Socialism will impoverish you but it won’t solve climate change

Writing in the Guardian, Geoff Sparrow is not the first person to call for a socialist “dictatorship of the proletariat” as the only means of markedly reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  In a curious conflation of this with surveys that appear to show an attraction to socialism in the part of young people, he argues modern capitalism means ruination of the planet as well as Marxian impoverishment of the worker and “the steady destruction of social welfare, a preposterously unaffordable housing sector, an increasingly sinister security state and a political culture dominated by race-baiting charlatans”.

Big call!



Not only has the projected warming not materialised but there are moreover no dire consequences on mankind and the global ecosystem of a warmer climate.  In relatively recent history, ten and sixteen centuries ago, the earth was much warmer than today.  Propaganda about loss of coral reefs and of species as a result of a warmer climate defy the evidence of their survival, indeed flourishing in such situations.

Even the IPCC in the “small print” of its mega reports sees the costs of warming as being trivial.  It identifies only three studies as having gone through sufficient peer review to be credible estimates of the costs and benefits involved, one by Nobel prize winner William Nordhaus who has specialised in estimating the effects of global warming on the world economy.  All three IPCC-approved studies show relatively minor costs as a result of projected global warming, even though they accepted without qualification the most extreme detrimental effects said to emanate from this – including crop reductions, hurricanes, desertification of eastern Australia, increases in disease, and lost infrastructure.

Nordhaus estimated the loss of global GDP from an increase in temperatures of 3°C was just 2.5 per cent.  Hence, the “greatest moral issue of our time”, which has brought down political regimes and undermined the competitiveness of the Australian economy would, even with all the exaggerated costs assessed by the alarmists, allow the saving of just one year’s growth!

It is doubtless true that emission reductions deemed necessary by the alarmists are impossible without socialist control.  And this becomes a totally hopeless prospect given that the US with 15 per cent of emissions has joined China, India and other developing countries (accounting for 60 per cent of emissions) in refusing to take any abatement action.

Sadly for the friends of socialism, measures that would drive Australia along the Venezuelan road would not have any effect on curbing global emissions of greenhouse gases.  That and the, at most, trivial cost of any feasible level of human-induced temperature increases means Australia can revert to business-as-usual.  We can, in short, resume along the path to prosperity which economy-sapping greenhouse mitigation measures in energy, land clearing and other areas have brought us much lower living standards than would otherwise have prevailed.

The first step as to be to dismantle the subsidies that regulatory policies and government support has given to renewable energy.  This is not only twice the cost of energy from coal and gas but is unreliable and forces the closure of lower cost coal power stations bringing escalating electricity prices to the detriment of industry and household consumers alike.


See the whole post at the Spectator 

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  1. Entropy

    The cure is worse than the disease.

  2. Herodotus

    Unfortunately the Spectator isn’t mainstream enough to swing the balance. Since we can count on one hand the regular MSM people here in Australia who try to talk sense about climate and energy, there appears to be no way of stopping the zombie left and its climate scam from destroying the west.

  3. Sadly, as I’ve said before, until comments such as these can be printed in the MSM and in terms that the average Australian can understand, the majority will never believe that climate alarmism is a complete scam.

  4. John Constantine

    Decolonialisation and redistribution of wealth and the overthrow of the privilege of using the English language and fighting climate change by taking the carbon discharging guns from the proles is not a side effect of the policies of their General’s Assembly of Tyrants, it is the foundation requirement, climate change is just their disguise for regime change.


  5. Tel

    Nordhaus estimated the loss of global GDP from an increase in temperatures of 3°C was just 2.5 per cent. Hence, the “greatest moral issue of our time”, which has brought down political regimes and undermined the competitiveness of the Australian economy would, even with all the exaggerated costs assessed by the alarmists, allow the saving of just one year’s growth!

    What’s the bet they manage to lean on Nordhaus to spice his rhetoric up a bit, now that he’s a public figure with a big prize and all that ?

    Capture the mouthpiece. Just watch.

