The Last Post

Dear Cats.

For reasons more varied and complex to detail here, this will be Spartacus’ last post. Spartacus is retiring from blogging from this august site and elsewhere.

What started as a brief rant about something or other led to some 850 plus posts over the last 2-3 years.

Thank you to Sinclair for giving Spartacus the opportunity to write here and thank you to all the Cats for reading and especially those posting comments. Spartacus has learned much.

It’s been fun. It’s been grand. It’s been real.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.

Feel free to write to Spartacus at iamspartacus42 at  Can’t promise a reply.

And just remember.  While I am Spartacus, we all are Spartacus.

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92 Responses to The Last Post

  1. Siltstone

    Sad to hear this news Spartacus, I will miss your valuable contibutions. Thanks, and good wishes.

  2. Helen

    Good luck with whatever it is that has called you and your valuable contributions away. I will miss them – always made me think.

  3. Ollie

    Thank you I am Spartacus. We have enjoyed your articles immensely.

  4. RobK

    Best wishes Sparty, and thank you.

  5. mh

    All the best.

    I hope we don’t see a return of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

  6. WolfmanOz

    Best wishes I will miss your posts – I found them provocative and entertaining.

  7. Rusty of Qld

    Best wishes Spartacus for whatever you do in life. I will miss your good common sense articles.
    Goodbye old fella.

  8. Elle

    Love your work. You will be missed. All the best.

  9. anonandon

    Well done. You had a go, opening yourself up to praise and criticism. The site would be nothing without the courage shown by the posters regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

  10. Roger

    Wherever you are off to, don’t let the bastards wear you down, Spartacus.

  11. Senile Old Guy

    I will be unkind. Spartacus’ posts were almost always crap. Read the comments for some and see why. This is not to say I wish him ill; not at all. I wish the best for most. But it is wrong to say nice things just because someone is leaving.

    Spartacus, you were wrong most of the time but I wish you well!

  12. the not very bright Marcus

    Thank you Spartacus .. Your rants have always been edifying .. They and you shall be missed . Good journeys to you .

  13. Mak Siccar

    Many thanks for your insightful and thoughtful ‘rants’ which I enjoyed immensely. Best wishes for your blogging retirement.

  14. Infidel Tiger

    Thanks Spartacus.

    Enjoy retirement.

  15. Tom

    Thank you, Sparty. You’ve given me lots well-reasoned thought food.

    It’s a shame you have a bit of Trump Derangement, but yours, unlike others’, seems curable. Speaking of which:

    I hope we don’t see a return of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

    Lucy was a shocker. And his Trump Derangement was inter-galactic.

  16. FelixKruell

    Thanks for your entertaining and insightful posts – you will be missed

  17. Petros

    Hope you can contribute to the discussions in the future at times, Spartacus. Thank you for the great work. P.

  18. Woolfe

    Thanks for your posts Sparti.

  19. classical_hero

    But did you break any rules?

  20. Gerry

    So Cory Booker has complained about you using his name …

  21. Tim Neilson

    Sorry to hear that Spart.
    Thank you, and best of luck.
    Don’t hesitate to drop by and comment.

  22. Confused Old Misfit

    He’ll be back!

  23. a happy little debunker

    Spartacus was ultimately crucified.

    One hopes you are spared that fate!

  24. Oh come on

    That’s a pity Sparty. All the best!

  25. Oh come on

    Anonymous blogging is tough, particularly when you tell everyone you’re Cory Booker. Might want to keep that under wraps next time.

  26. struth

    All the best, whoever you are!

  27. duncanm

    Thanks Sparty — didn’t agree with all your rants, but they were worth reading.

  28. max

    Thanks Spartacus. Best wishes

  29. Old School Conservative

    Always thought provoking. Thanks and all the best.

  30. Rafe Champion

    Thanks for the memories Spartacus!

  31. Perfidious Albino

    Ciao Sparty. Haven’t always agreed with you, but appreciated the regular contributions to keep Cats thinking. All the best

  32. blind freddy

    Thanks and Godspeed

  33. calli

    Farewell Spartacus, you old warrior you. ⚔️

  34. .

    Kamala Harris is suing both you AND Cory Booker.

  35. RomeoWhiskey

    Thanks for the posts Sparty!

  36. Megan

    Farewell and good luck with life, Sparty. You have kept the site stirred up and going through a tough couple of years of Australian political stupidity.

  37. Amadeus

    Enjoyed your humour, erudite commentary, and enlightened by your insights immensely. May the gods be with you and your prostate remain functional!! I’ll raise a glass of St Hugo tonight in your honour….Živeli, as we from the Balkans say….

  38. Rossini

    Thanks for your posts Spartacus as one addicted to the “cat” I have appreciated your contributions, although
    not always finding them agreeable.

  39. H B Bear

    See ya Sparty. Luv ya work (mostly).

  40. .

    How you can quit now during the middle of the US D’rats blowing themselves up now is beyond me.

    It would be like walking away from like if the spunky Anna Karina was your girlfriend.

  41. jock

    Thank you spartacus. I didnt always agree with you but i liked the fact you put it out there for discussion. You said it as you saw it. But never in a rancourous way.

  42. Rococo Liberal

    All the best, and thank you for your posts, which have been insightful and fun.

  43. Oh boo, I thought it was going to be Kates.

  44. Pedro the Ignorant

    Fair winds and following seas, Spartacus.

  45. Pete D

    Bye and good luck. However, if I’m any judge of a person, you don’t need luck. What I’ll miss is your variety. As ‘she’ says on seeing a new post of yours; “What about this time?”

  46. Howard Hill

    So sad! I enjoyed your rambling, always had a twist that made everyone think. You will be missed. Live long and prosper.

