and half by 2050.

  6. Lutz

    North West passage has never in our lives been open to traffic, except big ice breakers, and nothing will change.

  7. Malcolm Thomas

    You were properly banished from Club Troppo, Rafe, to here – a site where it is not just ok but The Thing To Do to allow ideology to trump evidence and reason. The thread you linked was actually about the tragedy of the Internet commons and the related benefits of quality control on blog sites – your contribution was simply case study material as to its need.

  8. iain russell

    The Troppoistas went full moron in that comments thread.The unravelling of the Great GW Lie is unravelling their mini minds.

  9. .

    Dr Richard Denniss, the Chief Economist

    These left wingers are hacks and frauds, they should hand back their degree and pay back all public monies they have ever earnt.

  10. Record cold mornings at Broome Airport this August of 10.8C to date, dwarfed by the warmest year of 1973, where August minimums averaged almost 9C hotter!
    The only other time it was colder in Broome was from the old Post Office in 1896. The rest of the Kimberley is cold too.

  11. Tator

    It’s quite amusing to see the Ponds institute self congratulating over the dropping of the corporate tax cuts, saying it was a triumph of good research over ideology on their Facebook page. What a bunch of morons when there is ample evidence out there contradicting their claims. It is a bit like their report on the subsidies for fossil fuels where they claim the absence of a tax is a subsidy. There was an article published by the IPA a few years ago debunking their claims there but it has been archived and I cannot access it anymore to debunk the feeble minded twatwaffles who regurgitate its false data claiming it as fact.

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