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Spartacus does not know who Jim Rose is, but this is what he wrote for the New Zealand Herald.  And don’t expect this to be published in the mainstream media on the big island:

Manus Island and Nauru are not prisons for asylum seekers

Read the whole thing, but here are the bookends – emphases are Spartacus’:

Asylum seekers in the Australian camps on Manus Island in PNG and on Nauru are said to be living in chambers of horrors. In fact they are not just safe from the persecution they fled back home, they have gone from being just another asylum seeker in a UN refugee camp in Southeast Asia or the Middle East, to having the entire resources of the Australian Government seeking to place them in a third nation.

Nauru and Manus Island asylum seekers receive free room and board, healthcare and an army of activist lawyers to stand up for them if they are in any way mistreated or must appeal their application.


New Zealand lectures Australia about its meanness towards boat people but never once increased its refugee quota from 750, which is one-quarter of Australia’s 13,750 on a per capita basis. Australia accepted 18,000 refugees last year because of an emergency quota increase for Syrians and Iraqis.

Charity and self-righteousness begin at home. Jacinda Ardern should put up our refugee quota to 1500 or shut up. Australia increased its 2018/19 quota to 18,750; the last three digits are ironic. J’accuse.

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16 Responses to News from New Zealand

  1. Exit Stage Right

    Ms Ardern is just a trumpet blowing virtue signaller. Wants to be able to swan around with the hip crowd at world gatherings and point to her migrant cred and pour shit on mean, bullying, big brother Australia. All piss and wind (and teeth).

  2. Genghis

    ESR That’s a bit harsh. I am having problems with Jim Rose who’s life is in danger for telling the truth. No male in Australia would have that courage. NZ’s MSM must be much freer than ours because our MSM would never allow trash like that to be published!

  3. Roger

    Jim Rose is (or was last I heard of him) a research fellow with the NZ Tax Payers Union.

    More power to him!

  4. RobK

    Interesting perspective on the issue. Thanks.

  5. Rafe Champion

    Jim Rose has been a regular visitor to Catallaxy, he often commented on the Roundup pieces that I used to do. He may still be lurking here.

  6. max

    Immigration Control = Central planning by the federal government

    Why do you trust the federal government’s good judgment in matters social and economic?
    Why have you become an apologist for central planning?
    Why have you become an advocate of social engineering by federal politicians and bureaucrats?”

  7. Robbo

    In the real world nobody pays any attention to the waffling wankers that inhabit the NZ Parliament. How can you take seriously a government that has Winston Peters as Deputy PM and Foreign Minister? How utterly absurd is that?

  8. Elle

    Robbo, I paid attention when former PM John Key fired up here.

  9. Jim Rose

    I am on the blog roll. Of your blog.

  10. Jim Rose

    Because of space limitations I could mention a number of other things such as Malcolm Turnbull was willing to take risks in Australia’s relationship with the newly elected Trump to get him to honour the refugee agreement with the previous administration.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    I am on the blog roll. Of your blog.

    I was curious so did some DDGing*.
    Taxpayers’ Union looks like a very fine bunch of kiwis!
    I must read your stuff there.

    *DDG is like Google without the evil bit.

  12. iain russell

    Excellent commentary

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