  6. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)


  7. NB

    Who are the proletariat? Back in the 1970s the fashionable French Maoists (Foucault, Levy) were not able to identify the proletariat in France, but recommended the murder of the bourgeoisie anyhow. Their great confreres, the French-trained Cambodian intellectuals, tested for the bourgeoisie – check a child’s hands, or note if they wear glasses. Unhardened hands? Glasses? Kill them. Easy.
    Mr Sparrow’s bird brain has probably not extended itself to this problem. But I am sure his proletarian dictatorship has much to learn from Kampuchea. Gaia would be pleased.

  8. Nob

    “Proletariat” – iz not exizt.

  9. RobK

    Socialism will impoverish you but it won’t solve climate change

    Similarly, Carbon (dioxide) abatement will impoverish you but it won’t solve climate change.

    It must be the way some people’s mind is wired.

  10. Tintarella di Luna

    Who are the proletariat?

    I posted this on the Open Forum but might as well post it here — According to von Mises it’s the shopkeepers:

    The much abused “shopkeepers” have abolished slavery and serfdom, made woman the companion of man with equal rights, proclaimed equality before the law and freedom of
    thought and opinion, declared war on war, abolished torture, and mitigated the cruelty of punishment. What cultural force can boast of similar achievements? Bourgeois civilization has created and spread a well-being, compared with which all the court life of the past seems meagre.

  11. Up The Workers!

    Socialism mightn’t solve a hypothetical problem with Humpty Dumpty scientology, but it is marvellously efficacious in taking the minds of the “chronics” and the terminally gullible off it for a while, in the same manner that banging your thumb with a hammer will temporarily divert attention from the toe you just stubbed.

    Nationalist Socialism and Communist Socialism had that effect in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Between them they murdered maybe 140 million people. I don’t ever recall hearing many complaints at all about the alleged “horrors” of imaginary gerbil worming or rising sea levels or prohibitively expensive, utterly unreliable sun, wind or wave-power generation, or the Great Barrier Reef dropping stone dead every fortnight as it allegedly does these days, from those being marched to the gas chambers.

  12. manalive

    … why shouldn’t we exercise the same scrutiny over economics, so that production becomes subordinate to human need rather than global markets? … (Sparrow).

    Who are “we”?
    Shortage of toilet paper is the last stage of socialism, Venezuelans use bolivars their paper currency.
    Sparrow’s socialism can never be applied without increasing coercion, never has never will.

  13. Eat the Slime! Soylent Green focussing on BoBos is the way ahead!

  14. Frank

    Mr Sparrow has a phd in creative media; don’t go too hard on him, he is trying.

  15. Sean

    He’s right about one thing

    Socialism is so inefficient that consumption would decrease as we all spend more time working in the black market just trying to get food on the table.

  16. manalive

    It’s been obvious for some time that Mr Sparrow and his mates on the far left have used CC™ as a vehicle for reordering society as admitted by former head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres:

    …This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution ..

    The economic model she wants to change dates back well before then, clay tablets recording transactions and written contracts of obligations to pay date back to the 8th millennium BC Mesopotamia , the origins of civilisation and intrinsic to it’s development.

  17. Cynic of Ayr

    Driving north to Cairns from the Burdekin.
    My old mate of fifty plus years says, “Is it just me, or does everything look greener?”
    He was right. I’d thought that myself before.
    Trees that had adequate water were lusher and greener than years past. Sugar cane was greener. Grass not so much, as it’s a bit dry at the moment.
    Vegetation is just loving this CO2.

  18. I’m actually in favour of this twits ideas.

    All those who believe in CAGW will have their lives dictated to them thus;
    1. They must only use fraud (renewable) energy and pay the full, unsubsidised price for it.
    2. They may not buy or use any products created, manufactured or transported using fossil fuels.
    3. They may not use any form or transportation that run on fossil fuels.
    Everyone else (those with 3 digit IQ’s) can continue to live normal lives but are prohibited from assisting or donating to the CAGW believers.

    Technically this system shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, a lot of the infrastructure is already in place; debit cards, smart meters, supermarket checkout scanning, travel cards. And it is easy to identify the CAGW loons from social media and party affiliation.

    Time for them to lead by example I say.

  19. Julian the deplorable

    But the country causing the emissions problem (China) is a socialist country…and they have no plans to fix that.

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