Monday Forum: September 10, 2018

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  1. John Constantine

    In 2018 Australia, if the godless commos invaded, they would be welcomed as liberators with flowers in the parliament by our political elites. Our quisling traitor class is currently cowering behind Bollards of Bastardry in abject terror of the proles, and want nothing more than to hand over the treasure map of the location of all Australian firearms to their new totalitarian overlords and retire to London, Paris and New York with their pensions intact as a reward for enabling a smooth capitulation.


  2. mh

    Breitbart delivers:

    Aussie Newspaper Doubles Down on ‘Racist’ Serena Williams Cartoon

    Australia’s populist Herald Sun newspaper has given the middle finger to the politically correct mob by reprinting, on its front page, a controversial cartoon of difficult tennis star Serena Williams throwing a tantrum.

    The cartoon was only controversial, of course, because the PC fake-offence brigade chose to make it that way.

    The outrage mob – whipped up by woke children’s author JK Rowling – had insisted it was ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’…..

    Good comment section, too.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    A delightful story for bird lovers …
    A good kid and his maggie mate

    My story is a sad one, with perhaps a hint of optimism.
    Last week my lady house magpie disappeared, presumed dead. Her chicks hatched only three weeks ago. I suspect old age, since she’s been coming to my yard for seven years and seemed not young when she first arrived.

    Dad house magpie is friendly too. He’s now got the job of raising the kids by himself.

    This week he’s been arriving so early each day that he can barely see me. Before 5:30 am this morning. He loads up, gives breakfast to the kids and comes straight back for more. I have no idea how many there are in the nest. Last year they had three fine young’ns. This year might even be four.

    I don’t know how it will go, but once as a kid my brother and I raised two magpie chicks on nothing but lamb hearts, which was what the cat lived on. Cheap meat. They turned into fine young magpies and flew away, with no signs that their unusual diet left them worse for wear. So maybe these kiddies, however many there are, will also thrive on a diet of Coles mince.

    I will lose my friendly male magpie. Once he has completed his dadly duty he’ll go. The females maintain territory. He will then be onto the magpie version of Tinder: off to find another mate somewhere.

  4. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Greens support girl’s anthem boycott

    Greens senator Janet Rice has endorsed the actions of a nine-year-old girl who refuses to stand to the national anthem because it “means advance White Australia”.

    Senator Rice sent a tweet in support of the Queensland girl, Harper Nielsen, whose parents strongly support her protest.

    “Go Harper,” Senator Rice tweeted.

    Miss Nielsen told the Courier Mail: “the reason why I don’t sing it or stand is because – Advance Australia Fair means advance White Australia. When it says we are young it completely ignores the fact that indigenous culture was here for over 50,000 thousand years before colonisation.”

    From the Oz. I’m getting old, I can remember being taught that the indigenous culture had been here for 20,000 years before colonization.

  5. Cactus

    On States and collecting GST separately, I just don’t know how this would work. It would probably end up with NSW and Vic where head offices of various companies are getting a bigger share of GST than they are due. Examples
    – Qantas – You live in Brisbane, book an airfare to Adelaide and the Sydney head office is in Sydney. Who gets the GST?
    – Telstra – you live in Western Australia – have a mobile plan with Telstra and travel to other states for business. Does the GST go to WA? Or Melbourne where Telstra head office is or is it prorated across the states you have made your calls.
    – Insurance / Netflix / Electricity Bills.
    Don’t we just end up with more paperwork and complexity in the tax code?

  6. Shy Ted

    Poor young Harper Nielsen. Soon to become Harpie Nielson. Her mother is an Associate Prof in Public Health at QUT.
    Both parents associate perfessers in academia. I’m surprised they could even make a kid.

  7. And now Obama has been shown to be in on the whole stinking thing:

    Huge! Joe DiGenova: Yates, Rice, Biden, Comey and Obama Met in White House to Discuss Targeting Mike Flynn

    Oh my! Law enforcement officers conspiring to uphold the law by gathering evidence on crimes! What outrage will they think of next. LOL.

  8. Entropy

    The GST would be collected where the transaction was made.

  9. Entropy

    What’s an associate prof package worth? Close to $200k I suspect.

  10. Senile Old Guy

    Following Roger:

    It comes after a source told The Times some umpires are considering refusing to officiate matches involving Williams in the wake of her attack on Ramos. Ramos, 47, was “thrown to the wolves for simply doing his job and was not willing to be abused for it,” one anonymous umpire told the English paper. Australian former umpire Richard Ings also reported feelings of unrest. “The umpiring fraternity is thoroughly disturbed at being abandoned by the WTA,” Ings told “They are all fearful that they could be the next Ramos. They feel that no one has their back when they have to make unpopular calls.”

