Bootleggers and Baptists revisited

The Bootleggers and Baptists idea is a public choice account of the way regulations may serve two very different interests. Prohibition of alcohol in the US is the model where the godly puritans who pushed for prohibition generated a prime opportunity for bootleggers and especially the mafia to cash in. Now the Greens, who hate capitalism, have produced unprecedented opportunities for crony capitalists and merchant bankers in the unreliable energy and carbon trading industries. Well done Greens! Is that an own goal or just part of the plan?

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10 Responses to Bootleggers and Baptists revisited

  1. stackja

    Follow the money. Greens funded by?

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    Prohibition made the Kennedys fortune ,ole joe and his mafia mates got a president ,an attorny General and a US senator on one generation ,so it was good for them to scoff at the law ,reminds me of some Aussie polliemuppets ,crime can pay .

  3. H B Bear

    Well done Greens! Is that an own goal or just part of the plan?

    Both. See failed politician and ALPBC Lieboral spokesidiot Dr John Hewson, Little Lord Waffleworth II and on and on.

  4. tgs

    Given they’d nationalise the whole lot at the drop of a hat I don’t think they care who makes money off it in the interim.

  5. Psst. Hey Mister, you wanna buy some fossil fuel?
    I have petrol and electricity, very cheap.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    The wowsers are also doing it in tobacco.
    Smuggling is ‘way up.
    Although it seems to be bootleggers vs bootleggers.
    All that lurvely tax money.
    If taxes wasn’t the motivation they’d allow vaping.

  7. Steve

    “Is that an own goal or just part of the plan?” – both

  8. Empire 5:5

    The Greens are the mafia.

    The cronyism isn’t an accident.

  9. Herodotus

    And the power companies have the nerve to say their certainty is being uncertaintised!
    Via The Australian

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