  47. Makka

    All the best, Spartacus.

  48. Dianeh

    Take care, Spartacus. I did like your posts and will miss reading them.

  49. Northshore Redneck

    You’ll be missed Sparty, I enjoyed the humour you regularly brought to the table!

  50. Tom Atkinson

    Thanks, Sparty!
    Will miss your contributions.
    All the best.

  51. Dr Fred Lenin

    Thank you Spartacus for your contributions didn’t always agree but hey this is a free speech area . You will probably miss it but all things have an ending m/I hope your new endeavour is a success adjourn enjoy every moment . Adieu mon ami , et bon chance .

  52. tgs

    Sad to see you go, Sparty.

    You were probably the most consistently insightful and entertaining poster for some time, imo.

    All the best.

  53. Gilas

    Carissimi Spartacus,
    benediximus et vita longa.
    Ne obliviscar: ne illegitimi carborundum.

  54. min

    Spartacushkm many years ago I visited the town Capua where the gladiator training school was . On Via Appia and where you and all the others were crucified ,the crosses going all the way to Rome. I am glad you have avoided a similar end . In Bocca al lupo

  55. Boambee John

    Au ‘voir Spartacus.

    m0nty at 1303

    Gracious as always, even on your bed of pain.

  56. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Spartacus, a true fighter but one who màde a few wrong calls. Sàme for you, Sparty. I think Trump is doing well by good judgement, not by good luck. So we differ on that and a few other things, but I have enjoyed reading your contributions here. See you on the Open Thread sometime, I hope.

  57. I am bespoke

    Good health and prosperous future Spart.

  58. Jo Smyth

    Good luck. Are you off to the States to show them what the real Spartacus looks like?

  59. Shane

    I just hope your exit doesn’t trigger a lot of wouldbe lesser “I am Spartacus” imitators to fill the apparent void.
    How will we know & avoid counterfeit avatars?
    Colleen McCullough’s version unlike the film, had you escaping into the sunset, living happily& anonymously ever after.
    A wish I am sure we all hope for you.
    Interesting BTW that we have had here scribing away various avatars from republican Rome, ( strangely enough both strongly opposed to the very idea of DJT ), but no avatars as of yet, from other equally challenging times and eras like I am Brian, I am Confucius, much less Queen Victoria, Bismark, Jack the Ripper or Stalin to name just a few possible aliases.

  60. PoliticoNT

    So it ain’t so.

    (But if it is, I’ve learned a lot from your posts. Very much appreciated.)

  61. Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes.

    Not dying. Not moving. Not having gender reassignment surgery. Not join the Greens.

    Struggling to write and believe quality has declined with no where to go.

    Time to hang up the keyboard.

  62. Empire 5:5

    Thank you for your service and best wishes for whatever interest replaces blogging.

    Please get that TDS seen too. What comes next will be glorious. Don’t miss the train.

  63. Old Irrelevant me

    Fare thee well great promoter of thoughts

  64. Mark M

    All the best.
    Be safe.
    Perhaps we shall see you amongst the comments.

  65. Biota

    Just caught up with this. Sorry to see you go Sparty, I always looked for your concise examination of various events and lefty causes. Sounds like writer’s block. It will come back.

  66. JB of Sydney/Shanghai

    Sparty, thankyou so much for what you have written. I have always enjoyed your work, although not always agreeing with it. That is what has made it great! Please come back.

  67. hzhousewife

    Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes.

    Not dying. Not moving. Not having gender reassignment surgery. Not join the Greens.

    Struggling to write and believe quality has declined with no where to go.

    Time to hang up the keyboard.

    Perhaps there are other, better, ways to have your say, Sparticus. Or perhaps you wish to retire, and if so, go peacefully and thank you for contributing from your heart. Thank you, and watch over us.

  68. Dave in Marybrook

    Best of luck, and many thanks for your brainy posts.
    (p.s., I’m thinking that the writers’ block is a ruse, and after deservedly high billing on the Cat, you’ve found a way to commodify your content.)

  69. Pyrmonter

    Farewell, and best wishes.

  70. J.H.

    Like all conversations, there must be an end to it eventually. The fire has died down, the night grows old. Our parts in it have played out…. but the vagaries of human behavior and their politics will never end. The story will continue, but that is for another conversation on another night and another story teller.

    ‘night Spartacus.

  71. BorisG

    Why best people always leave first? One more reason spend valuable time on this blog. Read Kates’s paranoid rants? No thanks! All the best Spartacus!

  72. BorisG

    Gosh. One more reason to spend less valuable time on this blog

  73. None

    Sorry to see you go, Spartacus. Go well and be well.

  74. Clam Chowdah

    I’m looking forward to your new blog site.

  75. Tom

    Gosh. One more reason to spend less valuable time on this blog.

    Bugger off then, Boris. As one of the stupidest people ever born, you belong over at Their ABC, Fakefacts or the Graniaud.

  76. Baldrick

    Godspeed on your next adventure Spartacus.

  77. Au Revoir Spartacus.
    Loved your work. Except for the times I didn’t.

  78. bollux

    I didn’t often agree, but that’s why we read blogs. You’ll be missed. I usually spend more time reading a different point of view than agreeable ones, as I already know what I think. Never thought i would say this, but this blog needed you.

  79. Bazza

    My first and probably last post. Well done mate, thanks for the great read.

  80. pbw


    Writer’s block! Your TDS energy is low. You’ll be back after a recharge; maybe after Trump wins in 2020.

  81. Clam Chowdah

    Jokes aside I always enjoyed your posts. Much better than that pompous ass, the Roman general.

  82. Lysander

    Ciao Sparts, thanks for the memories!

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