Tony Thomas is on fire!

Call 000, call the fire brigade, no call Connor Court and order a copy or two of his latest book on growing up a generation or two ago in the Deep West. Order the other one as well!

He is on fire in The Spectator lately as well, in the current edition it is Marxist education in the schools. He encountered Marxism early when he was in the Young Pioneers and travelled to Sydney for a significant youth festival. The tireless cadres were at work and now we are where we are. Surprised?

Actually there was resistance, check out the archive of Quadrant. And the stirring (partial) success of Santamaria and colleagues versus the communists in the trade unions.

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3 Responses to Tony Thomas is on fire!

  1. Helen says:

    badger, badger, ok.

  2. Chris says:

    One of Australia’s great ratbags!

  3. George Mackey says:

    Tony Thomas “on fire” is indeed a scary thought.

    Mind you, his latest book is a pretty good read.

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