    This, of course, is what Williams wanted. Although, it would be interesting to see what happens next.

  11. As for the “I WUZ FRAMED” narrative, if it requires that the Russian spy is actually an operative of the US Deep State, you have veered into QAnon realms of unreality.

  12. It is amusing that Trump’s lawyers and surrogates all sound exactly like mob lawyers just before their client goes down for a long bid.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    Alan Jones horribly defames the Wagners and they scored a big win today.

    Nein also mentioned that Nick Cater, who was apparently being sued by them too, has been vindicated: “no case to answer”. Good news for a Cat friend.

  14. Cactus

    Entropy said The GST would be collected where the transaction was made.

    How is that going to work with online shopping?

  15. zyconoclast

    ACCC greenlights $13 billion APA takeover by Hong Kong utility

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said on Wednesday morning it found the takeover would not impact competition in what was already a monopoly market. APA owns around two-thirds of all the major gas transmission pipelines in Australia.

    The next major hurdle for the deal is now the Foreign Investment Review Board, which will make its decision in part guided by the Critical Infrastructure Centre of Peter Dutton’s Department of Home Affair. It will be the first major test of the newly formed unit, which provides national security advice on foreign investment proposals.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle

    You are sounding desperate M0nty.
    The evidence against the conspirators, Mueller on down, is overwhelming.
    Why does the Left play dirty?
    Rule of law is what sustains our civilization.
    Yet your lot continually undermine it.
    Venezuela and Zimbabwe are really shitty places to have to live in.
    Consider this concept carefully.

  17. zyconoclast

    Hungarian leader Victor Orban has been called a “neo-fascist” who threatens to destroy the European project, in angry scenes at Europe’s Parliament on Tuesday.

    Several European Union politicians expressed fear that the corruption, nepotism and illiberal politics they said characterised the Orban regime – including the mistreatment of asylum seekers – marked a “decisive moment” for the continent.

    “We are going back to a European history none of us want to see again,” said European Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans.

    One MEP accused Orban of ruling a “state of xenophobia and creeping fascism that emboldens racists, misogynists and homophobes”.

    But Orban, who travelled to Strasbourg to defend his government from a move to suspend its European Union voting rights, said the honour of his country had been insulted.

    He accused “socialists and liberals” of attacking his country “because Hungarian people have decided that this country is not going to be a country of migrants”.

  18. zyconoclast

    Italian deep state

    And last week a Genoa court issued a ruling to freeze and confiscate the funds of the League, a party led by Italy’s most powerful politician, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, as part of a corruption investigation.

    Prosecutors have been looking for state funds of 49 million euros (about $79 million) provided to the party between 2008 and 2010, before Salvini took control, that have vanished from its coffers. The decision to approve the freezing of the League’s accounts, which would prevent political expenditures and payroll operations, presents a significant threat to Salvini’s party.

    Even critics of the League say the move would represent a remarkable intervention by the judiciary into the nation’s politics.

  19. Dot;

    In theory. The state does not give a shit about your rights.

    We’ve noticed that, dot.
    We’ve also noticed that shutting up and copping it sweet is making the problem worse.
    So what’s your answer to the erosion of our rights?*
    *NB – my position on what to do about the current state of the nation has been articulated far too often but I’ll do it again, just for you:
    “It is useless to stop an alcoholic from destroying their life. They must wake up one morning, in the gutter, covered in their own vomit and excreta before they realise they have a problem. Any attempt to slow or stop this process is an exercise in futility. In the same way, it is folly to sheet home the blame to our political classes because they are not the problem. The problem is directly the fault of the society that puts them in positions of power and influence.”
    “The political classes have worked out the problem and its inevitable outcome. They are looting the corpses as fast as they can. The citizenry are not even aware that there is a problem, they still haven’t worked out that their pockets are empty, their funds for retirement are being looted, and they are no longer safe in their own homes.”

  20. Top Ender

    What a surprise. Dad of non-anthem stander’s publications include:

    The developmental origins of moral concern: an examination of moral boundary decision making throughout childhood


    The influence of goal demotion on children’s reproduction of ritual behavior

    Wonder how his ethics go in terms of getting his kids to push his agendas.

  21. duncanm

    Good comment section, too.

    I’ll pay #3

    A day without liberal head explosions is like a day without sunshine.

  22. Confused Old Misfit

    Winston Smith
    #2814965, posted on September 12, 2018 at 12:57 pm


  23. cohenite

    It is amusing that Trump’s lawyers and surrogates all sound exactly like mob lawyers

    Of course they would you piece of shit: Trump is fighting the mob.

  24. Gab

    One man, Orban, is going to destroy the “European project”? Is he really? All by himself? Well, more power to him.

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