Three in a row

Three super posts in a row from Jo Nova on the durability of coal-fired power stations, massive gas finds and a realistic prediction about power prices that will follow the intrusion of unreliable energy.

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3 Responses to Three in a row

  1. Educatedbogan

    Geoscience Australia underestimates the onshore gas potential in Australia. The assessment doesn’t include a large number of other sedimentary basins onshore and doesn’t consider other emerging “unconventional” gas sources, deep coal bed gas and gas from Victorian brown coal deposits for instance.

  2. v_maet

    Wind energy capacity in Australia is currently 5,300MW.
    Current output at 1pm on Friday 7 September 2018 is just 400MW.
    We are at just 7% of nameplate capacity.

    Just imagine the cost of all of those wind farms and they can’t even put out half of what Vales Point can do and it was sold by the NSW Gov for $1 million just 3 years ago.

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