Picking up a vote or two

Two facts. Nothing that Australia does about emissions will make a scrap of difference to the weather, even if CO2 was a significant driver of the beneficial warming we have enjoyed over the last two centuries.

Second, injecting unreliable energy sources into the grid has helped to double power prices in recent times and that process will continue as more wind and solar comes on line.

What happens when median and marginal voters get to know and understand those two things?

Lets practice the scientific method and do an experiment to find out.

The hypothesis is that the ALP and the Greens will lose elections when three or four percent of the voters who are currently planning to vote Green or ALP change sides. Who to? Does it matter?

Getting down to details with memories of lab classes in the ‘60s you rule up your page like this.

The Experiment


Actually I don’t think we bothered about references.

It may take some time to get the project into action because we will have to get a grant with a lot of money for travel and expenses. There will have to be a working group and maybe several working groups under the direction of a steering committee to write grant applications to all the potential funding bodies.

A successful grant application will have to meet many criteria in addition to the scientific merit of the project.

It will have to pass the Ethics Committee to be sure that there is no violation of confidentiality or public safety.

Diversity and equal opportunity in recruitment will have to be ensured although in a modest workforce there may not be room for whole numbers of some of the smaller minorities.

Intellectual property and patents. More boxes to tick.

Environmental impacts. We may have to get some help from Gina Rinehart on that one.

Political acceptability. Another working party required.

While the grant application process proceeds some impatient researchers might start working on the Apparatus and Methods to avoid more delay after the grant is in hand.

Under the heading of Apparatus we have an arsenal of letters drafted by Campion the champion letter writer for several local newspapers in his part of the world. There are long letters, short letters and medium sized letters, also texts for some places that like short bites. They address the key issues that concern voters and they should concern politicians.

For Method, there is a proposal to establish a network of letter-writers across the country to maintain a flow of information to local media outlets of all kinds, and to politicians in the house at present and candidates for the next election.

As for the grant proposal, it is too hard for me, I am just going to send one of Peter’s letters to the Mosman Daily and go back to following the news on the offseason transfer and recruiting dramas in the NRL and AFL.

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6 Responses to Picking up a vote or two

  1. RobK

    By doing your small experiment you will upset the grand experiment underway for a couple of decades now, dispite it not actually able to run its course with existing technology…..but its only an experiment on a national scale. One in, all in.
    I wish you luck, and add that at some point the result will be plain to all so not much further convincing will be required. Full points for trying to keep the cost to revert under control by attempting to terminate the present folly.

  2. 2dogs

    What happens when median and marginal voters get to know and understand those two things?

    Morrison should start debate on this issue by calling a nuclear vs renewables plebiscite at the next election.

  3. Rafe, if the AusCons were to have a platform of eliminating Excise, a moratorium on immigration for ten years, the expulsion of immigrants if they break any law, no financial support for non citizens, and the building of four new high efficiency coal/nuclear power stations, then they’d romp it in.
    The fact that they don’t want to go to the people with these policies means they are just playing at getting snouts in troughs, and therefore not serious.

  4. Winston is a winner. Everything he says is both correct and doable if there was any political party in this country interested in a landslide win! Why are both our major parties mired in mediocrity when this opportunity awaits?

  5. Genghis

    No GUTS no GLORY!

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    Winston I totally agree with your sentiments ,been saying a lot of that for years . I am also known as a progressive as most on this blog know ,my progessiveness is right wing not global communist fascist crap.I also advocate abolishing career politics one term in your lifetime ,this would eliminate pandering to minority leftists and u.n, communist fascists, as well as this revolutionary concept ,a limit of $10 per person or organisation per year to political groupings ,not tax decuctable on penalty og[f a mandotary five years prison for any breaches let’s see the polliemuppets aparat become true volunteers ! Withdrawal from the u.n and all it’s laws and corruption and closer ties with the US and the new Free UK .

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