Solutions only Bureaucrats can come up with

New York City had a problem.  The side walk garbage bins were overflowing.  Complaints were made to the local authorities.  And what did the authorities do?  Did they install additional bins?  Did they increase the frequency of bin collections?  Nope.  They just took the bins away.

And to prove that their solution worked, the local authorities stopped issuing rubbish infringements thereby showing that because infringement numbers fell that the rubbish problem must have been dealt with.

Politicians can solve almost any problem – usually by creating a bigger problem.  -Thomas Sowell

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20 Responses to Solutions only Bureaucrats can come up with

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    When the first lefty Wall Street millionaire gets a horrible disease from a used needle or human excrement the wailing will be epic.

    NYC already has a huge rat problem too. Soon to get a lot worse, sounds like.

  2. Not much different to what councils do. Too much recycling rubbish to collect? Reduce the size of recycling bins and the collection cycles. At the same time, reduce the collection cycle for normal rubbish and increase the collection cycle for green waste. Problem solved. For the council, not the residents.

  3. Roberto

    Sounds like North Sydney council. Years ago it decided that garbage bins attract garbage, and thus the removal of the bins would make the garbage disappear. Brilliant thinking!

    Of course the garbage didn’t disappear. It’s just on the ground now, and it’s up to local residents to clean it up.

    And naturally there was no reduction in council rates commensurate with the reduction in services.

  4. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring

    Why not install rugs in the streets. When rubbish appears, sweep under! Problem solved from Ministry of Magic!

  5. Tintarella di Luna

    NYC already has a huge rat problem too. Soon to get a lot worse, sounds like.

    Prepare for the bubonic plague –

  6. But San Francisco is even better.

  7. pbw

    For some time until 2015, a San Francisco civil engineer took the 311 reports of human faeces on the streets and produced a map. She did this to draw attention to homelessness in the city, but naturally, it was put to evil purposes by those evil right-wingers. S.F. now budgets for a “poop patrol,” in addition to its needle patrol.

  8. John Constantine

    ‘Fly tipping’.

    Dumping rubbish out the bush.

    When councils charge a hundred bucks to take items into the tip, then boast the number of those items being presented has plummeted.

    Go bush and count the dumped tires and mattresses.


  9. mem

    Public toilets have to be maintained =$
    Cut back number of toilets in public places
    Get rid of urinals
    Combine remaining toilets into one uni-sex and one disabled
    Lock up as many toilets as possible to dissuade druggies

    Voila! toilet maintenance costs greatly reduced. The public just has to keep legs crossed and elderly, pregnant women and those on fluid pills for heart problems stay at home.

  10. lickety

    The world is fucked, then you die!

  11. thefrolickingmole

    During my fun times dealing with the spastic council rubbish was raised as a possible problem if the shop was opened.
    I drove around the entire suburb and found no “public” bins, the only ones available were ones at shops.
    Lots and lots of rubbish around though.

    Its a mystery.
    But they have replaced a million dollar cement pathway 3 times once because it wasnt “to standard, once because the color wasnt quite right and the last I never learned the reason for.

  12. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Does this mean that if we downsized our police forces, then we would catch fewer criminals, then we could claim that there were fewer criminals? Why are people worried about crime?

  13. Diogenes

    Dumping rubbish out the bush.

    There has been a huge problem with asbestos being dumped in the bush and it costs council a small fortune to clean it up. In one of the very few lucid & sensible decisions the old Wyong Council made was to set the rate for disposing of asbestos at the tip to $0, and subsidise the levy they pay the EPA

    This policy lasted about 3 months & the savings from cleaning up after asbestos fly tippers more than made up or the loss of revenue at the tip. Why did they kill the policy ? The NSW EPA decreed they were not allowed to that, so instead of being able to collect & treat the asbestos safely with literally no effect on teh environment, we now have a massive problem with asbestos fibres being scattered thither & yon throughout several of the popular recreation areas.

  14. Snoopy

    The NSW EPA decreed they were not allowed to that,

    Quite rightly. People who unfortunately find themselves with a need to dispose of asbestos must be punished financially to appease the asbestosis goblins.

  15. Bruce of Newcastle

    Public toilets have to be maintained =$
    Cut back number of toilets in public places
    Get rid of urinals

    Paris recently installed outdoor urinals.
    Pointing Percy at the porcelain in public!
    This report today is amusing:

    Protesters in France Damage Open-Air Urinals, Say They Violate Gender Equality

  16. stackja

    Once NYC mayors were responsive to voters needs. Now voters are told to go away.

  17. Kneel

    “…NSW EPA decreed they were not allowed to that…”

    The solution here is simple – charge $0.01 per load dumped.
    EPA is happy, because you are charging for it.
    Give “customer” an invoice for $0.01 with a notice (like, eg, Telstra do) saying “DO NOT PAY – WAIT FOR NEXT INVOICE”, then never send any more (“sorry, a cash sale invoice, no details. Oh well…NEXT!”). At EOFY, write them off as bad debts.

  18. IainC

    For any problem to be solved, there is no solution so simple that a committee of educated people cannot go in the opposite direction.

  19. Diogenes

    EPA is happy, because you are charging for it.

    Nope. You have to pay the full whack or the EPA will get vewy vewy cross !

  20. Gavin R Putland

    Look at all these libertarians calling for more public spending and opposing user-pays.

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