Laframboise exposes the IPCC

Prepare for a tsunami of alarmism from the IPCC, actually it has started already. This is a summary of Donna Laframboise’s devastating analysis of the governance of the IPCC.

Donna Laframboise comes with a first-rate track record in human rights, non-conformism and feminism (she supports father’s rights). The book contains 36 short chapters plus extensive documentation to ensure that her claims can be checked.

Chapter 1 is “A closer look at the world’s leading climate body”. It is essential to realise that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a political body, created by that most political organization, the United Nations to do the work of two of their subsidiary bodies, one concerned with weather and the other with the environment.

And so on, chapter by chapter. Essential reading to understand how so much bias can occur in a supposedly scientific organization.

How many times have we been told that all the thousands of legitimate climate scientists have reached a consensus and the only dissenters are unqualified outsiders, ideologues, cranks, or doing it for money from Big Oil?

So what do we find when we examine the processes which convert data and the raw material of science into IPCC papers? Who are the key people who control the process? What the the checks on the quality of the input to the reports? How are the thousands of legitimate climate scientists used in this process, especially if they have concerns about the quality of the data or the processes involved in writing and reviewing the papers?

And what do we find about the background and qualifications of the insiders who turn out to have far more influence on the final reports than the most eminent and experienced scientists in the relevant fields if they are not key figures on the report-writing teams?

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6 Responses to Laframboise exposes the IPCC

  1. wal1957

    I would heartily recommend everyone visit the JoNova blog for this expose on auditing…

    How can anyone believe in the Gerbil Warming scam after this expose?

  2. egg_

    So what do we find when we examine the processes which convert data and the raw material of science into IPCC papers?

    Monkeys and typewriters?

  3. BoyfromTottenham

    Egg – no, more like the making of sausages and the law…

  4. Anyone who has been observing the UN (and the EU) for any length of time would realise that the UN is nothing but the most corrupt political organisation in the world. To trust it with anything beggars belief.

  5. Genghis

    Tried to buy online also the 2017 Climate Report.
    Amazon will not let me buy the books in hard copy and I know book retailers in Australia will double the price!
    What to do?

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