Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon

Here are a couple of cartoons both from yesterday that might be compared and then contrasted with Mark Knight’s own worldwide depiction. Both are utterly political, both exaggerate features and no one has said a word about either. And the subject of both, I need hardly point out, are Black-Americans. The first is of Cory Booker based on his absurdities during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

The second is of Maxine Walters, who has led the charge for PDT’s impeachment and has gone so far as to advocate violence against Republicans.

What Mark Knight may have done was not just make fun of Serena, but of Serena’s fan base. Serena used whatever gamesmanship [gameswomanship?] to win a match and pulled in the crowd behind her as part of the process. The cartoon offended not because of any racial element but because it pointed out just what fools all of those fans who sided with her really are. The left will politicise everything.

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  1. mh

    Serena having a bad day. Now Google.

    ‘Holy Sh*t’: Breitbart’s Leaked Google Video Stuns Media

  2. Last night on Bolt that woman from the Grauniad was yapping about the fact that the cartoon had ‘offended’ black Americans.
    It occurred to me that there must be a lot of Black Americans that read the Herald Sun?
    Who the Hell is she kidding?

  3. Elle

    No. I am Spartacus!


    The bottom one is sexist cause the the badges are strategically placed on her boobage. 🙃

  4. Mother Lode

    The bottom one is sexist cause the the badges are strategically placed on her boobage.

    Different morphology.

    They aren’t mammaries, but hate glands.

  5. Bad Samaritan

    Serena is a Class-A dirtbag, so what’s all this defending her?

    At the 2009 US Open she threatened to jam a tennis-ball down the throat of a linesperson who happened to be both a woman, and a person of colour (asian; brown). Serena was fined about $100,000 on that occasion.

    In 2011 she abused the umpire whilst losing to Sam Stosur in the US Final. She’d been reprimanded for hindering Stosur by calling a shot out before Stosur got to hit it. She was also fined for that. The umpire was a woman, and Serena refused to shake hands with her…..

    In 2016 she was fined $10,000 at Wimbledon for bad behaviour. here’s The Guardian in 2012…

    “Serena Williams has been identified as the most heavily-fined player in recent tennis history, after analysis of fines incurred at grand slams over the past six years undertaken by the website The Tennis Space. Williams has been stripped of $104,500 (£67,000) – more than twice as much money as the rest of the top 10 female miscreants combined, and only just less than the combined total of the 10 most fined males.”

    I’m wondering in what other sport serial umpire / referee / officials abusers get away with it after having been caught on numerous previous occasions? Williams has brought the sport into disrepute and should be suspended, or banned; especially since she insists on escalating the dispute. She is a disgrace; a butt-ugly one at that1

  6. a happy little debunker

    Isn’t cartoon Cory the wrong colour?

    Or are the other cartoon Senators simply whiter shade of pale?

  7. Clydesdales are normally passive beasts, but this clydesdale named Serena must have had her head stepped on by her mom during birth.
    By the way, no one seems to be talking about the PHDs the Williams sisters been taking for years “coz of a medical condition’. Yeah right!!!

  8. candy

    I bet Serena Williams as a child was spoiled and treated specially by mum and dad, because of her great talents, and she had temper tantrums and screamed when things did not go her way, and bullied weaker children.
    She’s probably much the same now.

    I don’t much like the way cartoonists rely on exaggerating their subjects’ features and make them ugly though. Prefer more irony and wit. People can’t help the way their features appear – big lips, big ears, etc.
    I think there’s a point of the reader being able to recognise the person in the cartoon yet not feel it looks “ugly”.

  9. Mullumhillbilly

    Bess Price is apparently fair game though, no outrage from SJWs anytime it’s not one of their tribe.

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