From the Global Warming Policy Forum

Good news from the Global Warming Policy Forum, subsidies axed for electric cars in Britain, fracking approved and other items around the world.

And a big win with Will Happer appointed as the key science advisor to Donald Trump.

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  1. sabena

    In Car & Driver an item that the Tesla tax credit is about to expire:

  2. JC


    I used to think Michael Cohen was perhaps the worst lawyer in America- But then Avenatti went full Avenatti

  3. And the result will be the same if subsidies to ‘renewable’ energy were removed, sales would tank. But then it’s usually the well off that buy electric cars anyway, much like the well of that benefit from renewable energy subsidies.

  4. Up The Workers!

    Sounds like the Trumpster just keeps right on Trumping all those lefties.

    Where can we get one of those?

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