Centre for Independent Studies commentary for the week 14 Sept


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  1. Tom

    As someone who has spent 30 years studying and writing about the subject, the CIS’s excusing of the behaviour of Australia’s privatised capital city airport monopolies is glib and offensive.

    Successive governments’ effective support for open slather airport price gouging has cost consumers a fortune. It is a piss-poor surrender by governments to have raised the white flag on their need to develop robust competition policy across all industries, the lack of which has turned Australia into an uncompetitive economic backwater and the world capital of all sorts of scams.

    Privatising airports without guaranteeing airport competition was one such scam.

    There should be a comprehensive program – by legislation, if necessary – to stop state and local governments using planning regulations to shut down airport competition.

    It’s only when there is competition between airports – for example, between Melbourne’s Tullamarine and Avalon airports and between Brisbane and Gold Coast airports – that we see the benefits flowing through to consumers. Brisbane and Tullamarine have the lowest usage charges for airlines in Australia. The Sydney and Adelaide airport monopolies (both of which have the additional restriction of overnight curfews) have Australia’s highest charges for airlines – except for Darwin, a whole category of horrendous price-gouging on its own, which is holding northern Australian tourism hostage.

    Airport privatisation has been one of government’s greatest policy failures of the past 30 years.

  2. Hydra

    I think the observation that the outrage about the au pairs is actually about unregulated childcare to be really fascinating. The more I think about it the more I think it is spot on.

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