Other than the Swedes who cares about the Swedish election?

From Swedish election: deadlock as far right makes gains.

  • Sweden faces a period of political uncertainty after an election that did not leave either main parliamentary bloc with a majority
  • With more than 99% of the vote counted, the centre-left bloc is sitting on 40.6% and the centre-right on 40.2%
  • Analysts predict long negotiations, potentially taking weeks, will be needed to create a majority or a plausible minority government
  • The populist, anti-immigrant party Sweden Democrats won 17.6% of the vote, up on the 12.9% it scored in 2014, but well below the 25% predicted in some polls.
  • The governing Social Democrats, led by prime minister Stefan Löfven, saw their score fall to 28.4%, the lowest for a century but maintained their record of finishing first in every election since 1917
  • Löfven said he would not be resigning, and urged cross-bloc cooperation. He also said the Sweden Democrats “can never, and will never, offer anything that will help society. They will only increase division and hate.”

In fact, part of the biggest story of our times.

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  1. mh

    WashPost: Trump’s Economy Boosts Blue-Collar Jobs

    …President Donald Trump has shifted the economy so that once-disregarded blue-collar manufacturing workers are now recovering jobs faster than coastal service-sector employees, the Washington Post acknowledged Sunday.
    “Blue-collar jobs are growing at their fastest rate in more than 30 years, helping fuel a hiring boom in many small towns and rural areas that are strong supporters of President Trump ahead of November’s mid-term elections,” said the Post, under the headline “Under Trump, the jobs boom has finally reached blue-collar workers. Will it last?”…


  2. Crossie

    The Swedes are going down the Italian and Australian road, the major parties are fragmenting because they are led by politicians who hate their citizens. Next up, UK, Germany etc.

    The only country that seems to resist the fragmentation is the US but probably not because they respect their citizens. Even so their minor parties remain minor.

  3. Jim Rose

    The Swedish Democrats hold all the cards because of the way in which a new Prime Minister is appointed after elections.

    The speaker nominates a prime minister and that nomination is approved unless the Swedish parliament votes by an absolute majority to reject it

    The right-wing parties plus the Swedish Democrats have more than enough votes to reject any left-wing nomination.

    The left block does not have a majority to reject the right-wing nomination of a prime minister so that Prime Minister can form a minority government with the support of the Swedish Democrats. Given the fact that the Swedish Democrats draw support from the left and the right, this looks like long-term minority right-wing rule in Sweden

    If all nominations by the Speaker of the Prime Minister are rejected, there are extra elections.

  4. Petros

    Guess things have to get worse over there before they stop voting for the socialists. Slow learners.

  5. Tim Neilson

    Jim Rose
    #2813534, posted on September 10, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    There’ll be enough squishy Turnbull “conservative” types to get the left back into power to “save” Sweden from da eeeeeebil raaaaaacists.

  6. LGS

    This must be just about Sweden’s last chance to avoid cultural and national suicide vis-à-vis the left’s self-hatred of their own people and country there.

  7. IMHO Sweden has been a force for bad in the West.
    All the dangerous types point to Sweden (and to Denmark et al) as the ideal, and thus gain legitimacy for their argument.
    But as we can see in real time, a nation with Swedish ideals is easily taken over without a shot being fired.
    If everyone is a feminist, then any masculine type will come and fuck you over.
    Weak pricks deserve all they get. They can “egalitarian” their wives and daughters all day long to 3rd World heathens.
    No sympathy.

  8. Pickles

    Had a Volvo. Never again.

  9. Craig Mc

    In twenty years time there’ll be statues of Anders Breivik in that country, and the left will wonder how it could possibly have happened – “But we did everything we could to ignore peoples’ anger!”.

  10. Oh come on

    The right-wing parties plus the Swedish Democrats have more than enough votes to reject any left-wing nomination.

    The right wing parties won’t do a deal with the Swedish Democrats. A ‘grand coalition’ is far more likely.

  11. Oh come on

    In twenty years time there’ll be statues of Anders Breivik in that country

    FFS. Don’t go there. Just…don’t.

  12. Pyrmonter

    @ Jim Rose

    The Swedish parties are fairly diverse; among the ‘right wing’ ones are Social Liberals and Christian Democrats many Cats would think intolerably wet. My suspicion is the Social Democrats dump their Green and Communist friends and form a centrist coalition with the Liberals, Centre (Agrarian) and Christian Democratic party. Coalition building shouldn’t be as difficult with so many parties as it was in Germany, where the only viable coalitions numerically were the ‘Grand Coalition’ or a ‘Jamaica Coalition’ of Chritian Democrats (black), Greens (green) and Free Democrats (Europhile liberals, yellow). Bridging the Green-Yellow gulf proved too hard.

  13. John Brumble

    Based on the NZ election, I’m guessing that the leftists will very quickly forget their hysteria about the Swedish Democrats, install their leader as Deputy ans bunk off to have a baby, leaving the very group they eoted about so forcably in charge.

  14. Chris M

    Had a Volvo. Never again.

    Indeed, don’t be a vulvo driver. Volvo & SAAB = Swedish Holdens. Like Audi in Germany.

  15. Entropy

    Just how many people are there in Sweden, and how many parliamentarians are there?

  16. Singleton Engineer

    IIRC, Belgium took a couple of years after an election maybe 8 years back to decide a government.

    They seem to have survived the experience.

    As will Sweden. They have more to bind them together than to tear them apart.

    Besides which, Rupert Murdoch does not own half the TV and 70% or the papers.

    Australia is in no position to crow.

  17. Rob MW

    Seems like anyyodalcockeldo. Any country that needs armed fire hydrants is pretty much fucked.

  18. Dave in Marybrook

    Volvo for life, Pickles.
    Had a ’76 244, did 600k. Should never had donated it to the SES when an exhaust manifold leak made the fiancée worry a bit.
    Now a ’95 850SE. Lovely cool wagon, rips around the corners.
    The new V90 cross country looks monumental. A bit Lexus around the tailgate, but still.

  19. thefrollickingmole

    Ill bet the 2 majors will embark on a German style “grand coalition” to really drive home the fact that “they dont matter”..

    You heard it here first.

  20. From the book “Neither Here or There -Travels in Europe” by Bill Bryson 1991
    “But then I don’t understand a lot of things about Sweden and Norway. It’s as if they are determined to squeeze all pleasure out of life. They have the highest income-tax rates, the highest VAT rates, the harshest drinking laws, the dreariest bars, the dullest restaurants , and television that’s like two weeks in Nebraska”
    Now they they no go areas in Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm. They have 90% unemployment for immigrants (of which some 80% can not speak Swedish) over the last five years.

  21. PB

    I wonder how much ballot box stuffing was used to suppress the vote for the Sweden Democrats? Vote fraud is the new normal in democracy.

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